Judge Luna, Ana Maria


Judge Luna, Ana Maria
Judge Luna, Ana Maria #117155
Long Beach
Admission Date:December 1984

Judge Ana Maria Luna has braces, thick brown hair that she wears in a bob and a large, knotty gold-and-diamond wedding ring. She is 42 years old and pregnant. Raised as a Roman Catholic by her mother and Mexican-American father, she converted to Judaism as an adult.

She understands that things aren’t always what they seem, and she brought that sensibility into drug court when she insisted on going beyond the simple personal history provided in a client’s paperwork.

“If it’s a woman, first-time offender, she’ll look at how a child, the family and a marriage is affected–social pressures that a man might not have to deal with during treatment,” said public defender Anna Armenta-Rigor.

In her own home, Luna and her husband are raising three teenage sons–one from her first marriage and two from his first marriage. She worries about the influence of rap music’s violent lyrics on the young men and about their exposure to alcohol, the substance that drug addicts invariably say was their gateway addiction.

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An actual Review:
If you are a woman with a custody issue and Judge Luna is assigned to you, you need “AFFIDAVIT OF PREJUDICE PEREMPTORY CHALLENGE TO JUDICIAL OFFICER” (Code Civ. Proc., §170.6), to get your case switched to another judge. The form can be found online and no reason is needed just sign the form and serve on other party and file proof of service. Judge Luna favors men 100% and will give them 100% legal and physical custody or 50/50 custody even with very young babies even when the man is a sex addict and a liar. This judge will ignore impeachment evidence against men. The judge will accept hearsay and obvious perjury against a woman. If you are a woman with kids, 170.6 this judge before it is too late.

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Drug Czarina Is Preparing New Case

2020 03 03
Judge Ana Maria Luna is moving to a Probate assignment. Cases currently assigned to Judge Luna in Department 88 will be randomly reassigned to other judicial officers. Matters scheduled on or after April 1 will be rescheduled and the parties will receive notice of the new departments, hearing dates and times

Jul 2, 2020 – Judge Ana Maria Luna was reassigned from Department 88 to Department. 79. Her assignment changed from Family Law to Probate

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