3 way switch


Diagram I think the way this is wired


Downstairs wall switch, note 2 blue wires and a yellow (one of the 3 way switches for stairwell). Does not seem to contain a neutral or all the 3 connections needed.


Top of staircase at hallway (2) switches in one box
Note the switch on right has the (2) blue wires from the lower switch going to it
and a red wire going up to the light with the yellow wire from the switch at
the bottom of the stair case going up to the light. This box contains the second switch that connects to the downstairs switch and one switch to the other 3 way system in the hallway, the partner switch to this is below.


another view of the two switches in photo above


Switch at end of hallway, part of second 3 way switch system. The wires in here go to the double switch box in the above photos. Note this switch has 2 blacks going to the switch and one red. This is the box which I assume has another box behind it so it contains many other connections which could be used.


Closer view of switch above


Closer view of switch above

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