It’s Never Been About “All Lives Matter” if it was this Killer would be in Jail

its never been about all lives matter manteca police officer john moody never spent a single day in jail
The term “All Lives Matter” only applies when everyone is treated equally and no one is “ABOVE THE LAW”. Which is really the case when someone in law enforcement is killed then all of a sudden its a major story. It’s made important and instantly they point fingers and someone is accused, jailed and prosecuted. Yet when police officers blatantly murder, abuse or commit crimes it’s rationalized. Acceptable?

Please watch the video below of Officer John Moody lying in wait, then executing unarmed Ernest Duenez Jr. in front of his wife and home. How he handcuffs a mortally wounded man and fails to render aid. Then makes claims about a weapon that never existed all while in a position of safety. There never was any danger, no fear of anyone’s life or crime. Just a trigger happy officer who unloaded his weapon and never spent one day in jail.


FULL VIDEO, note audio will begin later

Police want you to think their blood is more important than everyone else

Every Life is precious, Ernest Duenez Jr. Memorial video

Why People Don’t Trust Police

Why People Don't Trust Police

Why People Don’t Trust Police
When you view the video and story concerning what happened to Marcus Jeter of Bloomfield New Jersey you understand how out of control police are. The fact the courts defended the dishonest officers and their perjured stories exposes how bad things really are. Imagine going to prison for decades for a crime you did not commit. Getting a record and becoming a convicted felon. However because police and our courts are in bed with each other and so closely tied they won’t stop injustice.

Lets not forget when police commit crimes our courts bend over backwards to give a totally dishonest cop a way out. Police don’t get records or become convicted felons, they retire. A dishonest way to keep their benefits, a way to get re-hired by other departments and a way to escape prosecution and punishment. No accountability, no transparency, no personal responsibility and no punishment. The same goes for judges and members of the court who commit crimes, when exposed or reported police rarely treat them the same as the public.

New Jersey Police Officers
Officer Orlando Trinidad
Officer Sean Courter
Officer Albert Sutterlin

Following Marcus Jeter’s arrest, Jeter alleges township police engaged in a “cover up” by creating false reports about the incident and withholding a second police dashboard video, the lawsuit states.

After prosecutors reviewed that dashboard video, resisting arrest and other charges against Jeter were dropped, and Courter and Trinidad were indicted on charges of official misconduct, conspiracy, tampering with records, and false swearing. Trinidad also is facing an aggravated assault charge.

Courter and Trinidad have been suspended without pay

Officer Orlando Trinidad, Officer Sean Courter were arraigned Friday in Superior Court in Newark on charges of conspiracy, official misconduct, tampering with public records and false swearing, Essex County prosecutors say. Trinidad also faces an aggravated assault charge.

Both officers were indicted. They each pleaded not guilty and were released on their own recognizance after their court appearance Friday.

Prosecutors say the charges stem from the June 2012 arrest of 30-year-old Marcus Jeter, of Bloomfield, on charges of eluding, resisting arrest and assaulting an officer by punching him in the face.

Prosecutors dismissed charges against Jeter in April after an investigation, first reported by WABC-TV, turned up a dashboard video from one of two police cruisers that responded to the incident.

“The charges are linked to the fact that a second video came to light during the course of this investigation,” said Katherine Carter, a spokeswoman for the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office.

She declined to elaborate. Bloomfield police officials could not be reached for comment. Notice the officers are not in jail. Their also pleading NOT GUILTY. This scam is not over yet, the courts and police department will do all they can to all these criminals to avoid getting a record or being punished fully.

2 Bloomfield cops indicted after dashboard video shows them hitting suspect
Lawsuit moved to federal court over alleged misconduct by Bloomfield cops

Why is there no Accountability, Prosecution and Punishment of Police, Judges or government employees? Because the scam is NOT TO PUNISH them, to get the public to think they get punished. Yet bad judges keep their huge million dollar pensions and benefits which tax payers are forced to pay. Same goes for Police who keep their benefits and pensions, even if they’re guilty of crimes or murder.

Think this is an isolated case?
See Officer Ronald Reinhart Jr.
Do Cops Lie
Pasadena CA homicide detective bragged about framing suspects, lying to get conviction
How many suspects did SF cops frame?
Police Investigation Supervisor Admits Faking Fingerprints
Bombshell Interview: Cop Reveals That “Planting Evidence And Lying” Are Just “Part Of The Game”
One of the worst days of Douglas Dendinger’s life
Philadelphia cops will face charges after surveillance video shows they lied about brutal attack
Officer’s alleged lies may jeopardize DWI cases
Police Videotaped Planting Crack Cocaine in a Man’s Store so they Could Arrest Him
Cops found nothing in raid, so they PLANTED DRUGS to frame innocent woman
Former NYPD Detective Testifies that Police Regularly Plant Drugs on Innocent People to Meet Arrest Quota

Innocent Santa Clara County Man is framed by Police to cover up dishonest judge

Remember this obvious bad officer below who resigned, instead of being fired. He’s is free to hide and when the heat dies down he gets hired again and keep his benefits. When non-Police folk do something wrong or commits crimes while on the job they’re fired and lose everything plus get a criminal record. In this case the tax payer pays Police a salary and when they commit crimes or do wrong.

We must stop rewarding bad behavior with “Paid Administration Leave”, allowing officers to resign and get rehired. This is like churches moving pedophiles around instead removing them from society. Demand felony prosecution because felons can’t be Peace officers. All criminal police officers must get criminal records, be finger printed and DNA indexed for any and all violations of the law. No free tickets out of jail. No one is ABOVE THE LAW

Close the police and judge prosecution loop hole

Do Cops Lie

Do Cops Lie
Do Cops Lie. the public needs to accept the fact they do. Power corrupts people who are weak or greedy. A uniform, robe or badge often mean you’re believed over the word of others. When someone wearing a robe, uniform or badge lies it destroys the integrity of everyone who wears a robe, uniform or badge.

A judge, police and an entire county is helping to silence a man for speaking the truth. A man may go to prison for a crime he did not commit. A judge started a series of lies to cover up his own crimes and corruption within Santa Clara County California. This is all possible because no one along the chain of events want to look at the facts or go against a judge. Police in fact are lying to help stop the man who did the right thing.

Meet Cary-Andrew Crittenden, his story is documented HERE
The same thing that happened to the innocent men below is taking place today in Santa Clara County California. Why because people don’t want to accept cops lie.

What people need to understand, see and make viral is how this happens all the time and good people go to jail, their lived destroyed by people who lie.

Now consider a similar story all based on Police who lie and do the wrong thing.

Two Innocent Men Framed by LA Cops who Lied and Threatened Witnesses, Can Now Seek Justice
2 wrongfully convicted men can sue L.A. County, appeals court rules
Why do police lie? Insight from a Florida judge
Why Police Lie Under Oath
Ask an Anonymous Cop: How Often Do Officers Lie Under Oath?

Two Innocent Men Framed by LA Cops who Lied

Los Angeles, CA — After collectively serving 47 years in prison for crimes that they did not commit, two wrongfully convicted men are allowed to advance lawsuits against the Los Angeles detectives and deputy who withheld exonerating evidence at their trials and pressured witnesses into falsely testifying against them.

A three-judge appellate panel denied immunity to police investigators on Wednesday after determining that they had been required to turn over exculpatory evidence in separate murder trials. Although attorneys for the police have argued that the lawsuits should be dismissed because the law was unclear in 1984 and 1991, officers have been required to disclose exonerating evidence since the 1963 Supreme Court decision, Brady v. Maryland.

Convicted of killing Jay French in 1984, Frank O’Connell spent 27 years in prison for a murder that he did not commit. Detectives focused on O’Connell after learning that he had been romantically involved with French’s ex-wife, who was in the middle of a vicious custody battle with French. In 2009, O’Connell’s conviction was overturned after a judge found that detectives J.D. Smith and Gilbert Parra had failed to turn over exculpatory evidence.


Jeffrey F. Rosen
District Attorney
70 W. Hedding Street, West Wing
San Jose CA 95110
Phone: (408) 299-3099
Fax: (408) 286-5437

Also contacting the local New paper Mercury News HERE

People like James Leonard should be disbarred or fired regardless

Santa Clara County California Government Conspiracy Exposed Police Falsified Reports to frame Whistle blower Cary Andrew Crittenden

Disbanding Police to Bust Unions and Take Back Control of Justice

disbanding police to bust unions and take back control of justice

Disbanding Police to Bust Unions and Take Back Control of Justice

The Board of Supervisors doesn’t plan to renew its police department contract at the end of this year because the department’s lone officer has decided to join the Teamsters union, board chairman said.

One Officer voted to join the Teamsters Local a few months ago, voiding the renewal of the township contract. The current contract, in effect since 2004, states it will automatically renew every year, unless the board gives a 30 day notice of its intention not to renew, he added.

Days later, the Council voted 3-2 to ignore the police union contract and immediately dissolve the police department. Minutes later, two police officers were told to get their personal belongings out of the police station. A constable stood by as a locksmith changed the building’s locks. One councilor resigned in protest.

Newport Borough police officers are also represented by Teamsters

What is happening here is happening in other places
It’s a domino effect.  

Police departments are trying to disband their Teamster-represented forces. Local 776 has viable information that West York Borough is looking to dissolve its police department. Middletown is looking to disband, having outsourced their 911 center. They’ve furloughed police officers and public works employees already.

5 Pennsylvania towns disbanding police forces to bust union
To Fight Crime, a Poor City Will Trade In Its Police
Vote to join Teamsters throws off Hamiltonban contract renewal
Entire police dept. disbanded after councilwoman and her son were arrested
Mosby Police Department disbanded, mayor at odds with predecessor
West York council discusses disbanding police


Darren Wilson’s first job was on a troubled police force disbanded by authorities
The small city of Jennings, Mo., had a police department so troubled, and with so much tension between white officers and black residents, that the city council finally decided to disband it. Everyone in the Jennings police department was fired. New officers were brought in to create a credible department from scratch.

That was three years ago. One of the officers who worked in that department, and lost his job along with everyone else, was a young man named Darren Wilson.

Fullerton CA may consider disbanding Police Department
A year after a mentally ill homeless man was beaten by police officers and later died, Fullerton leaders are expected to launch a study that could set the wheels in motion to disband the city’s 104-year-old Police Department.

City council disbands Waldo Police Department
The Waldo City Council voted 4-1 on Tuesday to disband the police department and have all law enforcement functions in Waldo be taken over by the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office.

Can the Federal government disband the Police Union?
I can’t help but think with the complete disrespect shown by the police union to the Mayor of New York and in some ways the President, is it possible for the federal government to disband the police union? As they have shown complete disregard of hierarchical authority and have remonstrated against any checks and balances, it is with that in mind that I asked the question, can the police union be disbanded?

Growing Movement To Disband Police Departments
In growing voter anger over rising taxes and high union costs, numerous small towns are voting to disband their city police departments and contract with the sheriffs department instead.

Police assoc. says city planning to disband police dept.

We must disband the police: Body cameras aren’t enough — only radical change will stop cops who kill
The courts, the media, and the political system are designed to back killer cops. Only radical change will work

UC police department under fire
Despite harsh words from Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters, who on Wednesday declared that University of Cincinnati police officers aren’t real cops, the department has no intention of disbanding.

So said UC President Santa Ono, who promised a thorough review of department policies, procedures and training in the wake of the July 19 shooting death of 43-year-old Samuel DuBose.

DuBose’s death during a traffic stop resulted in the first-ever murder indictment of a Cincinnati officer in the line of duty when Deters leveled the felony charge against Ray Tensing, a 25-year-old who joined the 78-member department in April 2014.

The police union chief instructed his members to impose a martial law-type policing regime on the city
On Internet message boards, police union activists instructed the rank and file to refuse to respond to incidents unless two units were dispatched to the scene, and to double up even if given orders to the contrary. Under this “wartime” footing, the police would simply seize the power to deploy and assign themselves, as they liked – and to hell with the chain of command and civilian authorities.

Mandatory Termination for Excessive Force

mandatory termination for excessive force
Mandatory Termination for Excessive Force
Excessive force, police brutality and crimes by police are out of control.
It’s time the American people took control of out of control police and treated them like any other business or criminal. No more special treatment, immunity or lack of punishment by a legal system which washes the hands of the guilty.

It’s normal when you commit a crime, abuse a person or break the law you’re fired, jailed, prosecuted and punished. We seem to ignore that for law enforcement and government allowing them to be above the law. They’ve proven time and time again they have no respect for the law or the tax payer.

What is excessive force
Excessive force by a law enforcement officer(s) is a violation of a person’s constitutional rights. The term excessive force is not precisely defined; however, the use of force greater than that which a reasonable and prudent law enforcement officer would use under the circumstances is generally considered to be excessive. In most cases, the minimum amount force required to achieve a safe and effective outcome during law enforcement procedures is recommended.

What is Assault
Under the U.S. common law system, the crime of assault is committed when a person intentionally puts another in fear of receiving serious bodily injury or offensive contact. When the victim is actually injured or contacted in an offensive manner, the offender is guilty of battery. Today, while some states continue to separate the two crimes of assault and battery, many have combined both under one single assault statute.

Video Shows Man Being Attacked by Cops After Asking them to Stop Beating Up a Young Woman

San Francisco, CA — On the weekend June 27, in San Francisco, thousands of people took to the streets to take part in the 200 parade contingents, 300 exhibitors, and more than 20 stages and venues at the San Francisco LGBT Pride Celebration and Parade. San Francisco’s celebration is the largest LGBT gathering in the nation.

During the event, just after the “Dyke March,” police and protesters clashed outside the old Lexington Club in the Mission District.

24-year-old Tony Nguyen happened to be walking out of a pizza joint when he saw this “clash.” Nguyen witnessed multiple officers on top of a young woman who was screaming in pain as officers attempted to restrain her.

“I said, ‘Hey, you’re using excessive force. It’s really unnecessary,’” Nguyen said.

Immediately after pointing out the excessive force to the cops, Nguyen was then met with his own serving of SFPD excessive force. The incident, which was captured on video, shows an aggressive officer grab Nguyen out of the blue and attempt to slam him into the patrol vehicle. He’s then jumped by multiple other officers who slam him to the ground.

He had done nothing illegal.

“He tried to slam me down on to the police car. I seen a bunch of the cops joining up, trying to take me down to the ground. The whole time, I’m telling them, I’m not resisting arrest. Like, I’m willing to comply like anything you want me to do you know,” explained Nguyen to ABC 7 News.

After being assaulted, kidnapped and locked in a cage for asking police to take it easy on a young woman, Nguyen asked the police why he was arrested.

“Why am I being arrested? What am I being charged with? And he told me yeah, I have no rights,” Nguyen said.

The video clearly shows that Nguyen was no threat to the officers, yet he was arrested and charged with resisting arrest and assault on a police officer.

“I didn’t lay a finger on him,” Nguyen said.

Nguyen’s Attorney, Kate Chatfield agrees and says that the video speaks for itself. “He came out and saw a woman being hurt,” Chatfield said, “and he acted best he could in a non-violent way as best he could to address this.”

After reviewing the case and realizing that there was no possible way to convict Nguyen of a crime, the prosecutors dropped the charges against him. However, and rightfully so, Nguyen is pursuing his complaint of excessive force against the San Francisco police department.

There was no investigation into the officers who attacked Nguyen, and they are currently out “protecting and serving” the citizens of San Francisco in full capacity.


Ray Tensing murders Samuel Dubose is allowed out in public without question

cincinnati ohio killer cop ray tensing shoots sam dubose in the head on purpose

Cincinnati Ohio Killer Cop Ray Tensing Shoots Samuel Dubose 43 in the head execution style and lies about it.

Ohio Cop Indicted for Murder, Body Cam Just Released Shows Him Kill Unarmed Man

Cincinnati Police Officer Ray Tensing was indicted for the murder of Samuel Dubose.

The incident occurred after Tensing pulled over Dubose for a missing license plate. According to the police account, Dubose refused to provide officer Tensing with his driver’s license, producing a bottle of alcohol instead and refusing to exit the vehicle.

Tensing originally gave two different accounts of why he shot Dubose in the head that fateful day. In the official report, Tensing claimed that he was being dragged by Dubose’s vehicle as he drove off. However, in the call to dispatch, Tensing made no mention of being dragged and instead said that he was “almost run over” by Dubose.

After announcing the charges against Tensing, Hamilton County prosecutor, Joseph Deters called the shooting “senseless.”

“I feel sorry for his [Dubose’s] family. I feel sorry for the community, it should never have happened,” Deters said.

Deters explained to the media that Tensing’s account of the shooting was based in lies, explaining that the officer’s body camera showed what really happened.

“It is our belief that he was not dragged. If you slow down this tape you see what happens, it is a very slow period of time from when the car starts rolling to when a gun is out and he’s shot in the head,” Deters said.

“He [Dubose] was simply, slowly rolling away,” Deters added.

During the press conference, Deters said that Tensing has been officially charged with murder and voluntary manslaughter. He faces life in prison if convicted.

Deters said that a warrant had been issued for Tensing’s arrest and then said, “Hopefully they’ll get him soon.”

Prior to the indictment, the city refused to release the body cam footage, which set off a string of protests.

Cincinnati police chief Jeffrey Blackwell, who had viewed the footage prior to its release said, “The video is not good. I think the city manager has said that also publicly. I’ll leave it there.”

He was correct. Sam Dubose was murdered because he didn’t want to be extorted for a missing front license plate.

After reviewing the video, it is clear that Dubose posed no threat to Tensing. Tensing should have let Dubose drive off and called it in. Instead, Tensing fired on Dubose, striking the 43-year-old man in the head and killing him.

Had Tensing not been wearing a body camera at the time of this shooting, it is highly likely that he would still be on the force and this shooting would have been ruled justified.

Police Think They’re Above the Law

Police Think They're Above the Law

Police Think They’re Above the Law, this is fact not a concept. Most people who encounter police end up finding this out the hard way.

Police Think They’re Above the Law, and for Good Reason: Here’s One Way to Change It

Police have a lot of power. What they don’t have is a lot of accountability. That needs to change.

Just yesterday, police in San Fransisco arrested a public defender for doing her job while representing a client. Here’s a link to the video.

Jami Tillotson, a veteran public defender, was representing her client at court. The law is crystal clear, and has been for a long time, that once a person has a lawyer, the police cannot go around that lawyer to talk to the person. Yet outside court, the police went up to Tillotson’s client. Tillotson told them to back off. The cops arrested her.

This is just the latest in a long string of police abuses, from the killings of Michael Brown and Eric Gardner, a 12-year-old kid in Cleveland, and countless less high profile abuses. If you want to spend an afternoon angry at the state of the world, search “Police Brutality” on YouTube.

Cops even have the temerity to ask the people who made a smartphone app to disable one of its functions because it shows motorists where cops are. The police would rather be donut-eating ninjas operating in stealth rather than let technology help people know where a speed trap is.

Much of this is completely foreseeable. Take a group made up of predominantly young men, give them military equipment to go after civilians, train them to use SWAT team tactics, and give them a massive amount of power. It’s dangerous to rely on The Onion as a source of news, but the fake paper got it right with “Insecure, Frustrated Bully With Something to Prove Considering a Career in Law Enforcement.”

When you look at the arrest of Tillotson, and the other abuses the country has seen lately, it’s hard to avoid the conclusion that cops think they’re above the law.

What’s worse, when you look at what happens to cops who abuse their authority, it’s hard to say that’s not right. Read the full story HERE

Watch the video below, sound will start later. Note one officer encounters another officer who thinks he’s better than everyone else.

Police think they can kill, beat and abuse anyone and not be held responsible

Abuse of Power is what killed Sandra Bland

Abuse of Power is what killed Sandra Bland

Abuse of Power is what killed Sandra Bland
Texas State Trooper Brain Encinia abused his power as a police officer which resulted with the death of Sandra Bland. There was absolutely no reason for Bland to be forced out of her vehicle. Jailed and treated the way she was. This was not a felony stop, no major crime had been committed and experts have already stated the officer was out of control and not following policy.

Trooper Brian Encinia claims Bland was combative and demanded she stop recording the arrest, but laws state that it is legal to record police if it doesn’t interfere with their duties.

1. Brian Encinia’s Is A Fairly New State Trooper
Encinia has no to very little experience and background as a peace officer.
2. Preliminary Investigation Revealed Encinia Violated Protocols and Policy  
Texas Department of Public Safety officials informed reporters this week that Encinia violated traffic stop and courtesy protocols.  Legal experts claim his alleged abrasive behavior to be a factor. Bland’s rights were violated during the arrest. Citizens are allowed to remain silent after handing over their license and proof of insurance.
3. Key Details About His Encounter With Sandra Bland Were Left Out of his Report.
4. Encinia’s Digital Presence Has Vanished

4. Trooper Brian Encinia’s Digital Presence Has Vanished
Typical of someone guilty and trying to hide
5. Lawmakers Side With Sandra Bland Over her Arrest
Texas Government states Trooper Brian Encinia did not display proper conduct. “Regardless of the situation, the state trooper has an obligation to exhibit professionalism and be courteous,” said Director Steve McCraw. “That did not happen in this situation.”
When asked by reporters if Sandra Bland caused her own death, West said “no.” He also added that she didn’t deserve to be arrested in the first place.
6. Trooper Brian Encinia Is On Administrative Leave
Trooper Brian Encinia is on administrative duty until the investigation is complete. The FBI is working with the Texas Rangers on the case after it was labeled Bland’s death was a suicide. Her family has hired an independent medical examiner an autopsy is scheduled to be released in the next few days.

Police Brutality Activist Mysteriously Dies In Jail After Being Pulled Over for Improper Lane Change
Dashcam Video Released in Sandra Bland Traffic Stop Shows Aggressive Abuse by Texas Cop
Sheriff in Sandra Bland Case Previously Fired for “Humiliating and Mistreating” Black People
CONFIRMED: Dashcam Video of Sandra Bland’s Violent Arrest was Indeed Edited
6 Things We Know About Brian Encinia, The Texas Trooper Who Arrested Sandra Bland

Why Is No One Talking About The REAL Reason Sandra Bland Was Arrested?
Angry protesters stand outside home of trooper who arrested Sandra Bland

The Death of Sandra Bland: What We Know So Far

Uncut Raw Video of Sandra Bland Traffic Stop

They Hire the Wrong People, give them Guns, Badges and the right to Commit Crime without Fear of Punishment

Officer Doug Rose monster, criminal, liar and bad cop

Officer Doug Rose is a typical example of how Police departments hire the wrong people, give them guns, badges and authority. The next crime is that Police departments allow this sort of scum to escape prosecution by the use of a loop hole. They never charge them or prosecute them for breaking the law. Thus no record, no punishment and they keep all their benefits. Free to go work at another agency and continue to commit felonies, violate innocent people and even murder.

From a video from the body camera of the back-up officer in the incident. The body camera was worn by Officer David Selvidge, who was cleared by Chandler Police of any wrongdoing. Portions of the camera footage can be seen in the video player above.

A woman handcuffed naked by a Chandler police officer who entered her home illegally is planning to file a lawsuit against the city.

“I felt helpless. I felt violated. And honestly, I felt molested,” said Esmeralda Rossi.

Chandler Police launched an internal investigation after the incident. One of the officers involved retired in the middle of that investigation.

Police arrived at Rossi’s home after receiving a call about an argument between her and her estranged husband.

“I was in the shower,” Rossi said. “My daughter came to the shower and said there are two officers at the door. So I just grabbed a towel.”

When she answered the door, there were two Chandler Police officers. One of those officers was Officer Doug Rose.

Rossi said Rose became very aggressive and she told him to wait at the door so she could go get a cell phone.

Cops Illegally Break into Innocent Woman’s Home While She’s Naked, Assault and Arrest Her
Chandler officer ‘illegally’ enters woman’s home, arrests her while she is naked

Santa Clara County California Government Conspiracy Exposed Police Falsified Reports to frame Whistle blower Cary Andrew Crittenden

Santa Clara County California Government Conspiracy Exposed Police Falsified Reports to frame Whistle blower Cary Andrew Crittenden

Santa Clara County California Government Conspiracy Exposed Police Falsified Reports to frame Whistle blower Cary Andrew Crittenden

Crime exposed by Cary-Andrew Crittenden
The victimization of mentally disabled Heidi Yauman October 2012

The death of Markham Plaza tenant cover up Robert Moss

Heidi was fraudulently evicted from Markham Plaza Apartments in October 2012 (Case: 1-12-CV226958) The address for Markham Plaza is 2000/2010 Monterrey Road in San Jose, CA.

The attorney representing Markham Plaza is Ryan Mayberry  Bar 232622 Markham Plaza is a HUD Subsidized apartment complex operated by EAH Housing.

The Public Guardian worked with Markham Plaza Property Management to facilitate the fraudulent eviction.

Heidi Yauman was evicted. Not Mr. Crittenden. Police Officer Robert Ridgeway filed a fake court pleading in Judge Manoukian‘s court to defraud Heidi of her housing at Markham Plaza (1-12-CV-226958)  Then in 2014, Officer Ridgeway, his wife and Detective Carroll filed a false police report which led to the arrest of Mr. Crittenden on September 16th ( Case: C1493022 )

Involved parties Santa Clara County
Attorney Ryan Mayberry  Bar 232622
San Jose Police Officer Robert Ridgeway
Deputy Public Guardian Arlene Peterson
Judge Socrates Peter Manoukian Bar 77289
Judge David Cena Bar 83173
Judge Rodney Jay Stafford Bar 54613 (Inactive)
Prosecutor Joyce Blair Bar 75849
Deputy Public Defender Jeffrey Dunn Bar 209548
Deputy Public Defender Thomson Sharkey Bar 132950
Public Defender Molly O’Neal, real name Martha Jane O’Neal Bar 150944
Sheriff Deputy Samy Tarazi  Badge 2029
Sheriff Deputy David Carroll  Badge 2022
Security officer Robert Ridgeway
District Attorney James Leonard Bar 203869
Probation Officer Michele Martin
Chief of Probation Laura Garnette

Document and Case Numbers
Santa Clara County Case C1493022
Detective Carroll false report: 14-182-0167
Preceded Carroll report: 14-287-0293B
Detective Samy Tarazi: 15-056-0301W
Internal Affair Case Number 2015-09

Detective David Carroll was taken off the case after it had been revealed that he lied on police report and fabricated evidence, then Detective Samy Tarazi replaced him. The internal affairs case for Detective Carroll is 2015-09 and this is under internal affairs sergeant: Alfredo Alanis His email address is

Assistant DA James Leonard knew (or should have known) that evidence and reports for the case were , in fact fabricated but he still let them get submitted into court record as if they were “fact.”

There were several other officers involved. The two mentioned above are of the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s department and under the supervision of sheriff lieutenant Elbert Rivera.. (Badge# 1789)

Command officers such as Rivera are responsible for supervising all those beneath them in the chain of command and like Leonard, Rivera knew or should have known that these reports were falsified and evidence was fabricated to this case.

Exposing allegations of false statements on page 3, lines: 21 and 22 in Sheriff dept.  Report: by detective Samy Tarazi in which detective Tarazi misclassified evidence, and falsely claimed images were “harassing and annoying” and in violation of restraining order (PC 166(a)(4)

They were not “harassing and annoying”, nor did they violate terms of restraining order. (In order to violate restraining order, images would have had to be of harassing nature and published by me)

It’s  further alleged these false statements ( along with other statements such as in page 3 lines: 3-7) were used to fabricate probable cause for false arrest which occurred on March 24th, 2015.

Probation Officer Michele Martin is rubber stamping fake probation violations based on false and fabricated police report by Detective Samy Tarazi. She then uses the false police report by Detective Tarazi and recommended to the court that Mr. Crittenden be prohibited from using the internet ( So therefore, Michele Martin is trying to prevent Crittenden from exposing corruption and advocating for crime victims )

Detective Tarazi is fabricating reports just like Detective Carroll, but detective Carroll was replaced by detective Tarazi in early February because of publicity and pressure from social media.

Laura Garnette may be involved because as probation chief, she is responsible for the behavior of all probation staff. As Michele Martin’s boss, she should not allow behavior such as rubber stamped fake violations.

They are also FABRICATING FAKE PROBATION VIOLATIONS. ( Demanding Mr. Crittenden give password to Heidi Yauman’s computer which was stolen by Detective Samy Tarazi ) – Heidi is not on probation and is terrified of Sheriff’s department after being terrorized by Detective David Carroll.

The Probation Department is facilitating the stalking and harassment by District Attorney and Sheriff’s Department.

More detailed info on how it all got started HERE

Watch the show below for the entire story and more info


Also contacting the local New paper Mercury News HERE

People like James Leonard should be disbarred or fired regardless

Janet Phelan Reporter at Large talks about retaliation against Whistle blowers

Former Jailer Helped Plant Jailhouse Informants in Violation of Constitutional Law

Janet Phelan show with more info on the corruption

Santa Clara County Public Guardian Violates Fair Housing Act under HUD Jurisdiction.. The video below shows evidence of how those involved may be connected with an even bigger problem

Santa Clara County Public Guardian Violates Fair Housing Act under HUD Jurisdiction. Deputy Public Guardian: Arlene Peterson facilitated the illegal eviction of Heidi Yauman from Markham Plaza Apartments in San Jose, California. The HUD complaint (345092) was shut down by the Public Guardian

600 court cases under review in California corruption probe

Cases with similar courts and dishonest law enforcement
Prosecutorial and police misconduct are often dismissed as just a few bad apples doing a few bad apple-ish things. But what happens when it’s entrenched and systemic and goes unchecked for years?

Between San Diego and Los Angeles is Orange County, California. With more than 3 million residents, it’s larger than 21 states. If Orange County were a separate country, its economy would be the 45th largest in the world. Now known for Disneyland, the county may soon be known for having one of the most corrupt justice systems in the world. The width and depth and duration of the corruption truly boggles the mind. A case that should’ve been open and shut has blown the lid off some deep secrets.

On October 12, 2011, Orange County experienced the deadliest mass killing in its modern history. Scott Dekraai killed 8 people, including his ex-wife, in a Seal Beach beauty salon. He was arrested wearing full body armor just a few blocks away. Without a doubt, Dekraai was the perpetrator. A dozen surviving witnesses saw him. He admitted to the shooting early on. Yet, nearly four years later, the case against him has all but fallen apart.

It turns out that prosecutors and police officers committed an egregious violation of Dekraai’s rights—so much so that Superior Court Judge Thomas Goethals shocked everyone and removed the Orange County District Attorney’s Office, and all 250 prosecutors, from having anything more to do with the case.

Judge disqualifies all 250 prosecutors in Orange County, CA because of widespread corruption

Sent to us in an email:

In Santa Clara County, Cary-Andrew Crittenden was railroaded for a crime he did not commit after exposing what appeared to be several court cases deliberately mishandled by Judge Socrates Peter Manoukian. Crittenden was mis- led by deputy public defender: Jeffrey Dunn who misrepresented the meaning of the statute which Crittenden was accused of violating. Mr. Crittenden pled no contest, believing that he may have inadvertently violated an obscure law.

Crittenden was later re-arrested for publishing a news article about how he was targeted by the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s office. The district attorney retaliated against Crittenden for exposing the prosecutorial misconduct that occurred in case C1493022 and filed a restraining order against Crittenden The district attorney named himself a “victim” on restraining order on the grounds that the news article that was published caused him embarrassment.

Because the district attorney is named “victim”, the Santa Clara County Public defender’s office has prepared motion to disqualify the District Attorney on the grounds that being named as ” victim” creates a conflict of interest issue. The motion recommends the court allow the case to be heard by the California State Attorney General’s office.

The motion is scheduled to be heard in Santa Clara County Hall of Justice on July 31st, 2015 in department 52 before the honorable Judge Michele McKay-McCoy.

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