New Jersey Lawyer and Social Worker stole Millions from seniors, Typical Government FRONT

new jersey criminals barbara lieberman lawyer jan van holt social worker steal from seniors


ARE LAWYERS CRIMINALS? Many of them are, they should be ashamed of themselves, instead they hide behind lies. They help steal from seniors, disabled and even children due to GREED and selfishness. Its about their family and profit over your family and money. Its about using good laws to steal by twisting the truth and manipulating the system.

62 year old CRIMINAL, BARBARA LIEBERMAN of Northfield NJ
Atlantic County lawyer, business woman stole money from elderly, bought luxurious cars and condo READ FULL STORY

57 year old CRIMINAL, JAN VAN HOLT (Social Worker and owner of nursing home) Linwood NJ

This goes on all over America, most of the time Police, APS, the judge and government turn the other way and ignore the stealing and abuse. Such as the conservatorship which still goes on today against Gertrude Gettinger of Pasadena CA who is locked in a nursing home against her will, her estate is being liquidated by her own child (Sylvia Schmidt of San Marino CA) who perjured her petition and never informed any of the family so no one would object. With the help of dishonest Glendale CA attorney Christopher Overgaard, PVP Violet Boskovich Los Angeles and Phillip Barbaro Jr. Pasadena CA the court does nothing, and Gertrude continues to be abused, robbed and isolated from family. See more

King City Police Infected by Criminals given Guns, Badges and Authority

king city california police chief bruce miller is a criminal who hides behind a police uniform

King City California Police Chief arrested
King City Police Chief Bruce Miller should never have made it to the position of Police Chief. Thus annual polygraphing of all law enforcement would have helped to stop the infection of an entire police department. The fact that American’s need to accept is that social-paths, criminals and psychopaths are experts and using dishonesty to work their way up the power ladder. Once in place they allow further crime and dishonest acts. People just don’t want to accept that someone who wears a badge and a uniform might in fact be the worst of criminals.

King City police chiefs and officers arrested over corruption

King City Police Chief and Ex-Chief arrested

King City Police Chief Bruce Miller
King City Police Officer Mario Mottu, Sr.
King City Police Officer Jaime Andrade
King City Police Former Chief Nick Baldiviez
King City Police Sergeant Bobby Carillo
King City Police Officer Mark Baker

Six King City Police Officers Arrested Tuesday Morning
Bribery and Embezzlement Charges Filed

King City current police chief, the former police chief and several officers have been arrested over corruption. Nick Baldiviez, Bruce Miller and the officers are accused of deliberately towing the vehicles of Hispanic residents to a specific company. Then, they either sold or kept the vehicles and made a profit off the poor residents who could not afford the fees to get their cars back.

king city california police chief bruce miller is a criminal














King City Police Chief Bruce Miller
Police often work together with dishonest lawyers and judges to commit crimes and use the system against the innocent.

King City’s top law enforcers became lawbreakers when they orchestrated a scheme victimizing the most vulnerable residents in King City.

“The victims were economically disadvantaged persons of Hispanic descent who were targeted by having their vehicles impounded, towed and stored by Miller’s Towing,”









King City California Police Chiefs arrested
King City Police Chief Bruce Miller
Former King City Police Chief Nick Baldiviez

criminal king city police officer mario mottu sr. desgrace, fraud, liar and criminal












King City police Officer Mario Mottu Sr.
Monday at Monterey County Superior Court in Salinas, during his arraignment on an embezzlement charge

Court forbids contact between KCPD defendants
Miller brothers exempt from ruling; all 6 arraignments postponed

King City’s longtime former police chief, Nick Baldiviez, current acting police chief, Bruce Miller, and five others were arrested in a major corruption bust

king city california police chief bruce miller is a criminal who hides behind a police uniform

Truth Exposed Big Money uses Courts and Media against Justice Crystal L. Cox a National Hero

big money buys judges and justice in American truth exposed about crytsl l

It’s ABOUT TIME the truth came out how our courts and media are controlled by BIG MONEY. How going to court with evidence, the truth, integrity and facts can be ignored by a dirty judge. How big business can buy reporters to write slanted facts and lies. JUSTICE IS NOT FOR EVERYONE IN AMERICA, everyone needs to be exposed to what’s going on in our court rooms all over America. Family court children are separated from parents so lawyers can profit from legal battles. Criminal court MILLIONS are spent on murderers and those with millions get away with crime. Probate court seniors are robbed of life savings by greedy family and lawyers who lack integrity and morals who prey on the elderly, children and the disabled. HELP EXPOSE, PLEASE SHARE



Look at the thousands of seniors robbed and isolated some even murdered for their life savings

Family courts are destroying American families by the hundreds of thousands

Truth Exposed Big Money uses Courts and Media against Justice Crystal L. Cox a National Hero

crystal l. cox investigative blogger american hero exposes criminals wins courts approval lof right to free speech

Shooting Pets to death is out of control in America, Judges approve Police and legalize the killings

police can legally kill your pet and get away with it even if they are wrong

No one seems to care when 13 year old children are shot to death by gun ho police, later a judge with make it totally legal. Its no longer about serving and protecting in America. We’ve allowed outside problems like the Patriot Act to remove our rights and arm police with tanks and military grade weapons. Children are shot in the back and killer cops go free.

Police always use the same excuse, “We feared for our lives”. What happened to the billions spent on non-lethal equipment like tasers, bean bag guns, batons and mace. The fact is hundreds of thousands of postal workers deal with the same dangerous dogs on a daily basis with only a can of mace.

This is what our courts, police, lawyers and judges don’t want you to know about our courts. It’s about KILLING IS OK IF WE DO IT and its against the law if you do it. Is America really the land of the free and equal?

The message Police are sending is, don’t get in our way or we’ll kill you and your pets. To make matters worse YOUR TAX DOLLARS will pay for our expensive lawyers and judges. Killer cops and government defending them with your tax dollars is a scam they don’t want you to know about. See the million dollar Kelly Thomas Murder where 6 police officers tell a homeless man they’re going to beat him to death and then do, all caught on video.

Merced Police Policy Of Taking Injured Animals To Shooting Range Comes Under Fire

Is a Pet Dog Really Killed by a Police Officer Every 98 Minutes?

Police Shoot Dog, Gunshots Caught On Graphic Video

Atlanta Police Shoot Family Dog on False Alarm Call

Police Notify Family of Son’s Homicide, Shoot Pet Dog

Police shoot toothless 16-year-old family dog during no-knock raid

Stop police from getting away with murder of our pets and children

American DISGRACE, FRAUD and CORRUPTION have destroyed any trust in our legal system, Lee Baca is a FRAUD

Los Angeles Country California Sheriff Lee Baca Resigns, Lies, Fraud, Corruption and Scandal

What’s happening in Los Angeles County California has been going on for decades. The people we trust, who are in charge are FRAUDS, LIARS and CRIMINALS who use law to legalize their crimes. Los Angeles Superior Court Probate Division is where I first came in contact with totally dishonest judges who were actually stealing and lying to profit from seniors. Aviva K. Bobb and Candace Beason both allowed grand theft, perjury and even murder to take place to line their pockets. Now with the exposure of top police figures its evident why nothing is ever done when criminals like Judge Bobb and Judge Beason are reported.

The fact is our government has failed the people, we’ve allowed them to take over our world and system and use it to steal and cheat the people. These con-artists are well paid in tax dollars and given immunity. What Americans need to understand is that a badge and uniform mean nothing when worn by dishonest people. Judges who swear to an oath are often nothing more than bad lawyers who bribed their way to the bench to become the worst judges. Raping seniors and children for profit and control.

Lee Baca is a disgrace and should face a long prison sentence, we can’t even trust a federal investigation due to the deep pit of corruption which starts at the top.


LA County Sheriff Lee Baca’s Legacy A Mix Of Awards & Scandals

Plagued By Scandal, Sheriff Lee Baca Resigns to Avoid Bruising Re-Election Battle

Sheriff’s Resignation: the Real Reason?

Los Angeles Country California Sheriff Lee Baca Resigns, Lies, Fraud, Corruption and Scandal

Police and Judges all over America are out of Control, People are murdered, abused and crimes committed and the criminals go free

police and judges are out of control how many innocent people must die


Santa Clara County California may be one of the MOST CORRUPT counties in America

santa clara county crime family sheriff Laurie Smith Gives special treatment to aldon smithsanta clara county crime family george shirakawa scandal sheds light on Xavier Campos

Santa Clara County California is a huge pit for corruption which is totally out of control.

IF YOU’VE BEEN VICTIMIZED BY ANYONE from Santa Clara County contact
other victims and supporters at the websites below

Public Guardians

The Public must be informed about the corruption and huge scandal going on. Tax dollars are being stolen, seniors and the mentally disabled are being robbed and abused. Public servants are using their positions to legally steal, rob and commit crimes.

Websites are going viral and out of control

What is worse is a Child Molester is being protected by the courts and police of Santa Clara County, why because your children are not as important as money and power.

Santa Clara County’s Chief Pediatrician Doctor Patrick Clyne ”committed multiple crimes involving moral turpitude, specifically sexual assaults.”

Details of abuse claims surface against former Santa Clara County pediatrician

santa clara county crime family xavier campos nora campos george shirakawa jr. scandal

santa clara county crime family sheriff Laurie Smith Gives special treatment to aldon smith santa clara county crime family socrates peter manoukian abuses seniors

santa clara county crime family orry korb took advantage of heidi yauman

santa clara county crime family doctor patrick clyne chief pediatrician is a child molester

Nation Wide Americans have had enough of Police abuse, brutality and now murdering Children

American Legal Bar killing people makes legal sense when it causes huge legal fees

Be sure to view the video below, a sign of how POLICE, JUDGES and LAWYERS are rapping the people for big dollars while doing crime
and then getting away with the crime. There are two classes in America, the tax payer and then Police, Judges and Lawyers

We shot to death a Child because we feared for our lives, We rushed in before backup arrived and forced the issues of death

Santa Rosa Police Shoot child in the back then claim their lives were in danger

While police scramble to do damage control a family has lost a child. Police are giving conflicting accounts of what took place with an odd sense of placing all the blame on the child.


What the American Public is finding out is that this is typical, Police murder someone and are put on paid leave, months of paid vacation. Lawyers get involved for both sides and cash in on the death and tragedy. It’s the tax payer and the family with loss who ultimately lose. We’re hiring the wrong people as Police officers, this is proven by their actions. Back in the day weapons were smaller six shot revolvers which required more trigger effort. Now when one shot would have taken down the suspect, Automatic weapons spray dozens of rounds. Not only is the suspect shot but innocent families and children behind the suspect are in danger.

All police can do is hold up a toy gun that looks similar to a real weapon, but if you look closely they do differ. Color, dimensions the toy has obvious differences when compared. Do police just want a reason to become gun ho and use their new fancy high powered guns which they parade around in?


Andy Lopez SHOT DEAD BY POLICE, an eighth-grade student who played trumpet in his school band, was described as a bright and popular student, liked by many in his community, including Lawrence Cook Middle School assistant principal Linsey Gannon.

Andy, an eighth-grade student who played trumpet in his school band, was described as a bright and popular student, liked by many in his community, including Lawrence Cook Middle School assistant principal Linsey Gannon.

Sonoma County sheriff’s deputies had repeatedly asked the boy, Andy Lopez, to drop the weapon, but instead he raised it in their direction, police said

After the deputies spotted the boy Tuesday, they called for backup and repeatedly ordered him to drop the gun, sheriff’s Lt. Dennis O’Leary said in a news release. His back was turned toward the deputies, and they did not realize at the time that he was a boy. Note the way it’ worded “His back was turned toward the deputies”

A neighbor in the area, Brian Zastrow, told the Santa Rosa Press Democrat he heard seven shots.

Santa Rosa Police Shoot child in the back then claim their lives were in danger

Help Stop Police from abusing their power, Demand the removal of anyone who uses force. A badge does NOT grant you the right to harm people

chicago skokie police assault woman and shatter her face for doing nothing

America are you paying attention, We’re hiring the wrong people to carry guns and have authority. Why would we allow the officer who did this to remain an employee and possibly harm children or other innocent people. As tax payers and Americans we allow the wrong people to be hired, when the commit murder or harm they’re put on paid leave and often allowed to PASS on any jail time.

Cassandra Feuerstein, 47, was arrested for DUI after officers found her pulled over at the side of the road and asleep behind the wheel.

But Feuerstein claims her civil rights were violated after she was taken to the police station.

Surveillance video portrays a calm scene as Feuerstein interacts with an officer until she says she asked to call her husband and kids.

Officer Michael Hart called her out of the cell, and less than 20 seconds later, the video shows Hart throwing the 110-pound woman back into the cell, launching her face-first into a cement bench.

The rest of the video shows two other officers assisting her as she bled on the floor.

See the revealing video HERE