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Get Help with Corruption

What can you do about CONservatorship or Guardianship abuse?
Fight CONservatorship and Guardianship abuse.
Expose judges and lawyers who commit CONservatorship and Guardianship crimes of abuse. Need help with CONservatorship or Guardianship abuse?

Get Help with Corruption
The best method is EXPOSURE.

WATCH THIS VIDEO FIRST where Crystal Cox shares how to EXPOSE THEM
Get on the Lawless America website and MOVIE

Most victims wait to get to this stage thinking they don’t want to cause the court “Judge” to rule against them due to the exposure. By waiting this often and usually results in you being drained of all your finances which in essence neutralizes you. The lawyers and judges don’t want others to know what they’re doing. Their so called
legal crimes, court approved drugging and isolation of the weak and defenseless.
What kind of a person steals, abuses, manipulates and sometimes murders for profit? If you check this website you’ll find thousand of so called “con-artists” who are such cowards they don’t even want to see the victim of their crimes they just cash their checks. After having been thru the system as both a police officer and victim of corrupt and unethical judges and lawyers I’ve always recommended going public.

Document your story, write a brief short on your case. Remember longer
is not always better, keep it down to no more than 5 pages.
Start with:
1. Introduction. Who you are?
2. When the problems started?
3. What happened to the victim?
4. What happened to you?
5. Current situation?
6. Conclusion
List the crimes committed
You’ll need this to send to anyone interested in your cause.
Too many details will cause the reader to lose interest so stick
to the most important facts you can prove. Get copies of evidence
report numbers, phone records and copies of all court hearings

Make a Facebook page HERE
1. Its free Join by clicking on the link above
2. Helps you find other victims
3. Allows you to share stories, images and info
4. Gets your story out there

File a report of at LAWLESSAMERICA
You’ll need to REGISTER first, then when
approved login and post your account of events and include documents
Send your story to (If a probate case) NASGA, report those who did wrong at Wanted

Use photos of victims and judges who are affected and post them on Facebook

Purchase a domain name and make your own website HERE
1. Think of a domain name (URL or web address where people can find you).
2. Like “”.
3. Even the least expensive personal site will do. Start with a Summit Hosting Plan which includes the cost of your domain for about $5 a month
Once you set up an account its relatively simple to use their self help info or
call technical support to help.

Join Organizations with other victims
For support, info, find other victims and networking
NASGA National Association to Stop Guardian Abuse
National Organization to End Guardianship Abuse

Make a You Tube video and upload it HERE

Search for other victims by your city and state work out from there
With the help of GOOGLE and the options above start searching for other victims by the names of the judges and lawyers involved in your case

Get the attention of the media, which may be more difficult then you think.
Start small which also allows you to practice telling your story.

Start with INTERNET Radio programs
Be sure to find a channel which covers your issue

4 Justice Radio
Talkshoe Radio
Trouble Shooter Judd Mcllvain

People who EXPOSE judges, lawyers, conservatorships & guardianships

File a complaint with your local and state bar START HERE

Contact the Department of Justice and file a complaint
If money was missing, stolen or removed file with the IRS
Contact and file with your state capitals for Judicial Performance
Federal Bureau of Investigation
While the above agencies have been involved in similar corruption
reporting them and documenting the fact you did report the crimes helps
The more people you report the crimes to the better

Don’t want to do it all on your own? Hire a Publicist who knows how

Get Help with Corruption