Please Share Petition to Impeach and Remove Judge Anna (Seminerio) Culley

With ‘judges judging judges,’ rogues on the bench have little to fear

We are sending this timely special report that highlights one of the the reasons I have taken action with initiating the petition to impeach and remove Judge Anna Culley for her violation of federal and state laws.


Reuters Special Report by Michael Berens and John Shiffman.

Special Report: Thousands of U.S. judges who broke laws, oaths remained on the bench
With ‘judges judging judges,’ rogues on the bench have little to fear
More Reuters News Stories on Dishonorable Judges

It is noteworthy that the only NYS Supreme Court Judge to be impeached was George G. Barnard in 1872 even though the process of impeachment is outlined in the NYS Constitution, we have just stopped holding them accountable.

No one is above the law, not even judges…

A state judge is a state judicial officer, paid by the State to act impartially and lawfully. A judge is not the court. People v. Zajic,

88 Ill.App.3d 477, 410 N.E.2d 626 (1980). Once they have violated federal and state laws they need to be held accountable in order to protect the integrity of our Courts.

My rights and my daughter’s civil rights were violated by government agents, namely Judge Anna (Seminerio) Culley and the NYPD. Because of their violations my daughter and I are still being victimized by the criminal actions of our abusers.

During the span of a year and nearly 25 points of contact with the NYPD, my daughter and I were denied the ability to report the felony crime of Grand Larceny, NYS penal code 155.40 and 155.42, that has been and is being committed against us by the perpatrators JOHN SHEHAS aka JOHN SHEHA, GUSTAS SHEHAS aka GUS SHEHA and his corporation TARATSA LLC.

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The Bigger Epidemic they Don’t Talk About

undeserved impunity the epidemic they don't talk about judges

What judges don’t want you to know is the black robe is NOT about honor, morals or integrity. It’s become a license to steal, lie, cheat and even help get away with murder. Judges are commonly bribed via county payments (see Richard L. Fine) and Property loans.

Judges are now Public Enemy number one, nothing more than a lawyer with authority judges have been proven 100% to rule in favor of dishonest parties with money. Millions of victims not just a few are being victimized by bad judgments, illegal actions, perjury, fraud and embezzlement via criminals who hide behind a black rag of shame. The term “Honorable” is useless when before a title of a person who is nothing about Justice, integrity or honor. I found out the hard way by going to court with 100% proof of perjury, fraud, elder abuse and embezzlement of almost a quarter a million dollars. A sure thing but then Judge Candace J. Beason pretended to see nothing. Worse I saw videos of X President of the bar Philip Barbaro Jr. (Pasadena lawyer) dancing with Beason at a judge party plus I got emails exposing Barbaro to to feeding cases to the (forced to retire Exposed by LA Time 2005 Probate Fraud business) judge Aviva K. Bobb. It all pointed to Beason being bribed to rule against evidence, perjury, fraud and elder abuse.

After experiencing what happened to me I created a website “” I was flooded with reports by other victims all over the USA. An Epidemic of rich, poor, young and old not only in Probate courts but all the court systems. An Epidemic that is the norm. Divorce and Family, criminal, civil, probate courts are infected with bad judges who in fact hold seminars for lawyers and judges where they are sharing tactics. What happens when you go public with info about these lawyers and judges? They use their clout with police and have you arrested on false, trumped up charges to terrorize and abuse you. I know because I spend 3 days in Pasadena jail via Avia K. Bobb, Philip Barbaro Jr. and Christopher Overgaard (Lawyer who committed perjury and fraud against me)

Special Report: Thousands of U.S. judges who broke laws, oaths remained on the bench
Inside the Reuters year-long investigation into judicial misconduct across the U.S.
How Reuters examined misconduct by state and local judges across America

Just ask the victims (Not the judges because most of them lie)
Robert Gettinger
Janet Phelan
Ernest L. Moore
Waldron Deborah
Lee Peters
Britney Spears
Robert Sarhan
Bradford D. Lund
The list is endless

Aviva K. Bobb (Retired but still abusing)
Reva G.Goetz (Retired but still abusing)
Candace J. Beason
David J. Cowan
The list is endless

The Right to an Impartial Judge (s8a)

Muncie judge facing 13 counts of judicial misconduct

Ethical Misconduct in the Courts

Judicial Misconduct

Judge Lisa Gorcyca accused of misconduct

Wayne County judge misconduct?

Transparency in question for Ontario judge’s misconduct case

Time for Everyone to Take a Stand Because Government has failed us all

The Authority figure as we know it today Police and Judges has failed us. The problem is the people who are getting the badges and black robes are not honest nor are they ethical. The fact is a badge or a black robe has become a license to steal, cheat, abuse and even murder with impunity

Want an example of how judges do this read the article below:
In the past dozen years, state and local judges have repeatedly escaped public accountability for misdeeds that have victimized thousands. Nine of 10 kept their jobs, a Reuters investigation found – including an Alabama judge who unlawfully jailed hundreds of poor people, many of them Black, over traffic fines.
Thousands of U.S. judges who broke laws or oaths remained on the bench

Every day hundreds of police are video taped committing crimes, abuse and even murder. The real problem are the courts, unions, prosecutors and judges. There is not accountability. Most events are never reported and nothing becomes of them

Who Will Hold the Police Accountable?
I was beaten by the police for no reason. Now the Supreme Court should give me justice.

police abuse people for being abused



George Floyd EXECUTED by Derek Chauvin and Tou Thao

George Floyd EXECUTED by Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin and Officer Tou Thao
This was by all means a public execution by dishonest, abusive and racist police who act as Judge, jury and executioners. This is all too common and happens daily all over the US. Police have no accountability. Police unions are in bed with courts and have manipulated law and code behind the public’s back. The American Constitution has been superseded by a Police Officer’s bill of rights which helps bad police stay employed, avoid prosecution and hinder any proper investigation to obtain the truth and facts. While our Justice system has obviously become a joke because it has nothing to do with anything about justice and everything about the all mighty dollar. Lawyers and judges have been proven beyond the doubt as dishonorable, criminal and have weaponized our legal system in their favor.

We all watched the horrific death of George Floyd on video as witnesses begged the police officer to take him into the police car and get off his neck. This abusive, excessive and inhumane use of force cost the life of a man who was being detained by the police for questioning about a non-violent charge.

What happened: The incident began around 8 p.m. on Monday when George Floyd was suspected of using counterfeit bills. A report was made at Cup Foods, 3759 Chicago Av., where he matched the profile. The Minneapolis police were responding to the report and noticed him by his car.

  • “[They] ordered him out of the car and took him into custody,” police spokesperson John Elder said.
  • DeVondre Pike, a local, saw the flashing police lights and started recording the aftermath, where Floyd was then pinned in an unauthorized knee-choke, while the officer ignored his pleas for help and that he couldn’t breathe.
  • As a crowd gathered to yell for his release, another officer emerged to order them to the sidewalk.
  • Eventually, Floyd became unconscious and unresponsive.
  • At the end of the video, paramedics come to drag his body onto a gurney and into an awaiting ambulance.
  • Floyd was pronounced dead soon after at Hennepin Healthcare, according to CBS Minnesota.

The aftermath: Since the incident, four officers of the Minneapolis Police Department have been fired and an investigation on a potential civil rights violation is being led by the FBI and Minnesota’s Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA), which investigates police shootings and in-custody deaths.

Upon the officers’ firing, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey tweeted support for the decision. In earlier statements, Mayor Frey said that, “that race played a part in the encounter.”

The Minneapolis police officer shown on video kneeling on George Floyd’s neck as Floyd pleaded for help, along with Officer Tou Thao who stood by and watched, have both been involved in use-of-force incidents over their careers.

Killer cop Officer Derek Chauvin (FIRED) but not prosecuted
officer responsible for kneeling on Floyd’s neck has been identified as Officer Derek Chauvin, a 19-year veteran of the department. Officer Derek Chauvin, 44, is a 19-year department veteran. Department records and news accounts show that he has been involved in several police-involved shootings over his career. In 2008, Officer Derek Chauvin shot and wounded Ira Latrell Toles during a domestic assault call. According to a 2011 article from the Pioneer Press, Officer Derek Chauvin and other officers showed up to an apartment in Minneapolis. Officer Derek Chauvin shot him in the abdomen. In 2006, Officer Derek Chauvin and five others responded to a stabbing. Wayne Reyes, 42, one of the officers shot and killed Reyes, according to a report titled “Stolen Lives” from Communities United Against Police Brutality.

Killer cop Officer Tou Thao (FIRED) but not prosecuted
He went through the academy in 2009. In 2017, Lamar Ferguson sued Officer Tou Thao and another officer, Robert Thunder, for excessive use of force. Ferguson and a woman who was eight months pregnant were walking home when Officer Tou Thao and Thunder stopped and searched them without cause. The officers handcuffed Ferguson, and Officer Tou Thao threw him to the ground and began punching him, while Thunder kicked him.The officers took Ferguson to the hospital for treatment. Afterward, they escorted Ferguson to jail wearing only his underwear and T-shirt, rejecting hospital staff’s requests that he be allowed to fully dress. Officer Tou Thao said they arrested Ferguson due to an outstanding warrant. He said he only punched Ferguson after one of Ferguson’s hands slipped out of the handcuffs. “He tries to pull away,” After this point he’s actively resisting arrest. So I had no choice but to punch him in the face. The case settled for $25,000. Officer Tou Thao and another officer had previously been sued in 2017 for excessive use of force for punching a man in the head for resisting arrest on an outstanding warrant. The case settled for $25,000.

George Floyd’s family says Minneapolis officers should face murder charges amid national outcry
Black and Asian Communities Unite in Outrage After Officers Murder Handcuffed George Floyd on Video
George Floyd’s family says four officers involved in his death should be charged with murder
Video shows Minneapolis cop with knee on neck of motionless, moaning man who later died
What we know about Derek Chauvin and Tou Thao, two of the officers caught on tape in the death of George Floyd

George Floyd Died After Police Knelt on His Neck During Arrest

Minneapolis police clash with protesters demanding justice for George Floyd

4 Minneapolis Officers Fired After Death Of George Floyd In Police Custody

George Floyd’s Family Speaks Out As Outrage Over His Death Grows

The Moments Before George Floyd’s Death

Rules of Professional Conduct are ignored by the bar and lawyers


What good are rules, code or law if NO ONE enforces them?
Rule 8.4: Misconduct

Maintaining The Integrity Of The Profession

It is professional misconduct for a lawyer to:

(a) violate or attempt to violate the Rules of Professional Conduct, knowingly assist or induce another to do so, or do so through the acts of another;
(b) commit a criminal act that reflects adversely on the lawyer’s honesty, trustworthiness or fitness as a lawyer in other respects;
(c) engage in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation;
(d) engage in conduct that is prejudicial to the administration of justice;
(e) state or imply an ability to influence improperly a government agency or official or to achieve results by means that violate the Rules of Professional Conduct or other law;
(f) knowingly assist a judge or judicial officer in conduct that is a violation of applicable rules of judicial conduct or other law; or
(g) engage in conduct that the lawyer knows or reasonably should know is harassment or discrimination on the basis of race, sex, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status or socioeconomic status in conduct related to the practice of law. This paragraph does not limit the ability of a lawyer to accept, decline or withdraw from a representation in accordance with Rule 1.16. This paragraph does not preclude legitimate advice or advocacy consistent with these Rules.

Rule 4.1: Truthfulness in Statements to Others
Transactions With Persons Other Than Clients
In the course of representing a client a lawyer shall not knowingly:
(a) make a false statement of material fact or law to a third person; or
(b) fail to disclose a material fact to a third person when disclosure is necessary to avoid assisting a criminal or fraudulent act by a client, unless disclosure is prohibited by Rule 1.6.

What is Legal Abuse?

Legal abuse can take on several forms, but for the context of this blog, it refers to the abuser’s wrongful use of the court system to file frivolous actions against their victims, which will inevitably drag out the already abusive situation.

Abusers can file frivolous actions against the victim. This can include false allegations, filing a motion to delay a hearing, and purposely filing court applications incorrectly so that they’d have to delay a particular hearing. They might file paperwork at a different court in an attempt to overturn a previous decision.

Abusers can threaten legal action, too. This is solely with the purpose of getting the victim to comply with their demands.

Despite escaping abusive situations, many survivors still feel fear when it comes to the legal system. This fear is very real and can exacerbate the situation because the abuser will use the courts to maintain contact with the victim.

This is why it is so vital for survivors to continue to speak out and speak the truth – in hopes that one day, the abusers will be seen for what they are. Speak up. More people need to be aware that legal abuse exists, especially those in the legal system! The more that victims speak up, the more they will be believed and the abusers will be held accountable.

Supporting Articles:
The American Bar Association | Advancing the Rule of Law‎
Legal Abuse: When the Law isn’t Your Ally

Government Failed Us, It’s Time for Personal Responsiblity

A totally corrupt legal system, a congress owned by corporations and big money, Abuse of power and immunity. America the land of so called freedom, justice, rights and equality is nothing but a LIE. A scam made up of propaganda and lies to help criminals and the powerful. All while the hard working public is forced to obey and pay taxes which are then stole in the form of Trillion dollar war business. Our legal system is not about justice but how much justice you can afford. Lawyers have complicated law, manipulated the Bill of Rights and used law to allow them to commit crime with impunity.

The US government is so corrupt that it is winking at the brutal murder by Saudi authorities of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi, almost certainly at the order of crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman. And the grounds which the president of the United States gave for his insouciance at the deployment of a bone saw on the hapless scribbler were that he did not want to endanger Saudi arms purchases from and investments in the United States. This response is the very definition of corruption. Saudi Arabia is bribing the US government to ignore a vicious murder of a high profile journalist whose children are American citizens and who wrote for the Washington paper of record. You can tell all this is corrupt by just imagining what the response would be in Washington if Iran were discovered carving up a dissident in a consulate with a bone saw.

The US is so corrupt that the US Senate has allowed a bill to come to the floor, introduced by Mario “Benedict Arnold” Rubio, which approves of individual states excluding vendors and contractors who boycott Israel. Although Rubio, Gary Peterson, Ron Wyden and other backers of the bill maintain that it does not affect freedom of speech, it actually guts freedom of speech. We university lecturers who speak on other campuses are considered contractors, and people will be prevented from giving talks at the University of Texas, e.g., by such laws. The law is unconstitutional and will be struck down if the US judiciary still has a modicum of integrity. But the law was passed in order to uphold the Israeli colonization of the Palestinian West Bank and the sentencing of Palestinians to being stateless and helpless and without rights. And it was worked up in the shadows in coordination with the Israeli Ministry of Strategic Affairs (i.e. of propaganda), with the backing of pro-squatter fanatics such as sleazy casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, who has been accused of making his pile in part by bribing members of the Chinese Communist Party to let him open a lucrative casino in Macau. The senators have brought this bill to the floor despite its being a poison pill for the US constitution because they are in the back pocket of the Israel lobbies, which help fund their political campaigns. (I hasten to add that most American Jews do not approve of these shenanigans and Jewish Millennials in particular are done out by Netanyahu).

A sure sign of corruption is an electoral outcome like 2016. An addled nonentity like Donald Trump got filthy rich via tax loopholes, a predatory behavior in his casinos and other businesses, and then was permitted to buy the presidency with his own money. He was given billions of dollars in free campaign time every evening on CNN, MSNBC, Fox and other channels that should have been more even-handed, because they were in search of advertising dollars and Trump was a good draw. Then, too, the way the Supreme Court got rid of campaign finance reform and allowed open, unlimited secret buying of elections is the height of corruption. The permitting of massive black money in our elections was taken advantage of by the Russian Federation, which, having hopelessly corrupted its own presidential elections, managed to further corrupt the American ones, as well. Once ensconced in power, Trump Inc. has taken advantage of the power of White House to engage in a wide range of corrupt practices, including an attempt to sell visas to wealthy Chinese and the promotion of the Trump brand as part of diplomacy.

The rich are well placed to bribe our politicians to reduce taxes on the rich. The Koch brothers and other mega-rich troglodytes explicitly told Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan in 2017 that if the Republican Party, controlling all three branches of government, could not lower taxes on its main sponsors, there would be no billionaire backing of the party in the 2018 midterms. This threat of an electoral firing squad made the hundreds of bribe-takers in Congress sit up and take notice, and they duly gave away to the billionaire class $1.5 trillion in government services (that’s what Federal taxes are, folks, services–roads, schools, health inspections, implementation of anti-pollution laws–things that everyone benefits from and which won’t be there any more. To the extent that the government will try to continue to provide those slashed services despite assessing no taxes on the people with the money to pay for them, it will run up an enormous budget deficit and weaken the dollar, which is a form of inflation in the imported goods sector. Inflation hits the poor the worst. As it stands, 3 American billionaires are worth, as much as the bottom 150 million Americans. That kind of wealth inequality hasn’t been seen in the US since the age of the robber barons in the nineteenth century. Both eras are marked by extreme corruption.

One sign of American corruption is the rapidity with which American society has become more unequal since the 1980s Reagan destruction of the progressive income tax. The wealthier the top 1 percent is, the more politicians it can buy to gather up even more of the country’s wealth. In my lifetime the top one percent has gone from holding 25% of the privately held wealth under Eisenhower to over 38% today. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is right that we need to much increase the top marginal tax rate; and we need to tax unearned income, as well.

The US military budget is bloated and enormous, bigger than the military budgets of the next twelve major states. What isn’t usually realized is that perhaps half of it is spent on outsourced services, not on the military. It is corporate welfare on a cosmic scale. I’ve seen with my own eyes how officers in the military get out and then form companies to sell things to their former colleagues still on the inside. Precisely because it is a cesspool of large-scale corruption, Trump’s budget will throw over $100 billion extra taxpayer dollars at it.

The US has a vast gulag of 2.2 million prisoners in jail and penitentiary. There is an increasing tendency for prisons to be privatized, and this tendency is corrupting the system. It is wrong for people to profit from putting and keeping human beings behind bars. This troubling trend is made all the more troubling by the move to give extra-long sentences for minor crimes, to deny parole and to imprison people for life for e,g, three small thefts.

Asset forfeiture in the ‘drug war’ is corrupting police departments and the judiciary. Although some state legislatures are dialing this corrupt practice back, it is widespread and a danger to the constitution.

So don’t tell the global South how corrupt they are for taking a few petty bribes. Americans are not seen as corrupt because we only deal in the big denominations. Steal $2 trillion and you aren’t corrupt, you’re respectable. FULL STORY


Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it

Imagine that, infecting a nation has been done before. Now the shoe is on the other foot. But do we just take it and relinquish power like native people were forced to? Maybe what’s infected America is deserved? Why was it OK back then and now America hides behind words? Words like Justice, Equality, Freedom, Legal, Law and Liberty.

I used to believe the propaganda and lies fed to use as children. Only to find it’s how a totally corrupt government gets us to pay taxes. The truth is America is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Infected by greed and need to control.

Soon victims will outnumber the believers, the patriots who blindly protect a monster rising behind them will become victims.

The fact is there are two classes in America. One class forced to obey, pay taxes and be controlled by the other class. The other class is above the law and in fact creates law, abuses immunity and profits by abusing power and law.

Lets get back to the native people the REAL AMERICANS and how they were cheated and slaughtered and today no one wants to talk about it. Until History repeats itself and we’re supposed to feel sorry for all the people sick and dying?

The epidemic of 1837–38 also spawned a narrative of deliberate white genocide against the original Americans: “smallpox in the blankets”—white Europeans and white Americans deliberately promoting the spread of smallpox among unsuspecting American Indians to clear them off the land. Smallpox in the blankets is one of those stubborn legends that can’t be dismissed as myth because it is founded in a mixture of limited historical fact and widespread circumstantial evidence. Based on Raphael Lemkin’s definition of “genocide”— a term he coined in 1944 to describe what the Turks had done to the Armenians during World War I, the Soviets had done to the Ukrainians and upper-class Poles in the interwar period and what the Nazis were then doing to the Jews— the United States had practiced cultural genocide against American Indians since the 1870s, but had not practiced actual physical genocide. The sole documented instance of smallpox in the blankets was approved by an Englishman and instigated by a brace of Swiss mercenaries. White American settlers and soldiers had murdered large groups of Indians, including women and children, from the 17th century to the end of the 19th century with guns, poison and clubs.

Did Colonists Give Infected Blankets to Native Americans as Biological Warfare?
Smallpox in the Blankets
Did the U.S. Army Distribute Smallpox Blankets to Indians?
American History Myths Debunked: The Indians Weren’t Defeated by White Settlers
Yes, White Europeans purposefully infected Native Americans with Smallpox.
Genocide & Intent Of The Infected Blankets
The strange truth about smallpox and Native Americans
“The Poison That Ruined the Nation”: Native American Men—Alcohol, Identity, and Traditional Healing


Lawyers manipulate justice system into profit system Public Defenders force plea deals

lawyers manipulating justice system into a profit system public defenders forcing plea deals instead of defending

A plea deal is an A A plea arrangement to resolve a case without going to trial. This is an option most often taken by those who cannot afford bail and want to go home instead of wait days, months, even years locked up in jail. An estimated 177,624 innocent Americans pleaded guilty in 2013 alone. Does this sound like a justice system to you?

Innocence Is Irrelevant

All over America INNOCENT people are being railroaded by dishonest judges and lawyers in a conspiracy for profit. Hiding like dishonest, criminal rats in expensive fancy suits or fake black robes. They abuse power and impunity to terrorize, intimidate and profit off those who can’t afford their ridiculous over priced services.

Many individuals who have been exonerated of wrongful convictions recount the weight that was lifted when their cases were overturned and the state dropped the charges against them. Sadly, not all wrongfully convicted people released from prison enjoy that same sense of relief. As a recent story by ProPublica reveals, in too many wrongful conviction cases, innocent people are pressured by prosecutors into taking plea deals in exchange for their freedom, when, in reality, solid evidence demonstrates that full exoneration’s are in order.

There’s an assumption that when someone pleads guilty to a crime, swearing to tell the truth and allocuting to all the elements, he actually committed it.  But this is not necessarily true.

We all know that innocent people can be found guilty of crimes they didn’t commit, but innocent people might actually choose to plead guilty simply because they’re afraid to go to trial.  The fear is based on a simple fact — people who go to trial and are convicted get much heavier sentences than those who plea-bargain.

Although the Sixth Amendment guarantees the right to a speedy and public trial, because the system favors plea bargaining, some defendants give up that right to save extra years in jail.  It’s a question of practicality.  Whether the person is innocent or not, jury trials are always a crap shoot, with the verdict uncertain until rendered. If you’re offered probation pre-trial by pleading guilty but know a judge will give you jail if you lose trial, you might choose to say you did something that you didn’t do just to avoid jail. It would take the most stalwart belief in justice (and your attorney) to go forward when a guilty verdict has you serving a much tougher sentence.

Adding to this watering down of the Sixth Amendment is the fact that most defendants take pleas without even knowing the strength of the case against them.  Prosecutors in most states are not required to share evidence they’ve gathered until the eve of trial.  But defendants who wait till then lose the benefit of a plea bargain. It’s not uncommon for judges to tell defendants as they’re being arraigned, “If you don’t take this plea today, it’s off the table.”

There are benefits to this system of course — it diminishes court dockets and saves the expense of conducting a trial.  Plus aren’t most defendants guilty anyway, so why gobble up scarce resources just to prove it?  Because that’s what the Sixth Amendment compels.

To fight against government tyranny in the criminal justice system, America’s Founding Fathers enshrined into the Constitution the “right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury.” Plea bargains, however, have become, as the Supreme Court of the United States (“SCOTUS”) said, “not only an essential part of the process but a highly desirable part.” While plea bargains have streamlined the management of court caseloads, they all too often result in the conviction of factually innocent persons or create final judgments that are legal fiction.

Thomas Jefferson said, “I consider [trial by jury] as the only anchor yet imagined by man, by which government can be held to the principles of its constitution.”

Plea bargaining was first introduced as a legal tool that could protect citizens’ rights and address the need for courtroom efficiency. It, however, was criticized as being too radical from the system’s trial nature and removed jury safeguards against wrongful convictions. By the late 19th century, the nation’s population growth and increased policing systems, combined with expanded criminal codes, placed an increasing caseload on prosecutors, and they normalized plea bargains into the process to quickly resolve cases despite the criticism.

As plea bargains gained momentum in the 1800s, its practice also began to evolve and shift. Prosecutors, for instance, began overcharging suspects to increase perceived performance and to frighten defendants into taking a plea to avoid severe penalties from multiple charges. A practice that continues to the present is the filing of an indictment that contains multiple charges to gain leverage to obtain a plea on one charge, or charging a higher offense to gain a plea on the actually committed lower offense.

“American prosecutors are equipped with a fearsome array of tools they can and do use to discourage people from exercising their right to a jury trial.”

Wrongly Convicted Forced into Plea Deals to Gain Freedom
Innocence Is Irrelevant this is the age of the plea deal & millions of Americans are suffer the consequences
Innocent People Who Plead Guilty
Plea Bargaining: Prosecutors Leave Trail of Injustice When Playing Hardball with Defendants
Are Innocent People Pleading Guilty? A New Report Says Yes
A lawyer argued that plea deals are unconstitutional. Now the DA won’t bargain with her
Prisons are packed because prosecutors are coercing plea deals. And, yes, it’s totally legal.


Facebook a stolen concept about censorship, data and greed

Facebook is a fraud zuckeberg is a criminal

When I first got onto Facebook it seemed like a good idea. Some people spend vast hours of time and effort not only to stay in touch with others but to share and expose the wrongs of the world.

Little did I know how dishonest Mark Zuckerberg was and how bad Facebook is for people in general and the world. Not only are people wasting their time adding content but their helping a monster profit and get stronger.

Censorship is not by the constitutional standard but by that of one man. Consider the history of this man and how he dishonestly stole the Facebook concept.

There is a growing movement of people leaving Facebook and exposing what’s going on. Watch Zuckerberg LIE, avoid and con his way thur questioning. Facebook should be destroyed and removed completely because it’s gotten out of hand and a danger to the world.

The problem with Facebook is anything you post is manipulated and censored. Either no one sees your info, your blocked completely or fake info is allowed or manipulated for Zuckerberg’s gain and profit.

Facebook: how it all began
In 2003, a sophomore named Mark Zuckerberg hacked into protected areas of the university’s computer network in order to find photos of other students. He then would pair two of them next to each other on a program called “Facemash” and ask users to choose the more attractive person. At the beginning of 2004, Zuckerberg launched “The Facebook,” a social network dedicated to Harvard students, which later grew to encompass Columbia, Yale and Stanford. The popularity of this new service sky-rocketed and in mid-2004, Zuckerberg interrupted his studies and moved his operation to Palo Alto, California.

Facebook employee diversity criticism

Facebook has been criticized for having a diversity problem. As of June 2018, tech positions, as well as management roles in U.S. offices were overwhelmingly occupied by men. Furthermore, almost 47 percent of Facebook employees in the U.S. are White and only 3.5 percent are African-American, which has sparked concern regarding representation and equal opportunities. Around 69.7 percent of senior level positions are occupied by White employees and only 3.3 percent by Hispanic-Americans.

Facebook legal battle: Why the two heads of the Winklevoss twins weren’t better than one

“So You Won’t Take Down Lies?”: AOC Blasts Mark Zuckerberg in Testy House Hearing


Whose using Facebook?

10 Reasons to delete Facebook

Don’t trust our word but Google and check info for yourselves.

Banned by Facbook, this is actually common and WRONG but Facebook does it anyway

The Fall of Authority

the new american enemy police, judges, lawyers abuse power and immunity

The fall of authority

If you’ve not been victimized yet it’s not if but when. Having been a Police officer for almost a decade I saw the problem from both sides when I became victimized by a corrupt judge and greedy lawyers who had no problem rigging justice. The fact is there are no talented lawyers just connected ones who have ins with the courts.

Perjury, fraud, filing false documents, elder abuse, ignoring law, probate code and even embezzlement of over $2 million dollars meant nothing and was ignored by the DOJ, FBI, Commission on Judicial performance or the legal Bar.

Even the police did not care when reported to the Elder Abuse department of LAPD. The fact is when a crime takes place within a court no one wants to get involved. They claim the court handles it’s own crimes and abuse. The problem is most judges don’t want to overturn or address what a corrupt dishonest judge has done before them. My full story

Once victimized I did what thousands of millions before me do. They look for other victims, share their stories on social media and try and get media attention to expose the predators. Problem is there’s and epidemic of judicial crime, abuse and fraud. Worse those involved have not fear of punishment because as public servants or members of the court they hide behind immunity.

Police and courts work as a biased family against the public. They act as the muscle for the courts who when threatened have police abuse, terrorize and even murder anyone who takes a stand. Police in turn are able to murder in cold blood innocent victims and escape punishment and accountability. Police unions, a fraudulent Police officers bill of rights which trumps the original bill of rights allows police to commit crimes, lie and perjure all in the name of fear or law.

It’s no longer a yearly event where police murder, abuse, rape or beat innocent victims it’s a daily event. With the advent of mobile phones audio and video evidence cannot be ignored. However trigger happy, cowardly cops who hide behind the word “FEAR”. Abuse it to the point that they get away with cold blooded murder when no actual danger exists. All this combined and the public has lost all respect for police and justice for that matter.

Anyone who has dealt with the Justice system learns quickly that it’s not about justice but who has more money. It’s about who can buy more justice.

It’s not just in Probate court as I learned it’s in all courts, Family, divorce, civil and criminal.

The armies of victims and families has grown to millions and grows each day and each time a cop, judge or lawyer is exposed for abuse, murder or prosecuting the innocent.

How many billions of dollars are stolen, embezzled or extorted? Thousands of people are executed every year by police who are never held accountable, at least not to the same standard as everyone else.

Getting a badge, robe or civil servant position has become a license to steal, rob, terrorize or murder. Having undeserved impunity gives them a sense of power as well as deadly force which they abuse on a daily basis, guns are pulled for any reason. Pets are assassinated for nothing more than approaching a cop yet Mail carriers deal with pets every day and never has a pet been shot.

“When convictions are clearly wrong, these prosecutors don’t just hinder justice—they actively work against it.” More

On daily basis it’s exposed that innocent people have been in prison for decades. Thank god for DNA and other tests which help set the innocent free. Worse the bad cops, lying prosecutors are never held accountable or prosecuted for their crimes. It’s always the same the tax payer is extorted for legal fees to defend these monsters and criminals, victims are paid via the deep pockets of the tax payer.

It’s time there was change, not next year, not the decade but NOW. Removing immunity when perjury, crime, abuse or anything else that violates justice or law. No more use of irrational fear or hiding behind law or a courtroom. Everything must be transparent; all hearings must be digitally recorded just like mandatory body cams on police. Record the judges and courts. No more statute of limitations because as we know criminals will stall and the courts will help them.

Worse when caught or exposed what do they do, lie, perjure and cover up their crimes?

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