LOS ANGELES MAYOR Villaraigosa Stoops to New Low

Why has LYING TO THE PUBLIC, cheating on your wife and saying ANYTHING to get elected acceptable in America? We must demand accountability and transparency.


We’ve put the most unethical people in office, allowed judges who steal and accept bribes to take over our courts. Police who claim to be heroes but shoot people instead of saving lives. We drug test the masses but WHY ARE WE ALLOWING the most powerful people to lie? Judges, lawyers, police and government servants often take oaths. Ethics, morals and honest mean nothing anymore in America. Lawyers have made it totally acceptable to LIE, to make up stories and call it our justice system. We need to start DEMANDING ANNUAL Polygraph testing of ALL public servants. Anyone in power, who rules a court, carries a weapon and deals in our justice system MUST be held to the highest standards. Too many people are being abused, killed and robbed.

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is not doing what’s best for the citizens of Los Angeles or America. He’s doing what almost every politician does, LIE and work with big business for profit. People are outraged, do your share and

Mayor’s $700 million union deal, L.A. faces a $216 million deficit next year
Villaraigosa Joins Committee to Fix the Debt Completing Plutocratic Conversion Having Joined Fix The Debt Campaign, Blames Criticism On Broken Politics



AMERICA NEEDS SOLUTIONS to a broken system

On every newspaper, TV program we have Police, Judges, Lawyers and Government personnel who are dis-honest, lack ethics and morals. Criminals who found their way to positions of power, control and authority. California TOP SHERIFF was removed for corruption. People are put in prison by police who know they’re not guilty. Government folk who lie to send us to war.
Americans are forced to accept DRUG TESTING to clean up a problem. Our
legal system needs change and it demands TESTING, Annual Testing to ensure
every American is treated fairly, honestly and ethically. We no longer can accept the sworn oath.

Michael Carona Orange County CA Sheriff TOP COP
Almost all of Los Angeles Superior Court judges accept bribes
Los Angeles Police Corruption, Murder and Cover Ups continue
Man Imprisoned for 26 years, LAPD LIED, management cover up
Kids for cash Scandal, Exposed totally corrupt judge
The internet has thousand of documented cases of lawyers, judges and police

There are other methods for testing for honesty that are now 100% proven
See FMri technology and this LINK


Change is coming to America, its up to each and every American to stop, expose and share the injustices going on in every city and states court rooms. Judges, lawyers and police breaking laws, violation of our constitutional rights and ethics. Seniors, veterans, disabled, mentally ill have all fallen victim to unethical judges, lawyers and a broken system. A system which rewards lawyers and judges for in-justice and breaking the law. LEGAL CRIMES which only means they went to court and the judge did not “STOP THEM” which means it was allowed by the court. You’re tax payer dollars are being stolen, used for crime and helping criminals.


JUDICIAL CORRUPTION EXPOSED the bar is a conspiracy to hide crime

Warning Evidence of Corruption

EVERY AMERICAN MUST BE INFORMED about what is going on in our US Justice system in every city and state in America. Judges and Lawyers who accept bribes, sell INNOCENT children to the prison system, abuse and cause the death of seniors for

profit, destroy lives and families, steal children from their parents. Cause UNNECESSARY legal hearings ONLY to profit from the legal fees. When honest, ethical good lawyers and judges come forward to expose the corruption they are SHUT UP via being disbarred and black balled.

PSYCHOPATHS are becoming Judges, Lawyers, Police and Government officials

Psychopaths are the world's best liars

Most victims can’t understand WHY a judge or police officer would break the law or commit crimes against them. After all their suppose to be who helps them. Police are not suppose to judge however those with psychopathic tendencies often do and render their own form of punishment. Judges who yield the ultimate power are often psychopaths who have lied their way to the bench. After all psychopaths yearn for power, control and greed. The total opposite of what one would expect from a judge. People need to accept Adolf Hitler was a psychopath and was able to come to power via his lies. Many famous government officials today worldwide are psychopaths. They convince those around them and the masses they are someone else. Its typical and well known.

If you’ve encountered a psychopath who is in power and has abused your rights do yourself a favor and do some research on how they tick.

Start by watching the two part MOVIE
Fishead 1
Fishead 2

What is a Psychopath
How to Spot a Psychopath

FBI Focus on Psychopaths
Robert Hare’s page
Fighting “Mad Leader Disease”

Syliva Schmidt aka Sylvia Gettinger aka Syliva Velasco true Psychopath
As a child I often wondered what was wrong with my sibling. Lack of empathy, cold and harsh I never could have the same relationship I noticed others had with their siblings. From infant to adult there were many signs. She would attack and destroy things she felt meant something to you. She became an expert at manipulating our mother, getting what she wanted by making her cry. By accusing her of loving one of her children more than another. By being unfair and ultimately she would say anything to get what she wanted. Ethics, morals and even honesty did not matter.

The problem is people don’t want to accept or believe their own family member could be such a monster. The signs were there, the behavior and even the actions of a criminal. Yet when brought to the attention of friends and family people just don’t want to accept a child could be this way. What is worse is the psychopath will make every effort to contact family, friends and government to spread their lies, propaganda and manipulations via stories and events which never took place. Its all about being a great actress, learning how to react and putting on a great show. Doing what you think people want to see or what tugs at their heart strings.

What people don’t see is the real monster, the stealing, lying, the real person when they are not putting on the act.

Sylvia Schmidt a Psychopath who was granted a conservatorship via a perjured conservatorship petition

AMERICANS must wake up, Psychopaths are not all like Charles Manson. The best psychopaths look nothing like what we think. Charming, good looking, know’s what to say and how to get what they want. SEE Profile of a Psychopath

Canada Courts Justice 4 You

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SUPPORT Crystal Cox


Crystal Cox is a true American Hero, she was brave enough to see wrong and do her best to EXPOSE it. Cox included evidence in her blogs and postings however the courts and government did nothing to stop the crimes. What this all means is our courts are NOT upholding our constitutional rights. Lawyers who are criminals are being allowed to manipulate our courts. Judges are nothing more than lawyers and often they side with their own. Crystal is FOR Accountability and Transparency in AMERICA.

We love you Crystal Cox and we know who the GOOD people are

Crystal’s story is a great example of how our justice system is abused by lawyers and judges. How the internet CAN be used to EXPOSE criminals. What do the criminals do when you start to win? They start their own campaign to defame.

Crystal Cox
Judge Clarifies that Bloggers can be Journalists

Crystal Cox explains to victims of corruption how they can expose
Crystal Freedom of Speech, Shield Laws, Obsidian Finance Group, Tonkon Torp

Grandma Asks the Court to Shut Me Up

Grandma Asks the Court to Shut Me Up

Active supporter of the California Protective Parents Association and Center for Judicial Excellence Helen Lynn filed a request for a civil harassment restraining order against me on October 3, 2012.

In the description of harassment, Helen claimed the last time she was “harassed” by me was on September 28, 2012.

On September 30, before the request for restraining order was filed, I wrote about my encounter with Helen on September 28. You can read my article by clicking here.

Helen wrote in her restraining order request that”…FOR YEARS WE HAVE BEEN VICTIMS OF SEVERE CYBER BULLYING FROM LAURA.” She then wrote that one personal conduct order she is requesting is “Remove all and stop further cyber bullying by Laura Lynn, under any alias.” Under stay-away orders Helen asked for the court to order me to “stop cyber bullying. Remove all past cyber bullying + stop future cyber bullying.”

Helen asked for protection for her husband James Lynn as well. James was a top manager at the County of Los Angeles in building maintenance and told me he reported directly to the Board of Supervisors and judicial officers, back when the county took care of the court buildings. Helen wrote “Laura Lynn for many years has continued to slander me and my husband on the internet (sic, left out a period) She has went door to door in my neighborhood and posted flyers that slander me and my husband”.

Just in case the judge did not get her point, Helen wrote on additional orders requested “REMOVE ALL PAST AND FUTURE CYBER BULLYING OF THE LYNN FAMILY BY LAURA JUDITH LYNN, [AKA][her square parentheses] LAURA JUDITH KRAMER.” Now, does her use of all caps constitute yelling at the judge?

The temporary order was denied by Anthony S. Jones, Judge Pro Tem. Good call. But Judge Elizabeth Feffer denied a similar temp order for Tim Lynn, Helen’s son, then flipped at the permanent order hearing and ruled that hanging missing children posters of kids abducted by Helen’s daughter was considered a “threat” to Tim. That ruling is at the U.S. Supreme Court now, presenting the issue of whether the Family Law Court is upholding our right to freedom of speech.

Please join us for the hearing at 8:30 a.m. on October 22, 2012 at Stanley Mosk, 111 N. Hill Street, Los Angeles, 90012, Department 75, Room 736.

Let’s see if the Civil Harassment department of Los Angeles Superior Court will uphold or challenge the first amendment right to free speech.