How to set up a Website

1. Determine a suitable domain name and set up service at this LINK

Remember shorter domain names are better, keep it simple. Imagine having to tell a person over the phone how to spell the domain.  If .com is not available think about .org, .net or other domains. For example
Try using numbers as well.

Use the “I want Evolve Web Hosting, LLC to register a new domain for me”

What does it cost for a Website
Month to Month  $5.99
6 Months  $34.14 (5% Discount)
12 Months  $64.69 (10% Discount) Free .com, .org, .us or .net
24 Months – $126.51 (12% Discount) Free .com, .org, .us or .net
36 Months – $183.29 (15% Discount) Free .com, .org, .us or .net

Signing up at Evolve, No additional Addons are needed at this time

Select the payment option above depending on the term. Again no Addons
Go to check out, Pay and when your website info page with links and
password arrive you’re ready to start.

2. Once set up install WordPress via the control panel

Please contact us if you need help setting up your website. Once set up it’s simple to add text, pages and content. Plus promote your website on Google so every time someone Google’s the victim or criminals name your website appears.

Don’t let them get away with it, Expose them and let the world know.

We recommend and personally use Evolve web hosting, American operated and owned. 24/7 help is available for all your questions and concerns.


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