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crystal l. cox investigative blogger american hero exposes criminals wins courts approval lof right to free speech

This did not need to go to court or cause the damages to Crystal L. Cox. Its obvious but it goes to show you how dishonest lawyers and judge can abuse our legal system for profit, greed and abuse of the public. We must expose them, remove them and demand prosecution of the real criminals
Our court system has been abused by criminals, dishonest lawyers and judges. Crystal L. Cox took a stand and devoted her life towards a cause. Freedom of speech and exposing the real criminals. Its been a long battle where the real criminals bought justice and media in attempts to divert attention from the actual crimes they committed. Dishonest big business and corporations are attempting to control us, lie to us and twist the facts. A recent court decision once again exposed the real criminals of all Americans.  FULL STORY

CRIMINALS want you to think you can’t expose them and their crimes by scaring people with extortion and threats of law suits that are unconstitutional.

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Police, Judges, Lawyers and Government MUST BE EXPOSED when they do wrong.