Report Crimes to the Department of Justice

Report the crimes against you to the Department of Justice by going to THIS PAGE

Remembert stick to the facts, keep your info short and direct. You can always give more details later. Include your city, state, telephone, email address and names of the suspects and victims plus report numbers and court file numbers.

It’s very helpful to create a simple webpage using WordPress to have a central page to refer to with your info which can be made public or private via a password. Remember you need to search for other victims of the suspects which will help authorities to see a pattern of crime and abuse exist.

Report corruption to the US Dept. of Justice, Note emails below
Correspondence relating to incidents of health care fraud may be sent to:

Fraud Section, Criminal Division
U.S. Department of Justice
ATTN: Chief, Health Care Fraud Unit
950 Constitution Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20530

NOTE REMOVE “CRM” from email address in your mail program if it appears in the email address

Joe Beemsterboer(link sends e-mail), Chief, Health Care Fraud Unit
Dustin Davis(link sends e-mail), Assistant Chief, Baton Rouge and New Orleans Strike Force
Malisa Dubal(link sends e-mail), Assistant Chief, Detroit Strike Force
Ashlee McFarlane(link sends e-mail), Assistant Chief, Houston Strike Force
Allan Medina(link sends e-mail), Assistant Chief, Chicago Strike Force
Sally Molloy(link sends e-mail), Assistant Chief, Corporate Strike Force
Diidri Robinson(link sends e-mail), Assistant Chief, Los Angeles Strike Force
Brendan Stewart(link sends e-mail), Assistant Chief, Brooklyn Strike Force
Nicholas Surmacz(link sends e-mail), Assistant Chief, Miami, and Tampa Strike Force

More Department of Justice contact info Below:
PDF of Contact Names and Address for DOJ

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