Courts Robbing and Abusing Seniors

Courts Robbing and Abusing Seniors

Courts Robbing and Abusing Seniors
Having been a police officer I trusted in the legal system. I was so wrong, the problem is our legal system is nothing more than a false image. An image of trust, integrity and justice which really does not exist. The fact is I had to become a victim to see through all the lies and hype. The first surprise are the costs involved in seeking justice. Why is it something they claim we all have a right to is one of the most expensive businesses in America today? What you end up finding out is our legal system is not about justice it’s about money.

I watched lawyers blatantly lie to legally steal. Yes get that straight, it’s no different than someone breaking into your home or holding a gun to your head getting you to give up your possessions. Yet when it’s done before a judge in a court of law none of that matters. What’s worse is these totally dishonest lawyers and judges do this to the weakest, defenseless people on earth our seniors. It’s a game where they hide behind “We’re protecting them” yet they’ll dump their on the street the moment the money runs out. If this was about protecting or serving then money would have nothing to do with it. It’s a scam, a lie and the biggest business in America today. Judges hide behind marshals, court room walls and immunity of a black robe. They have no morals, shame or empathy and they rarely wish to see their victims. While not all judges and lawyers commit these heinous crimes and abuses the number of them who do is staggering.

Where it get’s really obvious that the system is broken is when you try and report those involved. How it’s all ignored, delayed and then even protected. Victims are often extorted by the court when they go public. Life savings are given away like candy, control of someone’s life is granted to the worse people. Those people usually are the ones who bring the victims into the court system where the vultures take their turns sucking them dry. Senior homes billing thousands each month, lawyers forced upon the victims by the court who are not directly paid by the victim. Probate investigators who know the point is they only get paid if it all continues so why expose it to stop it?

When I thought I had it bad I found social media and was astonished that I was not alone. In fact this is going on in every court in America today, every city, state and county. It’s too easy and almost impossible to expose. Even big names are sucked in like Mickey Rooney and Britney Spears. Because it’s about control, controlling the money of others and stealing it from them.

Imagine one day you wake up and are carted away to a medical facility where someone has reported you as mentally ill. You’re really not, you’ve just been over medicated. Yet you’re sluggish, weak and unable to respond. The next thing you know the facts have been manipulated and perjured and you’re locked in a home where the drugging continues. A judge never sees you and everyone who get’s involved will be generously rewarded. All they need to do is hide behind the lie “We’re protecting them” and act as if their doing so. The fact is your the only one whose not being protected. The person who becomes your guardian or conservator takes control of your life. Makes all the decisions and reports to the court. Now with the court behind you they have added immunity and powers. The option to demand forced medications, a locked facility and how your life savings will be spent.

Once an independent person trying to enjoy your golden years your life is suddenly a prison and hell. Loved ones are “legally” kept away so they can’t be supportive or help. Your mail is forwarded so you have no idea what legal proceedings are actually taking place against you. You fall deeper into depression and you’re becoming institutionalized by a system that’s main motive is to bill you till the money is gone. All the rules of conservatorship or guardianship are rarely followed and your constitutional rights now mean nothing. The judge does not care and you become just another case number. Evidence gathers dust and reports of violations have no weight. The only way to help is money because our courts are all about money not justice. When that money runs out your hopes of ever helping that person disappear. It still goes on today after a decade of lies and dishonest lawyers who help hide it. My story in detail here

Think this is just me then check out just one of hundreds of sites at National Association to Stop Guardian Abuse victims

Check out these videos where even the media is shut out to hide the abuse. The games they play are all based on doing this only to people with assets and hiding behind the false image of “we’re protecting them”

Santa Clara County public guardian under fire for isolating elderly ABC 7 NEWS
The spokes person Lee Pullen for Santa Clara County who appears in the video below is using the “false image” that they’re just protecting. But what you don’t see it how they’re really isolating, over medicating and liquidating the victim. They’ve destroyed this woman’s life keeping her loved one from her. She no longer has any rights even if they claim she does because the judge does not enforce the law or rules. It’s a business, a scam and employs the lowest form of human trash who prey on the weak, disabled, defenseless and innocent.

AAAPG’s documentary: BROKEN-The Fallout from Guardianship Abuse

Investigating the Public Guardian

Mickey Rooney’s emotional testimony on elder abuse

Robbed & Silenced: Elder Guardianship Abuse in Florida

Dorothy Wilson, Guardianship Abuse Victim, Thanksgiving

Mysteriously no longer a judge, Candace Joan Beason the monster who allowed legal stealing and perjury in her court fades away when exposed. These are the judges who get triple digit salaries and abuse their powers to help some lawyers get away with murder and crime. Glendale California Lawyer Christopher Overgaard perjured his petition and abused law to make thousands of dollars. Philip Barbaro Jr. who charged $100 more per hour was hired and billed to Gertrude Gettinger’s estate to hide the crimes of Christopher Overgaard and his client Sylvia Schmidt
Canace j beason los angeles superior court judge probate California The ignore perjury and crime scam

Corruption is Legal in America Let’s make it Illegal

Corruption is Legal in America Let's make it Illegal

Corruption is Legal in America Let’s make it Illegal
Researchers at Princeton University preformed a study to ask “Does the government represent the people?”

They went through 20 years of data from nearly 2000 public opinion surveys and compared it to the policies that ended up becoming law. They concluded:

“The preferences of the average American appear to have only a miniscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy.”

“90% of Americans have essentially no impact at all.”

Take an idea that has very little public support (say 5%) and there’s a 30% likelihood of it becoming federal law.

Take an idea that has massive public support (say 80%) and there’s a 30% likelihood of it becoming federal law.

The Government isn’t doing what the public want.

Getting to the Root Cause of the Problem

Money has a powerful influence and public opinion doesn’t seem to carry much weight.

The rules are very different for the economic elite who can afford lobbyists and pay-offs because it’s legal to buy political influence in America.

In the last five years the 200 most politically active companies spent 5.8 billion dollars influencing the government.
It’s Legal to Buy Political Influence in America. Let’s Make it Illegal

This video explains the situation extremely well:

Make it Illegal to Buy Political Influence in America with the Anti-Corruption Act

Lobbyists write the laws and politicians are “bought” all the time.

The problem is that the “brought” politicians and business elite are not breaking any laws. The Anti-Corruption Act is attempting to change that by making it illegal to influence politics through the use of money.

It’s possible to go around congress using the Ballot Initiative process. No politicians required as it lets the citizens pass their own laws and it all begins at the local level.

Watch this video for a superb explanation:

The act was written by top constitutional scholars conservative and liberal alike to stand up to the toughest scrutiny. Here’s the direct link to the .pdf file:
The official American Anti-Corruption Act website:

Please add your name to join the fight here:

Conservatorship Abuse Fugitive from Injustice Danny tate

judge randy kennedy courts are used to steal and abuse Conservatorship Fugitive from Injustice Danny tate

Conservatorship Abuse Fugitive from Injustice Danny Tate
We all start out with the goal of going to court in search of justice and being heard by an objective, honest judge with integrity. The fact is far too many people find out the hard way that many judges are in fact nothing close to honest and totally lack any integrity. Judges often are nothing more than bad lawyers who couldn’t hack it in the legal field and found their way to the bench.

The problem is monsters like this are given immunity and power to which allows them to be “above the law”. When victims encounter them the legal authorities above do little to nothing to protect us or remove them from the bench. They are in fact also part of a bigger problem the broken justice system in America which is not about justice rather cold hard cash and greed.

Think this is not true then take a look at just one website with the victims. Danny Tate is one of thousands of victims each year who are abused, robbed, terrorized and sometimes murdered by people who hide behind the “Guise of protecting us from ourselves”. Get this one fact straight “they do it for money nothing else” because when the money runs out these lawyers, judges, government and folk disappear faster than they appeared. These are the lowest form of humans on earth, vultures, leeches and whores who wear expensive suits, drive high end cars and live in upper end neighborhoods. They’re frauds who hide behind an image and the law.

More on Tennessee Judge Randy Kennedy

Probate courts aren’t generally viewed as a common locale for the fight of a lifetime, but in Fugitive from Injustice, Nashville musician Danny Tate shares a detailed account that exposes the calculated, systemic abuse that too often resides in these often quiet and seemingly unobtrusive legal venues.

In October 2007, David Tate went before Davidson County Probate Judge Randy Kennedy claiming his brother Danny’s drug addiction had reached a life-threatening point.  Danny Tate’s history of dependence also included an 18-year run of sobriety.  Signing a power of attorney so his brother could pay bills while Tate was in rehab was a step intended to help return the musician to that more productive life course.  Never did he dream that this power, along with his financial resources, would be used to institute a conservatorship effectively removing his civil and property rights.

The public is generally disinterested or dismissive of probate abuse – at least until it happens to them. Disinterest manifests with a common position that “these things can’t happen” while the dismissive stance usually includes “you must have done something to deserve it.” Besides being patently wrong on both counts, these mindsets are also dangerously naïve.

Disgruntled family members, wannabe heirs and/or unscrupulous attorneys abundantly populate our society. These parties in concert with assorted members of the legal industry (judges and other court-related personnel) can functionally weaponize the court system to the total detriment of an unsuspecting target.

Financial professionals from CPAs to banks sometimes play a role. Conservatorship abuse cases from across the country surface routinely reveal Adult Protective Services (APS) employees, professional guardians, social workers as well as medical personnel responsible for evaluations (physical and psychological) and even proprietors of facilities that house incapacitated or disabled individuals involving themselves in questionably motivated cases. Call it asset looting, property poaching or estate hijacking – any of these parties can (and too often do) derive direct or indirect benefit from abusive probate actions. READ THE ENTIRE STORY

Nashville songwriter Danny Tate won back control of his life and finances in 2011 — or what was left of them.

Now Tate is petitioning a Tennessee appeals court for the return of hundreds of thousands of dollars in attorney fees that were paid out of his bank account during the drawn-out court battle over whether Tate was legally competent to control his own finances.

Stripped of his legal rights by a court that ruled that his use of crack cocaine had left him incapable of managing the $600,000 in his account, Tate battled the ruling for almost three years.

In May 2010, he was found competent and the conservatorship of his estate was lifted. But by then, there wasn’t much of an estate left. The money he once had in the bank was all but gone, his credit rating was in tatters and the 2010 Nashville flood had swamped his home.

“If every musician who’s ever struggled with drugs needed a conservatorship, you’d have to lock up 70 percent of Music Row,” Tate said.

“Once they clean you out, you have no ability to seek legal recourse.”

A quirk in Tennessee conservatorship laws meant attorneys on both sides of the case drew on Tate’s estate to pay their legal fees. Attorney Michael Hoskins, who represents Tate, said he is asking the appellate court for at least $176,000 in reimbursement for legal fees, although that figure could rise.

Tate estimates his estate could be billed another $250,000 to $300,000 in outstanding legal fees. The appeals court ruling could come any time in the next six to 18 months, Hoskins said.
Full story here


Danny Tate’s autobiography of his life under conservatorship is available through Amazon. An autobiography focusing on the years the author has been subjected to conservatorship abuse. The reader will be shocked that this is happening in America today. Without a crime, Danny Tate was forced to live on the lam as a fugitive. This is Cane and Abel meets One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest meets Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, but with a guy, and a lot of Shawshank Redemption unredeemed.

(the following written by)
by Brantley Hargrove:

Danny Tate wasn’t in court in early December to plead for the return of his constitutional rights. He couldn’t be — not unless he wanted to be handcuffed and thrown into a lockdown psychiatric ward at Vanderbilt University Medical Center a third time, or shipped to some out-of-state in-patient rehab.

That’s what he thought his estranged brother, David, seemed to have in mind. If that happened, Tate, a divorcee, could lose all custody of his two young daughters.

So instead of appearing in court as his fate was hashed out by opposing attorneys — both of whom, in a bizarre legal quirk, were clocking hours on his dime — Tate was at the Adventure Science Center with his little girl.

It had been a little more than two years since Tate’s brother had petitioned the court for a conservatorship over him. This legal arrangement — in which the court declares someone incapacitated and a ward of the court after being presented with “clear and convincing evidence” — is akin to civil death. The ward loses control of his finances, his property, even his ability to enter into legally binding contracts.

The conservatorship allowed David to seize control of every aspect of his brother’s life, from the royalty money he earns from album cuts, to the equipment at the studio where he composes talk show jingles, down to his cell phone, his car and his email account. Legally, Tate became a ghost.

Source:  Nashville Scene, January 21, 2010

The problem is police “REFUSE” to do anything and when they’re aware a court is involved its certain nothing will be done. Police are in fact in bed with the courts not matter how you look at it and this problematic relationship is the crux of the problem in America today when it comes to the justice system. Police and the courts know this thus they get away with crime and murder, they’re in fact “Above the law”. This is why police can outright murder people on video and get away with it. Why judges and lawyers are allowed to manipulate the system to avoid prosecution for those with money or position.


Support Danny Tate on FACEBOOK

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Danny Tate’s Court Hearing 6/11/10 on News Channel 4

The Danny Tate Story

Legal Abuse Syndrome

American Bar Association Journal summarized a new study finding that workplace bullying “is rampant at law firms, but many law firm leaders are reluctant to punish the offenders.”

Our courts are not about justice, if they were then having a lawyer would not cost $250+. Yet American’s are brain washed to think going to court is all about justice prevailing. The fact is money prevails and often the real criminals get away with crime and abuse because they’re better liars.

Going to court can affect your health and well being. If you don’t know about “Legal Abuse Syndrome” then educate yourself and use it to your advantage.

Written by “Legal Abuse Syndrome” Dr. Karin Huffer, MFT

It is odd to be a marriage and family therapist sitting in court with clients sorting out ways to assist them as they suffer from disabling stressors. Any observer can see stress eating away at the judges, the lawyers, the litigants, and those who come and go. No one is spared.

Over the years, observing in court and the adversarial process, I unearthed fresh roots leading directly to the causes of legal abuses and often attrition of my clients’ cases. Regularly, buried deep in the rings of the case, were slander, misinformation, and deception treated as facts. Once asserted on the official record, these pretexts became points and issues to be litigated before the original conflict could be heard. They were carefully honed to unfairly defeat my client in the justice system. Many of those were roots underlying invisible disabilities struggling to function in the esoteric realm of a courtroom. Many suffered from psychiatric injuries from war abroad or warring at home. The war did not give away to justice in the courtroom. Those who abuse power simply have a new battleground and gun their victims down with paper bullets and words designed to exclude, dehumanize, and annihilate their final hope and last dollar. Instead of justice, these persons with disabilities were impoverished and left with the scars of traumatic stress layered upon their already existing problems.

It is time to pause and look at the disabling conditions caused or made worse by abuses of power. As an advocate, I have the privilege of using the ADA to prevent:

  1. The courtroom being misused as a weapon or tool of theft.
  2. Slander, use of lies, and misinformation to create extreme stress.
  3. Stress injuries – purposeful creation of stress for strategic advantage making litigation a public health problem.
  4. Forced losses of assets, children, and the products of life’s work.
  5. Victims losing by attrition instead of a fair adjudication of evidence.
  6. Lawyers fearing the stigma of using the ADA for themselves or their clients.

I determined that SOMETIMES A PERSON NEEDS HELP FROM A SKILLED, SENSITIVE, COURAGEOUS individual to be by their side.  That realization set the trajectory of my life’s work.  I founded EAA, Equal Access Advocates, and, with the beautiful job of Senator Harkin and many legislators and activists, decided it was time to make the ADAAA a reality for persons with invisible disabilities who must face our judicial system.  The prestigious John Jay College of Criminal Justice took the bold step of certifying ADA advocates by using my syllabus for training.  The course is underway with the first certified advocates to graduate mid-September, 2016.

By now, I have a thorough picture of the support needed to offset the health and life’s consequences of extreme stressors from litigation.  An advocate, using a consistent standard of care carrying out the letter and intent of the ADAAA, attends court by the litigants side, in person or electronically.

Support may include some of the following, but basically, the idea is that the client, lawyer or litigant, not feel alone and excluded.  First, the advocate is trained in on-the-spot counseling/ coaching skills that can be administered in the halls of the courthouse.  I apply coaching when my client’s self-esteem has been attacked.  The usual bullet is the “c” word, “crazy,” but there are others.  Second, I help the attorney and the client stretch the budget to bring the case to closure (many attorney fees are wasted sorting out emotional and personal issues that are best served by the advocate or a therapist).  Third, I act as liaison with medical and legal professionals.  If something needs to be relayed to the disabled litigant, it is often easier and quicker to go through me.  I speak in court only to address ADA issues or cue the judge that an accommodation is to be triggered.  Advocates do not get involved in the legal case or are they activists while on a case.  And finally, I assess and design accommodations for each client.  This can be tricky with invisible disabilities, but compared to many physical disabilities, these accommodations are the cheapest and easiest for the courts.  The accommodations require mostly kindness, patience, and consideration, not architectural changes.  The entire matter is confidential.  Clients need not fear stigma from using the ADAAA.

If my client is accused of lying about the disability or are intruded upon violating their confidentiality, I do not hesitate to file a grievance or complaint to the Department of Justice.

The work is rewarding because we see justice evolve replacing a bullying perversion of the promise of due process of law. It is done by the powerful mandate of the ADAAA.

Clients complain of the unfairness and corruption of our courts.  However, when we have Certified ADA Advocates on hand and the client has equal access to the proceedings couched in the private protections of the ADA, somehow, the courts seem much fairer and much less corrupt.

Join with EAA—training our way to justice for those with invisible disabilities.

“Legal Abuse Syndrome” Dr. Karin Huffer, MFT

More links
Dr. Karin Huffer’s Sage Advice On Legal Abuse Syndrome; PTSD
Dr. Karin Huffer, Associate Professor in Counseling and Forensic Psychology at King’s International University
“Warning: Protracted Litigation Can be Hazardous to Your Health”
Revisiting Dr. Karin Huffer’s “Legal Abuse Syndrome”

Huffer invokes the term “Institutionalized Abuse of Power” to characterize a legal system that may inflict a heavy price on those at the wrong end of the power spectrum. Powerfully adverse business interests buoyed by teams of attorneys can fuel lengthy, stressful, and expensive legal proceedings that sap one’s physical and emotional health, family relationships, career and employment status, and financial well being.

The road to recovery includes healing from the trauma of that experience, in addition to dealing with whatever events prompted legal process in the first place. Huffer also offers advice for those who have experienced legal abuse syndrome, her “Eight Steps to Recovery”:

  • “Debriefing”
  • “Grieving”
  • “Obsession”
  • “Blaming”
  • “Deshaming”
  • “Reframing”
  • “Empowerment”
  • “Recovery”

Uncomfortable read for lawyers and judges
A lot of lawyers and judges aren’t going to feel comfortable reading Legal Abuse Syndrome. It does not pull punches, and to some the book will come across as being overly polemical. Furthermore, those who treat clients and parties to lawsuits with respect and dignity may feel unfairly maligned by the harsh characterizations in the book.

But I would urge those folks not to take offense. Too many lawyers and judges are profoundly unaware of the emotional consequences of their actions and the system in which they work, especially the often aggressive world of litigation. Empathy for those ensnarled in legal matters can run low.

It’s also sadly the case that too many lawyers and judges don’t care that much about these emotional consequences, blithely justifying their actions on assumptions of how legal actors and systems are supposed to operate. The worst among our profession may even get a perverse satisfaction out of inflicting emotional injuries upon others.

Bullying in the legal profession
The culture of legal institutions comes into play as well. Just today, for example, the American Bar Association Journal summarized a new study finding that workplace bullying “is rampant at law firms, but many law firm leaders are reluctant to punish the offenders.” This piece by Deborah Cassens Weiss further reported that “Ninety-three percent of surveyed leaders at the nation’s top 100 law firms reported bullying at their firms” and that among “all of the surveyed firms…, the most common problem, cited by 89 percent, was bullying and lack of respect.”

Let’s consider the implications of this study. A significant share of the nation’s most prominent law firms harbor cultures of bullying and disrespect. These law firms are most likely to represent the wealthiest, most powerful business interests, and sometimes governmental interests as well. (Concededly, most also do pro bono work on behalf of impoverished individuals and underserved causes, but not in ways that directly conflict with the legal and business interests of paying clients.)

Bullying behaviors run downhill. If a culture of bullying and disrespect governs how attorneys treat one another within their own law firms, then how will their clients and opposing litigants fare when dealing with lawyers who have been schooled to think that interpersonal abuse is the norm for their profession?

Buy the book at THIS PAGE

How Many Presidents do What They Promise?

How Many Presidents do What They Promise?

Lets face it, it’s never what they say they’ll do but what they actually do. Why is it that lying “perjury” is allowed by the top person in government? We see this time and time again that laws are only for the public and often abused and ignored by government. Even our courts are a joke which are based on money not justice. It’s all about getting you to believe their lies and if you discover this fact they’re not held accountable.

Many people did not vote because they did not approve of either candidate. Why does it always have to be about money? We need it to be about honesty, integrity and a person who has the highest morals that are not affected by greed or cash.

President Donald J. Trump preached his populist and nationalist gospel in his first speech as the nation’s 45th chief of state, pledging an “America first” creed.

“The forgotten men and women of this country will be forgotten no longer,” the businessman and former reality television star said in front of the U.S. Capitol on Friday.

As raindrops fell on the crowd gathered on the National Mall, Trump said he planned to “transfer power from Washington, D.C.” to the people, taking swipes at longtime politicians, some of whom stood just over his shoulder. He told Americans that “you will never be ignored again,” repeating his campaign pledges to push companies to return jobs to the U.S. and to rebuild American infrastructure.

“We must protect our borders from the ravages of other countries making our products, stealing our companies, and destroying our jobs,” Trump said. “Protection will lead to great prosperity and strength. I will fight for you with every breath in my body and I will never ever let you down.”

How Many Presidents do What They Promise?
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Donald Trump’s full inauguration speech transcript, annotated

“Today’s ceremony, however, has very special meaning because today, we are not merely transferring power from one administration to another or from one party to another, but we are transferring power from Washington, D.C. and giving it back to you, the people.”

Trump promised to do these 10 things on his first day as president

A look at 10 of the key promises Trump made for his first day as president:
1. Introduce a constitutional amendment for congressional term limits.
2. Freeze hiring for the federal government to reduce payrolls, although the military, public safety and public health agencies would be exempt.
3. Ban White House and congressional officials from becoming lobbyists for five years after they leave the government.
4. Announce plans to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement with Canada and Mexico or withdraw from the deal.
5. Formally withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
6. Lift restrictions on mining coal and drilling for oil and natural gas.
7. Remove any Obama-era roadblocks to energy projects such as the Keystone XL pipeline.
8. Cancel U.S. payments to U.N. climate change programs and redirect the money to U.S. water and environmental infrastructure.
9. Stop all federal funding to “sanctuary cities,” places where local officials don’t arrest or detain immigrants living in the country illegally for federal authorities.
10. Suspend immigration from regions associated with terrorism where vetting is difficult.

How Many Presidents do What They Promise?

How Juries are Manipulated to Help Police get away with Murder

How Juries are Manipulated to Help Police get away with Murder

How Juries are Manipulated to Help Police get away with Murder? In fact this goes deeper how judges can make up their own laws and rules to make them immune if found to have accepted bribes.

Imagine you tax paid public servant is bribed with your tax dollars to rule against you in court?

What’s worse is what the California Legal Bar does to ANYONE WHO EXPOSES THEM, the disbar them. Sound familiar as this is what Law Enforcement does to anyone who exposes them. Good luck finding the so called “Good Cop” who has his life salary on the line.

If you’re amazed how a cop can shoot someone in the back, plant evidence and have it all caught on video only to be found “NOT GUILTY” then you’re not alone.

What the public needs to understand is how easy it is for a judge to manipulate a jury. Remember the judge decides what is admitted as evidence, even how a case can be. What the jury should look at and what they should ignore are all things judges influence.

Recently there was a case where a Los Angeles County Sheriff over-reacted and put a gun to an unarmed man’s head. It was all caught on video and audio with the exception of what took place after the man was removed from his vehicle.

Basically what happened to Ken Sheppard

How the officers made up their own story what took place, manipulated the scene and evidence as well as stopping the recording process to cover their actions. This is actually very common.

The victim  later filed a lawsuit against the county of Los Angeles and who do you think won? What more people need to be aware of is the fact it’s been proven that almost all Los Angeles county judges accept bribes from the county so they’ll rule in the counties favor. It’s so obvious and done with your tax dollars yet no one stops it.

The state even went to far as to make up a law which protects dishonest judges if they’re found to have committed crimes.

Now keep this in mind when watching the video done after the trial by Jasmyne Cannick. You’ll note the trial was manipulated by the judge so the jury had no choice.

This video is what initially happened to Ken Sheppard PART ONE

What initially happened to Ken Sheppard PART TWO

Now listen to what happened during the trial and how the county won and twisted the facts

This is the COMPLETE Ken Sheppard video

As far as the county of Los Angeles bribing judges and whose behind it read on or GOOGLE “Attorney Richard Fine”

Lawmakers seem indifferent to the system of corruption that has become a way of life in the state’s judicial system.

In January 2016 Dr. Richard Fine, Ph.D.; JD, was interviewed to learn about his efforts to expose the system of judicial bribery in California. In that article, I explained how Dr. Fine was caught up in a brutal battle of retaliation created against him by California judges, because he publicized unlawful payments given to those judges.

The payments were given by county governments to superior court judges who were employees of the State of California and receiving a full salary for their work. He was unlawfully jailed for 18 months under coercive confinement and had his law license revoked for speaking out against this corruption. Please read the previous article for the full details:

American Judicial System for Sale: Bribes and Corruption now the Norm

Unlawful Payments to Judges are Called Bribes
The unlawful system of “supplemental compensation” paid to California superior court judges began in the 1980s. Even though these payments have been declared illegal by the courts, county governments continue to make these payments to judges today.

In California, judges are paid a salary by the state government to provide impartial services. However, in approximately 30 of the 58 counties, the judges receive supplemental benefits in the form of annual payments from county government.

We are not talking about small amounts of money. In Los Angeles County, for example, annual payments to judges are in excess of $57,000 per year. [1] 90% of judges in California receive these supplemental payments. [2]

The official position taken by Los Angeles County is that these payments are part of an incentive program to attract highly qualified judges and to retain them in their positions. [3] The problem is that judges are elected and are not attracted or retained by these payments. Instead, the payments function as bribes for favorable court decisions benefiting the county governments that pay the money.


LA County Bribing Judges Declared Illegal: But Who Will Uphold Justice in LA?

Counties Continued to Increase the Supplemental Payments to Judges

When the terms of all judges expired in January of 2013, the counties did not discontinue the payments and they did not keep them at 2008 levels. Instead, they continued to increase the payments.

The payments are once again illegal, because the counties overstepped their authority by increasing payments given to judges after 2009. Only the California legislature has the exclusive authority to adjust payments to its judges. When the legislature passed the 2009 law, they in effect set a new compensation level for judges that was to remain in effect until January 2013 and was not to be modified by the counties.

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Court clerk at center of massive bribery scheme forged records for drunk drivers and others, prosecutors say

Don’t think judges are the root of all the injustices taking place today? Think again about what goes on behind courtroom walls and why they don’t want you to know

More evidence and what’s being done
The California Judicial System is in a Crisis

What is SBX211 which was written behind the backs of everyone to help judges get away with crime “Yes to be ABOVE THE LAW”.
This bill would provide that no governmental entity, or officer or employee of a governmental entity, shall incur any liability or be subject to prosecution or disciplinary action because of benefits provided to a judge under the official action of a governmental entity prior to the effective date of this bill on the ground that those benefits were not authorized under law. Given to Judges for taking bribes. (SBX211)

SBX211 Retro Active Immunity given to California judges for openly taking bribes. Judges are employees of the State they receive their pay and benefits from the State. The Los Angeles Superior court judges are currently receiving an additional $57.688,00 from the county of Los Angeles. there is no bigger user of the court than L.A. County.(A party to the case and has a financial interest in most cases in the courts) Those payments were found to be unconstitutional / illegal in Sturgeon vs Los Angeles County. After that decision the judges paid a lobbyist to pass SBX211 ( RETRO ACTIVE IMMUNITY )

SBX211 does not restore due process
SBX211 violates Article 1 section 9
SBX211 violates the 14th amendment (no equal protections)
SBX211 violate checks and balances between legislative and Judicial powers.
Judges do not disclose the county payments at the onset of any trial where the county is either a party to the case or has a financial interest. (Judges violate Judicial codes of ethics)
Judges refuse to recuse themselves when requested under CCP170
Judges find themselves unbiased and then file an order striking statement.

Not only do judges get paid a state salary of $178,789.00 a year with medical and retirement benefits up to 75% of their salary, with the county payments the Los Angeles Superior court judges are the highest paid judges in the Nation. Los Angeles County takes tax payer money and then gives the judges that money to only have the judges rule against the tax payer in favor of L.A. County or the County’s interest. THE BRIBES WORK.

Petition that was circulated to stop SBX211

Why was an attorney locked in jail for over a year without any charges, was this extortion and what happened to that judge?

Richard Fine interview how Los Angeles County Judges are bribed to rule against the public

What happened to the judge who tried to stop Richard Fine? Plus ever notice not one judge or anyone involved in these crimes is every investigated or prosecuted? Well who would do that? The police who are protected by the judges or the judges who are protected by the police?

Just like law enforcement they never prosecute or investigate them because that would expose everything. So what they do is claim “We investigated ourselves however we can’t reveal what actions we took”. What happens is there is no investigation and instead that judge is allowed to retire with full benefits to go on working somewhere else. Judge David Yaffee Retires

Remember X LAPD officer Christopher Dorner, well you can imagine how angry he was when he did the right thing and took his case to court and lost. How can you lose? Dorner as many others find out the hard way the judges are bribed to rule in favor of the county. What did he do to get justice? Before you judge think about having your life destroyed, your made into a monster via lies and a corrupt system. You’re fired, yet you did the right thing and told the truth.

Dorner’s Demise Links to ‘Corrupt’ Judge David Yaffe

Judge David P. Yaffe Conceals Corruption and Jails Honest Lawyer

Why is Santa Clara County Hiding the deaths of Robert Moss and Charles Copeland

how far is santa clara county california judge socrates manoukia and da james leonard willing to go to cover up murder

Why is Santa Clara County Hiding the deaths of Robert Moss and Charles Copeland?
Good question and which opens up a huge can of worms for a California county which has had it’s share of scandals and corruption.
We’ve come into information from numerous sources which points to judges, police and government using their authority to hide crime, corruption and even murder.

Everyone knows about Santa Clara County Judge Aaron Persky and brock Turner
How judges are NEVER prosecuted or punished, everything they do is rationalized and justified by a very corrupt and broken system run by friends

The Judge Socrates Peter Manoukian and Prosecutor James Leonard story (How death is no big deal)
Santa Clara County Court case Numbers:


Please view the videos below:

Santa Clara County Judge Socrates Manoukian Influences Authorities to Harass those who Report Evidence of Abuse
This was posted to a News Story at Salem News
Dad’s final request November 14, 2016 10:47 am (Pacific time)

In Memory of a VETERAN who has FALLEN DEFENDING HIS RIGHTS, IN THE COUNTRY HE SERVED. My father CHARLES S. COPELAND was a Navy Vet, retired from NASA. I witnessed the public guardian Shawn Parr laughing and stating “it’s like stealing candy from a baby!” outside the courthouse when they conserved my Dad, after falsely stating he was not a vet!!! They transferred 10 million in assets to Hai P Tran, the VP of Fidelity, the Trustee for Santa Clara. Mortgage Companies were used to immediately remove all equity, and my father died fighting to recover his estate which was distributed through Tran to associates of the County’s family trusts. My father was left dead in Tran’s house for 3 weeks, and the DA refused to investigate! He failed to appear, after asking for expert opinion of evidence presented by Tran’s attorney, Ann Nguyen of Robinson and Wood. I filed complaints against Judge Grilli who granted final assets to Tran’s relative (which were not conserved) with the Commission on Judicial Performance, and the President Erica Yew recused herself because she was a Partner of Robinson and Wood, and sits on the bench with Grilli, approving final distributions of conserved assets. Robinson and Wood also represents the mortgage companies used to remove all equity from estates. Attorney John Foley was assigned special notice as conservatee’s attorney, and Michael S. Miller was used to transfer all assets to Tran, with the Public Guardian’s approval. Coincidentally, M.S. Miller lost his license to elder fraud, (assoc of Grilli’s former partner?? through Miller & Grilli???)! This proves lack of judicial oversight and possible RICO actions. Grand jury reports revealed over 70 million in unaccounted public guardian assets!!! They also investigated the coroner’s office which had 3 coroner’s quit due to corruption the year my dad was found dead in Tran’s relative’s house where they left him for 3 weeks while they finished stealing everything he ever worked for. They are organized crime! Tran has hundreds of similar transactions throughout every county in CA through Fidelity etal! William Foley is the Chairman of Fidelity (rel of John Foley?), Michael Miller has a PAC, LLC. I believe its a corrupt political funding machine!!! Manoukian was the last judge to preside in the case prior to my father’s suspicious death!!! Tran was arrested in Santa Clara and taken back to O.C. for hiring a hitman around the same time! see news report! They are organized, experienced, and believe they are above the law, because they have infiltrated and abused it for their own financial gain!!! They are all taking a piece of the pie. They have their corrupt people in place! 2 doors were kicked in and I got a call from a man names John Zimmerman (Pres. of Robinson and Woods!) after filing my complaint! My Dad’s final request for expert opinion of his case evidence will be fulfilled!!!

Public defender conspired in manslaughter cover up
In 2012, district attorney homicide  prosecutor James Leonard swept the Robert Moss manslaughter case under the carpet,. then in 2014, he framed Cary Andrew Crittenden for exposing it.

Fraudulent motion to disqualify district attorney (case c1493022) filed by deputy public defender Amanda Parks ( docket no. c1493022 ) concealed nature of James Leonard’s involvement & portray Leonard as “victim”, when he’s actually the perpetrator.
Amanda Parks criminal violations include perjury, conspiracy and accessory to manslaughter )

Help get attention to these crimes by Requesting an outside investigation, email:
Note: As of date of this publication, Amanda parks is now employed with Santa Clara County’s Alternate defender’s office.

Government Reform

The California state legislature recently passed three new bills intended to increase oversight and restrictions on campaign finance, a major avenue for California corruption. Those bills aim to reduce corruption by:

  • Creating an ethics ombudsman.
  • Revising the Senate’s code of conduct to protect whistleblowers.
  • Banning receipt of campaign funds during the final month of the legislative session.

Other proposals include:

  • Banning lawmakers from receiving recreational-type gifts.
  • Making legislative documents more accessible to open records requests (transparency).
  • Prohibiting lobbyists from holding fundraisers at their homes.
  • Empowering the California Fair Political Practices Commission(FPPC) to regulate politicians’ practices before as well as after elections to decrease campaign violations.
  • Establishing an independent commission to provide oversight of the Senate.
  • Instituting a ban on receiving campaign contributions during the final 100 days of the legislative session.
  • Modernizing the outdated Cal-Access political finance and lobbying database so that it is less cumbersome.

Public Reform: Whistleblower Protections and Greater Transparency

Two overarching informational problems need to be addressed in response to California’s corruption: 1) Individuals frequently fail to report corruption and 2) government data is relatively inaccessible.

Recent reforms in whistleblower protection laws have created more protection for individuals reporting corruption. Already protected from job loss and employer retaliation, whistleblowers are now shielded whether reporting internally or externally. Furthermore, no one acting on behalf of their employers can retaliate against whistleblowers.

Corruption in California can occur at every level of government. Public officials have squandered taxpayer dollars through embezzlement, police officers have abused their positions to obstruct justice, and too often, information imbalances permit these types of abuses to continue unnoticed and unchecked for years. Compared to other states, California’s state ethics enforcement and judicial accountability is limited. These statewide inadequacies leave citizens financially and legally vulnerable with regard to public corruption.

To detect and deter public corruption the state and its localities can ensure protections for potential whistleblowers and improve access to government information. Citizens can advocate for both of these changes. Being confident that one will not experience retaliation for reporting crimes by public officials would reduce the fear that incentivizes many to withhold crucial information. Releasing more government information does not detect corruption, but it provides the necessary first steps for external watchdogs and auditors to do so. Systems that leave themselves vulnerable to corruption leave themselves vulnerable to ineffectiveness and distrust among citizens. California’s communities simply cannot afford that vulnerability.

More stories exposing the problem
An In-Depth Look at Public Corruption in California
Santa Clara County District Attorney Misconduct
End California’s Judicial Corruption Now; Stop 2015-16 Illegal Budget Payments to Judges!
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First-Ever State Audit Aims to Hold Judges Accountable
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“SHAME ON YOU” Judge Manoukian
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Santa Clara County Judges, Lawyers and Court Clerks Feed Their Fat Lying Faces as They Mock the Poor and Endanger Children
FBI to assist Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office investigation into nearly 100 jail complaints
6th District Justice Conrad Rushing Issues Sham Order for Divorce Lawyer Garrett Dailey: Indigent Pro Per Denied Right To Appeal
Nightmare in Santa Clara County Court System
Santa Clara County lacks rules to rein in fees of court-appointed conservators
Tracking the most corrupt institution in state government

More victims of Santa Clara County California

The problem is statewide

Santa Clara County created it’s own (in house) Public Integrity Unit which itself is a joke because any investigation done in-house is open to more corruption and tampering

The Public Integrity Unit supervises the investigation of cases involving corruption of public officials and employees in their official capacities or in the performance of their duties and initiates criminal charges when appropriate, generally by grand jury indictment. Crimes include theft, embezzlement or misappropriation of public funds; and removal, alteration, destruction or falsification of public records. The unit also enforces the provisions of the Political Reform Act, relating to campaign filings and practices, and the Elections Code. The unit reviews issues relating to the open public meeting law (Brown Act).

For More Information Please Contact:
Public Integrity Unit
70 W. Hedding St., West Wing
San Jose, CA 95110
Phone: (408) 792-2595

Bundy A True Story

Bundy A True Story

Bundy A True Story

You expected a different outcome from “Justified”?

Will we ever know the truth as to what happened? Fact is government such as police, FBI or judges are rarely to never held responsible for their actions. Walter Scott’s murder was caught on video as Officer Michael Slager shot him in the back executing him, then placing his taser by the body. It’s events like this where the government official should face a long prison sentence however not to anyone’s surprise he’s rewarded and set free. Millions of people are victimized each year by a broken system where government uses your tax dollars to victimize and terrorize you. When they commit crimes, murder or abuse it’s business as usual but if you do the same it’s prison or death.

Why do we always want to trust an image, words likes “rights, freedom, constitution and equality”? Especially when there are an obvious two classes, those forced to obey (the public) and those who hide behind law who are “above the law”(government).

Since the shooting, which was captured on video from the FBI’s birdseye view, there have been many theories surrounding the death of La Voy Finicum.

According to the official story, Lavoy Finicum was killed by officers because they had no other choice as he was reaching for a gun in his left pocket. Officials claim they later found a loaded 9 mm semi-automatic handgun in that pocket.

It is evident from the video that Lavoy Finicum never presented the handgun. However, we can clearly see him reaching for his left side.

In a photo of the autopsy report, taken by RT’s Simone Del Rosario at the press conference on Tuesday, and the newly released video, there is a now an alternative reason, outside of going for a gun, as to why Lavoy Finicum was reaching toward his left side — he was shot there.

The newly released video shows that officers and agents opened fire on the vehicle prior to Lavoy Finicum exiting it.

Video from INSIDE Lavoy Finicum’s Truck Clearly Shows What Happened in Oregon

An FBI agent is suspected of lying about firing twice at Robert “LaVoy” Finicum and may have gotten help from four other FBI agents in covering up afterward, authorities revealed Tuesday.

The bullets didn’t hit Finicum and didn’t contribute to his death, but now all five unnamed agents, part of an elite national unit, are under criminal investigation by the U.S. Justice Department. Inspector General Michael Horowitz is leading the independent inquiry.

The remarkable disclosure came as a team of local investigators released findings that two state troopers shot Finicum three times in the back during the chaotic scene at a police roadblock Jan. 26. One bullet pierced his heart, an autopsy showed.

Watch the Video and decide

Lone Juror Says He Can’t Convict Ex-Cop in Walter Scott Killing
FBI agents under investigation for possible misconduct in LaVoy Finicum shooting

Is this the Freedom, Rights, Equality and Constitution you pay taxes for?

Stop Warrantless Spying on the Public

Stop Warrantless Spying on the Public

Stop Warrantless Spying on the Public
Did you know hundreds of thousands of your tax dollars are being spent behind your back on equipment to spy on you and your family?
What is Stingray

Harris Corporations Stingray surveillance device has been one of the most closely guarded secrets in law enforcement for more than 15 years. The company and its police clients across the United States have fought to keep information about the mobile phone-monitoring boxes from the public against which they are used. The Intercept has obtained several Harris instruction manuals spanning roughly 200 pages and meticulously detailing how to create a cellular surveillance dragnet.

Harris has fought to keep its surveillance equipment, which carries price tags in the low six figures, hidden from both privacy activists and the general public, arguing that information about the gear could help criminals. Accordingly, an older Stingray manual released under the Freedom of Information Act to news website last year was almost completely redacted. So too have law enforcement agencies at every level, across the country, evaded almost all attempts to learn how and why these extremely powerful tools are being used — though court battles have made it clear Stingrays are often deployed without any warrant. The San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department alone has snooped via Stingray, sans warrant, over 300 times.


Stingray Tracking Devices: Who’s Got Them?
Here’s How Much a Sting Ray Cell Phone Surveillance Tool Costs
Turns Out Police Stingray Spy Tools Can Indeed Record Calls
California Police Used Stingrays in Planes to Spy on Phones

The map beloTurns Out Police Stingray Spy Tools Can Indeed Record Callsw tracks what we know, based on press reports and publicly available documents, about the use of stingray tracking devices by state and local police departments. Following the map is a list of the federal agencies known to have the technology. The ACLU has identified 68 agencies in 23 states and the District of Columbia that own stingrays, but because many agencies continue to shroud their purchase and use of stingrays in secrecy, this map dramatically under represents the actual use of stingrays by law enforcement agencies nationwide.

Stingrays, also known as “cell site simulators” or “IMSI catchers,” are invasive cell phone surveillance devices that mimic cell phone towers and send out signals to trick cell phones in the area into transmitting their locations and identifying information. When used to track a suspect’s cell phone, they also gather information about the phones of countless bystanders who happen to be nearby.
Click on the image below for states who have Stingray

















THE GOVERNMENT’S USE of a controversial invasive technology for tracking phones just got a little more controversial.

The Anaheim Police Department has acknowledged in new documents that it uses surveillance devices known as Dirtboxes—plane-mounted stingrays—on aircraft flying above the Southern California city that is home to Disneyland, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

According to documents obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California, the Anaheim Police Department have owned the Dirtbox since 2009 and a ground-based stingray since 2011, and may have loaned out the equipment to other cities across Orange County in the nearly seven years it has possessed the equipment.

“This cell phone spying program—which potentially affects the privacy of everyone from Orange County’s 3 million residents to the 16 million people who visit Disneyland every year—shows the dangers of allowing law enforcement to secretly acquire surveillance technology,” Matt Cagle, technology and civil liberties policy attorney for ACLU-NC, wrote in a blog post about the new documents.

Stingrays and Dirtboxes are mobile surveillance systems that impersonate a legitimate cell phone tower in order to trick mobile phones and other mobile devices in their vicinity into connecting to them and revealing their unique ID and location. Stingrays emit a signal that is stronger than that of other cell towers in the vicinity in order to force devices to establish a connection with them. Stingrays don’t just pick up the IDs of targeted devices, however. Every phone within range will contact the system, revealing their ID.

They not only pick up trackable data from phones; Stingrays and Dirtboxes also can disrupt phone service for anyone in their vicinity whose phone connects to the devices. This means that potentially millions of people in Orange County had their phones unknowingly connected to government surveillance devices and may have experienced service disruption as a result. Last year an FBI agent admitted the disruption capability for the first time in a court case involving a Sprint customer.

“Because of the way the Mobile Equipment sometimes operates,” FBI Special Agent Michael A. Scimeca disclosed to a judge, “its use has the potential to intermittently disrupt cellular service to a small fraction of Sprint’s wireless customers within its immediate vicinity. Any potential service disruption will be brief and minimized by reasonably limiting the scope and duration of the use of the Mobile Equipment.”

People before Profit

People before Profit

When it all comes down to it, This is what is destroying America today and has for centuries.
“People before Profit, People over Profit” call it what you wish it all comes down to the same.

Our courts are about profit not justice, judges are about money not about justice. Who ever can buy LAW or has the most money gets justice even if it’s not really fair or moral.

It’s that SIMPLE. Big business is putting profit over the lives of Americans. Big business which by example the WAR INDUSTRY is making profit from killing. They hide their crimes and lies behind words like FREEDOM and fighting for YOUR FREEDOM. In reality its about the bottom dollar and getting the sheep to go to slaughter without them putting up a fight. Share, Like and repost LIKE THEI PAGE
The concept is spreading like wildfire…/entrepreneur-dale-partridge-launc…/…

About People Before Profit Alliance

The People Before Profit Alliance was formally established in October 2005 by workers from a variety of local campaigns. Its aim is to reverse neo-liberal policies which place wealth creation for the few over the welfare of communities in Ireland.

The Alliance represents a different form of politics, fitting for the 21st century. It sees ‘people power’ and the mobilization of citizens in workplaces, communities and on the streets as the key to bringing change in society. It is the ambition of the Alliance to operate on a 32-county basis and to offer a radical vision for our country.

In addition to its aim of deepening the links between community groups, the Alliance also wishes to explore the potential for electoral politics but it is not interested in electing people who will join coalition governments with the dominant right-wing parties because they have all signed up to the ‘business success is paramount’ ethic.

The alliance opposes neo-liberal policies, including: – the sell-off of Ireland’s natural resources; – the privatisation and run down of public amenities; – the destruction of the environment and our heritage through a flawed planning process; – the prioritization of corporate profit above the environment; – poor public health and labor conditions and standards; – widespread corruption; – the erosion of civil liberties; – tax cuts for the rich and corporations while bin charges and stealth taxes rise for the majority; – the erosion of neutrality through the growing presence of US troops in Shannon (we oppose the use of Irish airports and airspace by the US military); – the mistreatment of immigrants.

The People Before Profit Alliance has 3 TDs, Richard Boyd Barrett, Bríd Smith and Gino Kenny; as well as two MLAs, Gerry Carroll and Eamonn McCann. We also have a number of councilors elected in Dun Laoghaire Rathdown, Dublin City Council and South Dublin County Council.

What We Stand For

  • Free, Quality, Healthcare for All
    No to privatization or a two-tier health system. *Reverse the bed closures and cut backs in local hospitals. For a comprehensive national health service which treats people according to medical need and not money
  • A Fair Tax System
    A fair taxation system to fund public services based on ability to pay, not bin taxes and stealth taxes that hurt the less well off.
  • Housing for All
    An emergency government program to provide social and affordable housing to all that need it.
  • Decent Public Transport
    Cheaper fares, extra buses and major investment in an integrated public transport system to reduce congestion and pollution.
  • Workers Rights
    Full union rights and equal conditions for all workers and an end to outsourcing and exploitation of immigrant workers.
  • Real Local Democracy
    Proper funding for local government and genuine public participation, transparency and accountability in planning and development issues.
  • Protect our Environment
    Major investment in sustainable energy, public transport and public recycling infrastructure to deal with global warming and pollution.Real protection for our natural and coastal environment. Use Ireland’s natural resources to benefit the people. Corrib Gas and other vital natural resources to taken into public ownership and used for the benefit of the people.
  • Keep Ireland out of US led War
    End the use of Shannon by the US military for War in Iraq or elsewhere.
  • People Power
    Active support for grass-roots community and social movements to bring about real change.
  • An Alternative Economic Agenda
    Annually, before the Budget, the People Before Profit Alliance launch our Alternative Economic Agenda Document, which sets out in more detail the Alliance’s policy in relation to the economy.