Cary-Andrew Crittenden

cary andrew crittenden american hero


Cary-Andrew Crittenden
A devoted American who has made it his cause to expose unethical judges and government which prey on seniors and the mentally disabled.

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Santa Clara County Public Guardian facilitates illegal eviction from Markham Plaza HUD subsidized Apartments
Efforts to bring the evidence to the public hindered by judge who claims he is being terrorized
Major Corruption Organization informed about Judge Socrates Manoukian, judge claims film crew is threatening him with weapons
Facebook Page organization exposing the unethical Judge Manoukian “Please like the page”
Cary-Andrew Crittenden terrorized, arrested and falsely accused to stop him from reporting corruption

Sheriff Department is being mis-led by the judge who claims he’s the victim, the judge is abusing his power by influencing the authorities to stop any investigation and aide for the real victims.

Read the comments at this page to find more victims

help cary andrew crittenden EXPOSE Judge Socrated Manoukian from abusing the disabled







San Jose California Corruption Scandal Exposed County Public Guardian


Judge Socrates Manouchian of the Superior Court of Santa Clara County CA








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