Remove Police, Court and Government Immunity

Immunity is abused far too often, what it really means is “Some people are above the law”. It’s been proven time and time again that Police, Judges, Lawyers and Government are above the law and no one can be above the law, no one. On the morning of Nov. 23,…

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Guilty Killer Chicago Cop Jason Van Dyke

Guilty Killer Chicago Cop Jason Van Dyke Officer Jason Van Dyke is a perfect example of the problem person that easily gets hired and then hides behind a fancy uniform and shinny tin Badge. Police Unions have striped citizens of their rights by giving police too much protection to the…

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Why is Santa Clara County Hiding Death and Crime?

Santa Clara County California Government Conspiracy Exposed Police Falsified Reports to frame Whistle blower Cary Andrew Crittenden An Innocent Cary-Andrew Crittenden is currently locked in prison via fraud, perjury and corruption by Santa Clara County and Judge Manoukian North Kern State Prison CDCR# BE1684 Facility B2 Bldg: A Cell:123 PO…

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