Remove Police, Court and Government Immunity

Immunity is abused far too often, what it really means is “Some people are above the law”. It’s been proven time and time again that Police, Judges, Lawyers and Government are above the law and no one can be above the law, no one. On the morning of Nov. 23,…

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Corrupt American Courts help criminals avoid law and punishment

Looking Beyond Jeffrey Epstein Jeffrey Epstein’s indictment on pedophilia charges casts a net into politically powerful waters. The turbulence created by his arrest is apparent, as pundits wonder if former or current Presidents are implicated in his crimes. At the same time, without any fanfare or announcement, another investigation into…

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Guilty Killer Chicago Cop Jason Van Dyke

Guilty Killer Chicago Cop Jason Van Dyke Officer Jason Van Dyke is a perfect example of the problem person that easily gets hired and then hides behind a fancy uniform and shinny tin Badge. Police Unions have striped citizens of their rights by giving police too much protection to the…

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