California Julia G. Ansel Professional Fiduciaries Bureau Department of Consumer Affairs Violates Public Records Act

  Meet Julia G. Ansel California’s Professional Fiduciaries Bureau who pretends to uphold the law and protect the defenseless, weak and helpless conserved Elderly of California. Sources say Julia G. Ansel, who is head of California’s Professional Fiduciaries Bureau and a presenter at the California Senate Judiciary Committee public hearings…

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22 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Trust Police

22 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Trust Police 1. The Police Have No Duty To Protect You 2. Private Prisons Have “Lockup Quotas” 3. Police Profit From Enforcing the War On Drugs 4. SWAT Teams Are Corporations, And Are Used VERY Commonly 5. Police Can, And Do, Lie To The Public…

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