Bundy A True Story

Bundy A True Story You expected a different outcome from “Justified”? Will we ever know the truth as to what happened? Fact is government such as police, FBI or judges are rarely to never held responsible for their actions. Walter Scott’s murder was caught on video as Officer Michael Slager…

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Stop Warrantless Spying on the Public

Stop Warrantless Spying on the Public Did you know hundreds of thousands of your tax dollars are being spent behind your back on equipment to spy on you and your family? What is Stingray Harris Corporations Stingray surveillance device has been one of the most closely guarded secrets in law enforcement…

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People before Profit

When it all comes down to it, This is what is destroying America today and has for centuries. “People before Profit, People over Profit” call it what you wish it all comes down to the same. Our courts are about profit not justice, judges are about money not about justice.…

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