Richard Fine interview with Director Joe Sorge Exposes Los Angeles Superior Court Judges are accepting bribes

family law report los angeles superior court judges accepting bribes

Richard Fine interview with Director Joe Sorge Exposes Los Angeles Superior Court Judges are accepting bribes

Los Angeles Superior Court Judges are accepting bribes

Family Law Report
Director Joe Sorge concludes his interview with LA attorney Richard Fine, who explains how he revealed bribes being taken by Los Angeles Superior Court judges and the rather chilling consequences he suffered for exposing these bribes. The abuse of power and lack of oversight are frightening. This is part 2 of a two part interview.

You can help end judicial corruption by voting No for any balloted Supreme & Appellate Court judges. We want to hear from you on the Divorce Corp You Tube channel. Are you voting in November? Are there any candidates talking about judicial corruption? Family Law?

Los Angeles Superior Court Judges are accepting bribes

family law report los angeles superior court judges accepting bribes

The Next Rambo How did a self taught Eric Frein escape 1000 so called highly trained police

there would be no trouble if not for that king shit cop
The Next Rambo How did a self taught Eric Frein escape so called highly trained police. Police Report

Eric Matthew Frein (born May 3, 1983) is an American fugitive sought by federal and state authorities for alleged crimes

Survivalist plays a deadly game of cat and mouse with police as he is spotted again – but slips away – after leaving soiled diapers and Serbian cigarettes for them

Do we give police too much power? The fact is many of them have been caught lying and even committing crimes. The fact that most of them get away with murder and abuse tells the public a little about who were dealing with.

Eric Frein sightings: How ‘wilderness ninja’ has outfoxed 1,000 cops
Donations for Eric Frein Look-a-like, James Tully, reach $10,000 for a car
Inside the search area for suspected cop killer Eric Frein
Poconos resident mistaken for Frein says he was assaulted
Cops Keep Mistaking Man for Alleged Ambush Killer Eric Frein


You have to think about John Rambo when you view the following video. A man is walking down the street doing no harm. When an officer threatens him by brandishing her weapon. Ego comes to play and excuses are made but the truth is the officer is in the wrong and getting out of hand. Back up is called and responding officers side with the problematic officer.

Did survivalist cop killer deliberately target trooper because he thought officer was having affair with his brother’s wife?

New Twist in the Eric Frein Saga…Did Law Enforcement Mislead Us?

there would be no trouble if not for that king shit cop

Vote NO for all balloted Supreme and Appellate Court Justices




Justice starts in our court rooms all over America. Bad cops get away with crime and murder because there is no justice in our courts. Please LIKE and SHARE this info with friends and family. Visit for more info

Vote NO for all balloted Supreme and Appellate Court Justices

You can make a difference November 4th by VOTING NO for all balloted Supreme and Appellate court justices.
If you want the injustices with police and government to end we need fair and honest people in our courts.

Vote NO for all balloted Supreme and Appellate Court Justices

The Richard Fine story (The short version)

What happened to Richard Fine when he did the right thing and exposed Ronald George and the Judges of Los Angeles Superior Court who are nothing more than greedy lawyers who have been given power and protection to be “Above the law”.


Are there double standards in America, you bet. Police can murder people and our government supports them

David Silva Murdred By Kern COunty Sheriff

How do you explain no less than 9 officers who beat to death an unarmed man?


Yet Bakersfield District Attorney Lisa. S. Green does nothing to enforce the evidence tampering committed by the officers who were trying to hide their crime.

Chris Silva:
My family found out some pretty tragic things that happened during the last moments of my brother’s life. Officers hide behind a code of silence in order to save their careers as well as their reputation. If one does not come forward with the truth, they are just as bad as the murderers that surround us. My best advice to anyone going through this is: DON’T BE QUIET!
To those of you who have not joined us in this fight, now is the time.
The truth is a hard thing to attain but we will get it. We will get Justice. — with Justice For David Silva

Sheriff Donny Youngblood Should be held accountable
Officers May Have Deleted Cell Phone Video Of Fatal Police Beating

Simply totally ignored facts:
Murdered by 9 Officers and 1 K9
First 7 Mins David Lay Sleeping
Officers had Time to Call Back Up
Attacked by K9, Beaten with Batons,Hog Tied, Slammed to the Ground, Smothered during Police ChaosBeaten so hard he had no pulse
Not One Officer Attempted CPR
16 Months No One Held Liable
FBI Fails to Act or Investigate

These criminals who commit these crimes go unpunished, rewarded with paid leave and some are even promoted. The fact is “JUSTICE FOR ALL” should mean something and police must be held to higher standards. There is no such thing as a justified killing in this case.

You have 9 cowards who as a gang beat a man. Then tried to cover it up, even with witness accounts and a smoking gun video tape Bakersfield District Attorney Lisa S. Green does nothing to ensure justice for the tax payer. Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood should be ashamed of himself.

They’re all accessories to murder because if even one officer was honest they’d do something to expose the killers instead of protecting them with silence.

california kern county sheriff donny youngblood claims david silva beat to death an accident

Military Grade Weapons coming to your town, Driven by non-military trained police

trojan horse warning mraps coming to your city so the cops have more firepower

“The unwieldy behemoths have little real application in domestic police work. They’re designed for use on a battlefield.”

Do we really need Military Grade weapons deployed in urban areas where children play? Next thing you know bigger tanks will replace them. In fact many cities already have tank like military grade vehicles in service.
Town Gets MRAP

All over America quietly Police departments are arming themselves with more fire power. They claim they’ll be used for good, for protection and service. Yet due to semi-automatic hand guns now in use more people are killed in the last decade than ever before. Revolvers had only 6 shots while today’s weapons make firing multiple rounds in a panic situation more dangerous. As police weapons get bigger, fire more rounds and become military grade death tolls will rise.

Do you buy it? We already have a problem with untrained, problem officers who never should have been issued a gun and now we’re giving them control of tanks?

Congratulations! Your tiny town has an MRAP and is ready for war

Do Police, Judges, Lawyers and Government LIE

police lie read teh article and expose the problem the real criminals behind the badge

Lying: The old saying used to go “There’s more than one way to skin a cat”.
The fact is lying comes in more forms than one might think. I was appalled when I found out my own sister Sylvia Schmidt and her dishonest Glendale California lawyer Christopher Overgaard perjured a petition to enslave our mother Gertrude Gettinger and steal her estate.  It was so easy and even the Judge Candace Beason who no longer is a judge in California did not care.  In fact Judge Beason was so dishonest and DIS-HONORABLE the American Bar and Judges Association should be ashamed of themselves. Its all a bunch of thieving criminals in suits and black robes. I could document, petition and pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to lawyers and the judge in charge would just ignore it.

Sylvia Schmidt’s lawyer Overgaard ran and fled when we exposed the fact they perjured everything and failed to notify family. Overgaard was replaced for a $350 an hour X President of the Bar Philip Barbaro Jr. Who for $100 an hour more than Overgaard (all billed to an 90 year old victim’s estate) would attend judges dinners and weasel his way to hide elder abuse, fraud and embezzlement of over $200,000.00.

What does lying have to do with any of this? Well the fact is they all know a crime is being committed, fraud and perjury are going on. Yet not even the legal bar or the presiding judges do anything about it. See Aviva K. Bobb one of the most dishonest Los Angeles Superior Court Judges Probate judges in decades.
She was notified about lying and in a letter acknowledge what was going on.

She’s well documented and deep rooted within the city. Her victims are many but all swept under the carpet by Los Angeles Superior Court system .There is Lee Peters a victim of her stint in probate court. Then there’s Jeanene Bonner who was murdered due to Aviva K. Bobb’s lack of ethics and actions. Bobb was allowed to an early retirement with huge pension and I’m sure other benefits as a result. Informed about the crimes of judges she presided over Bobb did nothing but pretend to care. In fact she was one of the key players in many cases where seniors lost everything due to dishonest probate cases.

See the City of Los Angeles is about hiding criminals just like the church that moves around pedophiles and child molesters. Bobb moved on to abuse more people in the private sector at ARC where most dishonest judges are moved.

People all over America are being victimized by liars within our government. Lawyers who have no worries about perjury and even elder abuse. Police who even with evidence fail to act, protect or stop crime. Judges who are the most important part of our justice system ignore lying. In fact many of them do, their just slick at how they do it and avoid being caught.

So why should we bother with Police that lie when almost everyone within our Justice system lies and pretends not to…..

Be sure to read the article
Why Police Lie Under Oath

Why an oath by police, judges or lawyers means nothing to them

police lie read teh article and expose the problem the real criminals behind the badge

CROOKED JUDGES AND POLICE are destroying America, we must expose the American Bar and Police Unions

racist judge socrates peter manoukian out of control


Corrupt California

The American Bar is informed daily about dishonest judges who abuse, steal, lie and cheat the public via
their court rooms. Yet nothing is done, reports are lost, police fail to act and these same criminals are
held above the law. Immune, protected and held above the law to commit crime.

Police are no different, the very judges we depend on to protect us and our rights often are biases and fail to act when it comes
to dishonest police. Police unions promote crime, violence and even murder doing nothing to protect the public. Police are able
to murder people instead of save lives. We’re hiring cowards and mentally unstable people, giving them guns and badges.

Demand Respect and Accountability by Police who are nothing more than Out of Control Public Servants

cops investigating cops is like criminals investigating criminals police have no respect for the public law or rights aaron

Hold police accountable. All over America people have lost respect for Police and Government. Judges and lawyers fail to obey their oath and abide to law and or constitutional rights. Twisting the facts and changing the spirit of a law in favor of greed or control is the root of the problem. Police fail to protect the tax payer instead they protect criminals who found their way into a uniform.

When good cops do nothing to protect the public from bad cops they’re just as bad. We’ve hired the wrong people and given them deadly force and authority. What’s worse is we make it impossible to hold them accountable. Oaths are a joke, lets face it not even judges abide by them. We must hold them each personally accountable and responsible for their actions.

The start is civilian review boards that have nothing to do with the agency they
rule over. They must be objective and un-biased to ensure bad cops are permanently removed from society and our streets. Just as we remove criminals who endanger the public. Hold police accountable

DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, Share this image and petition. LIKE, SHARE and pass it on. SIGN AT THIS LINK

American Police, Judge Jury and Executioner

over 5000 murdered by police since the iraq war and government changes nothing


HOW MANY MORE PEOPLE MUST DIE? How many lives had to be lost until our government demanded we go to war? Are we all created equal, is every life worth saving?



Stupid is as Stupid does Los Angeles Police Officer Gracey LAPD makes all cops look bad

los angeles police venice division officer gravey makes an ass out of himself harrasing a innocent victim

Officer Gracey lapd Venice Beach
Read the entire story

What the tax payer needs to know is what kind of clowns we hire and give guns and authority to. This egotistical clown who hides behind sunglasses (because inside he’s really a coward) does not want to be identified. He’s acting as judge, jury and punishment (by means of causing the victim to waste time going to court). America hires the wrong kind of people everyday and pays them huge sums of money to do a job. Yet many abuse their roles and power going on huge ego trips. “I’m on an emergency vehicle”. Who creates a dangerous situation blocking the bike path, then accuses a bike rider who goes around him of doing wrong.

This officer needs to be sent a message by the tax payer, fired, suspended as an example to his peers and forced to respect the public who ultimately are in charge and pay him.

Latest news story due to the video going viral LAPD backs down and cancels the fraudulently written ticket (Officer Gracey lapd is committing FRAUD and a crime while on duty). “They know the officer is wrong and not an example of good policing” READ THE STORY


View the original video and watch this clown hiding behind sun glasses

officer gracey has possession of a loaded gun