support the victims not the guilty
One of the biggest problems with victims is getting help. Often Police, FBI and DOJ will ignore or deny filing reports against corruption and abuse of power. This points to the fact they’re accessories to the crimes.

EXPOSURE is the number one key to getting help to your cause. Judges are well known for doing their dirty work behind chamber walls, labeling victims as Vexatious litigants which is the judges way to silence you and stop you from representing yourself in court. Judges can threaten and manipulate lawyers via the bar but they can’t do this to you, thus its not in their favor to have you represent yourself.

1. Find other victims in your area and network with them, find out what has already been done and help one another with support. Going to court with a group of people is far more effective. When judges see a crowd of people in the court room often they behave.

2. Join social networking groups that are free, like Facebook, Google+ and twitter. Decades ago victims were isolated and it was nearly impossible to find others. Today its made easy.

3. Build your own website, even free ones are available with the use of WordPress. Get your story out there, post the names of all involved so other victims using Google will find you. It will be your word against theirs however yours is the truth which is what they fear. Its only a matter of time till the pressure is too much.

4. Never use violence or threats, even mentioning what should be done is reason for them to act. Then they’ll lie and make it into something worse. Remember you’re dealing with dishonest, unethical people.

5. File reports and request help, document your reporting with certified mail, record everything. While they’ll tell you recording people is illegal, police do it all the time without telling you. Buy an inexpensive audio recording device and
keep it in your pocket all the time “ON”.






You’ll note police will use dash cams to protect themselves when convenient for them but not for you. Close circuit TV is everywhere. Buy a digital camera (or a good cell phone with camera) ensure it takes sharp photos. Don’t be afraid to use it, document, record and take note of times and dates with a log. The dirty people will use dishonest and illegal things to attack you, so arm yourself with digital protection.

6. File reports with the state, local and city legal bars, even if nothing is done, it must be documented for use later. Find websites like and list all the parties with separate complaints so they get indexed and found on Google.

Finally when several victims come forward and report crimes, corruption and violation of rights, there’s a better chance you’ll be taken seriously.

If you feel you have a documented case of injustice we want to hear your story and get it out to the public.  This is only the initial communication with the Center.  Upon receiving the completed form the Center Review committee will determine if your story should be pursued for further media exposure. HERE

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