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California is one of the most corrupt Judicial states in America today, from the days of 1996-2011  Ronald M. George who named his own successor Tani Cantil-Sakauye.

Victims go into the millions with police, government and the courts in a huge cover up protecting a manipulated Justice system that is nothing about justice. The legal system in California is designed to destroy family, estates, children’s lives and freedom via dishonest judges and lawyers controlled by a gang called the ABA American Bar Association.

Be sure to scroll down the page for info how to report and file complaints.

Who to report unethical, corrupt or dishonorable judges to:

How Do I File a Complaint?

Complaints must be in writing. You may use the commission’s Complaint Form or write a letter to the commission. Electronic filing of complaints is not available; complaints must be submitted to the commission office:

455 Golden Gate Avenue, Suite 14400
San Francisco, California 94102
File a complaint to the Commission on Judicial Performance
With the Commission on Judicial Performance make sure before you file you read the “HOW TO” Below:

Do you want to make a complaint against a California judge? We get asked this a lot: “How do I do it?” If you really want to do it, first there is homework to do. If you don’t do the homework, you are wasting your time making a half-baked complaint to the Commission on Judicial Performance.
The first homework assignment consists of four things:
(1) Read the ANNOTATED Code of Judicial Ethics published by the California Supreme Court Committee on Judicial Ethics Opinions, here:
(2) Read the Rules of the Commission on Judicial Performance, here:
(3) Read the Commission on Judicial Performance audit results published by the California State Auditor, here:
(4) Watch this video of the former CJP director forced by the legislature to describe how the agency internally handles complaints against judges.
If you’re not willing to put in the time to do this homework you are setting yourself up for disappointment when you make a complaint against a judge. If you do the homework, there is a chance that your complaint will get somewhere.
It’s that simple.
Use the “County Law Library – Self-Help – How To” topic tag, or this link, for more self-help and how-to subjects:
Question: What do superior court presiding judges do? A: The duties and obligations of presiding judges are listed here in our virtual county law library:
Among other things, presiding judges handle complaints against all the judges in the county, including temporary judges (judge pro tem), and private judges. If you want to make a complaint against a superior court judge, you can make the complaint with the presiding judge or the Commission on Judicial Performance, or both.
Q: Who is the presiding judge in my county? The link below goes to a Judicial Council webpage that includes a list of presiding judges for each county.
Q: How do I make a complaint to the presiding judge in my county? Our virtual county law library includes a sample complaint to a presiding judge letter, at this link:

Government Agencies:
File a report with your City Attorney
You will have to google your City Attorney
File a report with your State Attorney
File with the US Government
File with Department of Justice
File with the Federal Bureau of Investigation Find your field Officer

Complain and ask for help from your congressman or congresswoman.
Above you can enter you address to find your rep or search a list of reps

If Identity theft took place file a report HERE

Use the form at the bottom of the page and send your judge and case info to us to add a page to

Search Your Tube for your judges name

Enter you Judge to be Monitored HERE

Make sure you file a review for your judge to warn others:
The Robing Room “Where Judges are Judged”

Bad judges don’t like being exposed for their crimes, bribery and abuse.
1. Create a dedicated website
2. Get on Facebook to find other victims
Create a group twitter
Create a page
3. Join Twitter find and follow other victims

Corrupt California Judges
If you’re a victim of an unethical Judge you need to find support and network with other victims. Where there is one unethical judge there are usually more.

The American Legal System is based on MONEY not Justice, remember that when paying your $250 and up lawyer. Remember that when the judge rules in favor of MONEY not justice or what is morally correct.

Richard Fine exposed many in his quest to expose the corruption in California courts.

Remember judges are no better than anyone else on the street. They’re often bad lawyers who found their way via perhaps not so ethical means to the bench where they continue their crimes and abuse of the people. The problem is the immunity and protection given to them. The fact that police are their muscle and rarely to never will act against them. This is how criminal hide behind a black rob of shame and the word “LAW”.

Corrupt California Judges
Judge David P. Yaffe
Judge Ann Jones Bar 114921
Judge Robert O’
Judge Elihu Berle,
Judge Carolyn B. Kuhl Bar 85236
Judge Joesph Brannigan  Bar 65276
Judge Aviva K. Bobb Bar 50146
Judge Socrates Manoukian Bar 77289

More unethical judges with questionable histories

Report Corrupt California  Judges to:
State of California Commission on Judicial Performance
Complaints Against California Judges
Lawless America Corruption Reports for Judges
Judges as Criminals
Judges above the Law
Center for Judicial Excellence

Other helpful Info
How To Deal With A Bad Judge
Citizens for Criminal Justice
The Black Wall of Silence

Center for Judicial Excellence

Join FACEBOOK and find other victims and Network

News Stories
43 California judges were reprimanded for misconduct last year

Videos supporting an epidemic of Corruption and crime by California judges
Watch the video account of a father destroyed by finding out almost all California judges are accepting bribes

Who is watching what these DISHONORABLE JUDGES are doing?

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