How Easy is it to Bribe a Judge?

How Easy is it to Bribe a Judge the dirty little secret government is hiding from you

How Easy is it to Bribe a Judge?

It’s too easy and has been going on for decades. Remember a judge is nothing more than a lawyer who is given immunity and a black robe. The honor and integrity must be earned but far too often judges abuse their powers because as they say Absolute power corrupts”. The problem then is the broken relationship between authorities and the court who are often friends. Police doing favors for the courts

As an example Los Angeles Superior court judges were exposed that the majority of them were in fact being bribed by Los Angeles County so they’d rule against any lawsuits against the county of Los Angeles (See Richard L. Fine locked up by the bar for exposing them)

Conservatorship and Guardianship is nothing more than abused legal terms used by dishonorable judges and dishonest lawyers to steal from the elderly who have savings or assets. Judges ignore, rights, evidence, facts and probate rules and code. Victims who are sucked into this totally dishonest legal arena are sucked dry by greedy, immoral, totally dishonest lawyers who don’t give a dam about the victims. But they put on a good show pretending to.

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