Justice Sotomayor Enough Shoot First Think Later Policing

Justice Sotomayor Enough Shoot First Think Later Policing

Finally the Truth Justice Sotomayor states: Enough Shoot First Think Later Policing.

Today, the Supreme Court of the United States dismissed a case about the 2010 shooting death of Israel Leija, Jr. who was shot during a high-speed chase in Texas. Justice Sotomayor, in a blistering dissent, railed against the thinking of the Court.

According to Sotomayor, it was a case of “shoot first, think later.”

On Monday, the court dismissed a case involving the 2010 shooting death of Israel Leija, Jr. during a high speed police chase in Texas, reports NBC News.

During the chase — at speeds up to 110 miles per hour — Leija repeatedly called police on his cellphone and warned them that he had a gun and would shoot police officers if they failed to call off the pursuit.

After police set up tire spikes to slow down the car, State Trooper Chadrin Mullenix of the Texas Department of Public Safety decided to disable the car by shooting at it, but was told by his supervisor to stand by to see if the spikes worked first.

Mullenix disregarded his instructions and fired at the speeding car from an overpass, causing the driver to lose control and the vehicle to roll over before reaching the spikes. An autopsy revealed that four of the six shots Mullenix fired at the car had hit Leija instead, killing him.

Sotomayor wrote that the Court is guilty of endorsing a mentality of “shoot first, think later” which is so present in America’s police culture.

Sotomayor: Enough ‘Shoot First, Think Later’ Policing
Sotomayor rips Supreme Court for letting cops get away with a ‘shoot first, think later’ approach to violence

GET IT STRAIGHT It’s not about being anti-police it’s about Killing Innocent People

GET IT STRAIGHT It's not about being anti-police it's about Killing Innocent People

GET IT STRAIGHT It’s not about being anti-police it’s about Killing Innocent People

Police unions, management and supporters should be ashamed of themselves. They’ve been manipulating the truth and justice for decades. They hide behind a badge of shame and propaganda that stands in the way of accountability and justice. You’re supporting an image that is only as good as the weakest link.

Ask any of the families of thousands of INNOCENT PEOPLE who were killed by police. Ask them about the so called non-objective, highly biased “Justified Investigations” which are nothing more than a way to legalize “Murder”. If anyone else did the same they’d immediately be in jail, pressured for a confession, polygraphed and have their characters assassinated.

They’d be guilty till proven innocent and at the mercy of a broken system based on how much money you have and not justice or fact.

What happens to GOOD COPS who take a stand and expose the evil that goes on behind closed doors? What happens to anyone who does not go along with a flawed system we all know is broken?

Why does the top Sheriff of America step down and retire early instead of facing prosecution and justice? Why are judges allowed to retire instead of being prosecuted for perjury, dishonesty and fraud? Get the picture, some people are in fact treated as being “ABOVE THE LAW”.

Since when is speaking the truth wrong? Since when is killing rationalized to the point that even when video evidence exposes “wrong” it’s called “Justified”?


Samuel DuBose
Erik B. Scott
David Sal Silva
Raymond Keith Martinez
Dillion Taylor
AJ Devillena
Zachary Hammond
Alex Nieto
Jorge Ramirez
Steward Peppers
Samantha Ramsey
David Viera
Ernest Duenez Jr.
Andy Lopez
Jonathan Ferrell
Mansur Ball-Bey
Alejandro Rendon
Nicholas Thomas
Kevin Cole
Ezell Ford
Jerry Nowlin
Denzel Curnell

Want more victim’s try Googling “shot in the back by police“.

Why are Police statistic’s (concerning people killed by police) not accurate? What’s the benefit of hiding or not reporting these statistics?
Killed By Police and Fatal Encounters

How can anyone watch these videos proving there was no danger to the officer yet that officer made the obvious wrong decision to commit murder

How many people were killed without video evidence and police lied?

The Killing of Dillon Taylor

Death by Officer: An American Epidemic of Police Shootings an Brutality

Police and Judges Terrorize Innocent People Who Expose their Crimes and Murder

police and judges terrorize innocent people who expose their crimes and murder

What do dishonest Police or Judges do when exposed? They attempt to discredit anyone who reports their crimes or murder. Often with more lies, violations of rights and even so far as jail. Whistle blowers have a history of being attacked, terrorized and even jailed as a result of just “doing the right thing”.

Government agencies like Department of Justice or the FBI should be protecting and serving these people to help rid our country of such villains and criminals instead they do nothing and allow them to get away with it.

Free Speech Watch:Prior Restraints makes a comeback as US Courts Seek to Squelch Dissent

Cary-Andrew Crittenden
Patty Reid
Barbara Stone

Good Cop Down The reality of being a police whistleblower

Police whistleblower complaint raises questions about department’s seizures
A whistleblower complaint filed by Lt. Joe Walker last November against his supervisor, Investigations Capt. Eric Olsen, alleges Olsen minimized or covered up the seizure instead of promptly returning the cash, a claim Olsen said is absolutely untrue. A city investigation into the complaint, conducted by independent attorney Thomas McLane, found Olsen did nothing wrong, though it did not rule on whether the search was legal.

Baltimore Police Whistleblower Michael Wood on Justice Reform: ‘This Is a Revolution’ On June 24, Michael A. Wood Jr. was working on his yard with his wife when he just had it with the cops.

Wood isn’t a criminal, and he’s not one of those right wing survivalists who equates law enforcement with tyranny: In fact, the 35-year-old is a retired Baltimore Police Department sergeant. Wood says he saw extensive wrongdoing during his 11 years on the force, and he alleges the BPD abide by a “blue wall of silence.” That is, BPD members won’t come forward to report wrongdoing or testify against one another. They’ll back each other up no matter what, says Wood.

Police “Whistleblowers” and the First Amendment
August 22, 2013, the Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals, in a unanimous en banc decision (11-0), held, in Dahlia v. Rodriguez, that officers may have First Amendment protection against employer retaliation when speaking out about alleged department misconduct and corruption.

The en banc panel overruled earlier decisions by a district court judge and a three-judge panel ruling that City of Burbank, California, detective Angelo Dahlia’s disclosure of officer misconduct was not protected by the First Amendment. The three-judge panel held that “Dahlia’s disclosure to the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department (LASD) of his fellow officers’ misconduct was not subject to First Amendment protection because he had a professional duty, as a matter of California case law, to report misconduct. The district court also held that Dahlia’s placement on administrative leave did not constitute an ‘adverse employment action

Whistleblower Cop Says the Police Academy is “Infected,” Teaching Cadets there’s a “War on Cops” The police have been at war with the general population for generations, killing innocent people, locking them in cages and taking their hard earned money every opportunity that they get. However, now that people are finally starting to resist this oppression and are finally speaking out, police are beginning to act as if they are some sort of persecuted minority, who now have even more reason to “fear for their lives” and be even more aggressive with the public.

Despite the fact that police are typically the aggressors, police departments and unions are set on painting themselves as the victims while they terrorize innocent people. The “war on cops” myth is now even being taught at police academies, according to whistleblower and Iraq war veteran who goes by the pseudonym of Clayton Jenkins.

City spends nearly $1.5 million defending police Chief Suhr in whistleblower case San Francisco spent nearly $1.5 million defending police Chief Greg Suhr in a whistleblower lawsuit that alleged Suhr had a record of skirting the law, which he has denied.

The $1,479,883 price tag included the settlement paid to former police department employee Kelly O’Haire plus the 3,030 hours spent on the case by city attorneys, according to records obtained by the San Francisco Examiner.

O’Haire and her lawyers were paid $725,000 Aug. 14 as part of the settlement. The settlement, which mandated the suit be dropped, also included language saying “neither party will disparage the other (including making unflattering remarks or portraying the other in a negative light).”

O’Haire also agreed to hand over all documents she still had related to personnel matters at the San Francisco Police Department.

Suhr, the highest paid major city police chief in the country, made a total of $326,715 in 2014.

O’Haire’s lawsuit claimed she was fired in 2011 by Suhr in retaliation for her investigation into his alleged record of misconduct. At the time O’Haire, a former police officer, was working for the police department as a lawyer looking into police misconduct cases.

Her lawsuit was filed in 2014 and included revealing snippets from a deposition by District Attorney George Gascon in which he said he told Mayor Ed Lee that O’Haire was unfairly fired, and the mayor did nothing.

“As long as we protect our own, who cares about what’s right,” Wood says of this mentality.

Santa Clara County California Government Conspiracy Exposed Police Falsified Reports to frame Whistle blower Cary Andrew Crittenden

Police Officers and their Unions should Face the Same Scrutiny as Teachers

Police Officers and their Unions should Face the Same Scrutiny as Teachers

Police Officers and their Unions should Face the Same Scrutiny as Teachers
Be sure to read this excellent story on yet another reason why Police are out of control in America. HERE

More info on Police Unions
How Police Unions and Arbitrators Keep Abusive Cops on the Street
Officers fired for misconduct often appeal the decision and get reinstated by obscure judges in secretive proceedings.

Why We Can’t Support Police Unions
A labor movement that seeks to fight oppression has no room for police unions.

Pros and Cons of Police Unions
1. Police Unions Protect Bad Cops
2. Unions Worsen Police Race Relations

The Bad Kind of Unionism
When police unions have widened their gaze beyond issues like compensation and working conditions, it’s been almost exclusively to conservative ends.

Police Unions’ Defense of ‘Bad Cops’ Draws Criticism in Brutality Debate
The Baltimore police union representing the six officers charged in Freddie Gray’s death drew criticism this week when it began collecting donations for the officers’ living and legal expenses

Our Police Union Problem
FOR decades now, conservatives have pressed the case that public sector unions do not serve the common good.

Police unions, organized labor have rarely seen eye to eye
Unionized police officers have never sat comfortably within the broader labor movement, according to historians

Recent events suggest Republicans have given them a pass for far too long
South Carolina Cops Not Entitled To Workers’ Comp If They Are Traumatized By Killing Someone
Ugly Facebook Post From The Police Union In Columbia, Missouri
Undue Influence: the power of Police and Prison Guards’ Unions

Why We Need Independent Prosecutors

Imagine a person is “Against Killing people” and because that killer happens to be a police officer the unions support them. This is exactly the message Police Unions are sending out to Americans. Imagine that Police Unions boycott a person for speaking out about Murder? Now that’s what Police Unions are all about, police officers who run these unions who can’t accept wrong and help killers and criminals get away. Just because they have a badge….

Do all Lives Really Matter it used to be Lynching Now it is a Policeman’s Bullet

Do all Lives Really Matter it used to be Lynching Now it is a Policemans Bullet

Do all Lives Really Matter it used to be Lynching Now it is a Policeman’s Bullet

“Once the classic method of lynching was the rope. Now it is the policeman’s bullet … We submit that the evidence suggests that the killing of Negroes has become police policy in the United States and that police policy is the most practical expression of government policy … Force and violence systematically and consistently employed to quell the righteous anger of Blacks is justified by calling murder an exercise ‘law and order’.” — from We Charge Genocide, 1951 Petition to the United Nations edited by William Patterson, endorsed by W.E.B. DuBois, Paul Robeson, Harry Haywood and others.”

If all lives matter than every person killed by police would independently be investigated. An objective court, prosecutor, district attorney and lawyer would ensure that justice was not always labeled “Justified”. When it’s your loved one it matters, when it’s their loved one your loved one does not. It’s that simple. There are two classes in America, those who are “forced to obey the law” and those who are “above the law”.

Being above the law means you have a title such a police, judge or other public servant. Or you have money to buy justice. If you don’t have money or a title you’ll lose everything, be labeled guilty till proven innocent and spend time in jail. Matters not if your innocent, honest, hard working or doing the right thing.

What’s worse is you could end up dead and the word of your killer will be believed over the truth, even video or audio evidence. Your killer will not be subjected to what other criminals must endure. Polygraph testing, long and harsh interviews pressing for a confession, time in a cold cement walled jail cell away from family, loss of your job, treated as guilty and huge legal bills.

Fact is there really is no “Justice for all in America” and “All lives matter” is a lie.

Post-Modern American Policing Meets a Long “Bullet Lynching” Tradition
‘Operation Ghetto Storm’: The Enduring War on Black People in the US
Obama’s Task Force on Policing: Will It Be Different This Time?
In America the ‘Terrorists’ All Too Often Are the Police
We Charge Genocide (1951)
Once the classic method of lynching was the rope. Now it is the policeman’s bullet
How the PIC Structures Our World…We Charge Genocide…

Accessory after the fact, Police, Judges, District Attorney, Prosecutor, Mayor, Unions and Governors help criminals

the real criminals help bad cops get away with crime they are accessories to the crime

Accessory after the fact, Police, Judges, District Attorney, Prosecutor, Mayor, Unions and Governors help criminals

Ever notice how some people get long prison terms for minor crimes while some killers get no prison time at all? How can two police officers who were caught on video and audio beating to death an unarmed, disabled person who was no threat to them? Fact is most of the time killer cops never spend one day in jail.

Definition of Accessory After The Fact?
Every person who, after a felony has been committed, harbors, conceals or aids a principal in such felony, with the intent that said principal may avoid or escape from arrest, trial, conviction or punishment, having knowledge that said principal has committed such felony or has been charged with such felony or convicted thereof, is an accessory after the fact to such felony.

The California Penal Code defines accessory after the fact as any person who helps a principal felon avoid, or escape the following set of four actions:

  • Arrest,
  • Trial,
  • Conviction, or
  • punishment after the felony has been committed.

For example, if your friend has committed a burglary and you sheltered him in your garage to help him avoid the police, you would be charged with being an accessory after the fact.


Kelly Thomas is a perfect example of the problem

“I’m just horrified. They got away with murdering my son,” Cathy Thomas, the victim’s mother, told reporters after the verdict was read.

The victim’s father, Ron Thomas, said that everyone now needs to be afraid.

“This is carte blanche to police officers to do whatever they want,” he told reporters.

Uniformed killers walk free after beating and tasing unarmed homeless man to death
Cops acquitted in beating death of homeless man in California
Kelly Thomas Trial Former cops found not guilty in beating case
Ex-cop acquitted of killing homeless man chased out of restaurant by angry residents

With over 900 people killed by police in 2015 as of today and 1108 Killed in 2014
how many of these officers are getting away with murder? Ask the families, view the audio and video evidence of police killing unarmed, innocent people. Officers who commonly abuse the “I feared for my life” excuse.  Police departments all over America who investigate themselves and always seem to find their killer cops “Justified”. Fact is everyone else who commits similar crimes is polygraphed, jailed, not allowed time to make up a story, not given administration leave pay, no tax payer paid legal representation and no huge tax payer pockets for settlements.

Tax payers are murdered and then tax payers are forced to pay.

No accountability, personal liability, transparency and too many benefits and rewards for committing an obvious wrong. Murder

It’s all about protecting that officer, getting him back out on the streets, delays and destroying the character of the victim to rationalize the crime or killing.

Think what happened to Kelly Thomas is only one incident? Think again and see just a small percentage of other cases where cops walked free

Ernest Duenez Jr. by Manteca CA PD
Manteca Police Officer John Moody Fatally shoots man to death – Unloads 14 rounds

David Silva Jr. Bakersfield CA
The Cowboy Cops of Kern County, California, and the Not-So-Accidental Death of David Silva

Allan ‘AJ’ DeVillena II Palm Springs CA
Palm Springs cops Mike Heron and Chad Nordman open fire and murder an innocent and unarmed U.S. Marine Veteran

Alex Nieto San Francisco CA
Killed by the SFPD on March 21, 2014

Erik Scott Las Vegas NV
might be alive today if Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officers had been required to wear body cameras in the summer of 2010, when Erik was shot to death. Officer William Moshe

Stewart Peppers Washington County TN

Samantha Ramsey  Kentucky
Was a 19-year-old preschool teacher from Kentucky who was killed on April 26 last year when a sheriff’s deputy, Tyler Brockman

Andy Lopez Sonoma County CA
No Charges in Shooting of 13-Year-Old Andy Lopez By Sonoma County Sheriff’s Deputy

Kristiana Coignard Longview TX
No Charges Against Cops That Killed 17-year-old Kristiana Coignard

Antonio Lopez Guzman San Jose CA

Man Killed By SJSU Police Was Shot Twice in The Back: Medical Examiner

Jorge Ramirez Bakersfield CA
Was shot and killed by Bakersfield Police Department he was shot a dozen of times and once in his face

Jessica Hernandez Denver CO
Shooting death by Denver cops is homicide: coroner 

Courts are used to legally steal from the elderly by the Greedy and Criminals

Courts are used to legally steal from the elderly by the Greedy and Criminals

I used to have total faith in our courts, judges and the police. However in 2006 my sister Sylvia Schmidt and her husband Gary A. Schmidt with the help of a dishonest Glendale California attorney Christopher Overgaard forced our mother Gertrude into a convervatorship via a perjured petition. Los Angeles County Probate court Case GP012634 Gertrude Gettinger Filed 12/01/2006

Our Mother was forced into a conservatorship against her will via lies and false statements to cover up over $200k in missing bank accounts embezzled by Sylvia and her husband just prior to the conservatorship. What made this all possible was Sylvia and her lawyer informed the court that they could not contact me and I living in another country and had been disowned by our mother. The court did nothing to investigate, contact me or even ensure the petition was truthful or based on fact. Attorney Christopher Overgaard even went so far as to do an internet search and hired a private investigator to search for me where as he was unable to contact me and told I was most likely living in another country. The truth is Sylvia had always had contact with me and even called me not too long ago. This was all proven to be fraud, perjury and lies in a petition I filed with the court when this came to my attention. To my surprise Judge Candace J. Beason ignored everything. PVP Violet Boskovich who the court assigned to my mother ignored and failed to inform the court of any wrong doing even when she knew something was very wrong.

Searching the internet I found this “Abusing and stealing from the elderly was actually common”. Judges like Judge Aviva K. Bobb, Judge Candace J. Beason were common. Dishonest Attorney Christopher Overgaard the coward and con-man he is was replaced with well connected $350 an hour Pasadena California Phillip Barbaro Jr. Imagine Gertrude’s estate would be billed to change from a dishonest $250 and hour lawyer to a $350 an hour lawyer to stop all discovery, investigations and subpoena’s to locate the missing $200k in bank accounts which Sylvia claims never existed.

Now why would a court not want to know what happened to two missing bank accounts which Sylvia claimed in her petition the accounts were removed by creditors seeking the money “I owed”. When records show there never was such a transaction by creditors. The truth is Sylvia and husband Gary A. Schmidt pretended to be creditors took control of the two accounts and embezzled the funds, then blamed the missing money on me. Records will show around the same time Sylvia and Gary A. Schmidt via a trust bought property in the Santa Clarita area in the amount of approximately $200k. I gave the missing account numbers to PVP Violet Boskovich and Los Angeles Police department however nothing was done. Fact is when a court is involved Police fail to get involved. When a dishonest judge like Aviva K. Bobb is involved nothing changes. What further is odd is Candace J. Beason is no longer a judge and the Commision on Judicial Performance when informed did nothing. Gertrude’s crimes go unpunished and Sylvia and Gary A. Schmidt just move over 100 miles away to San Diego County to avoid attention.

Gertrude is over medicated with drugs like Haldol and Seroquel which is easily done by lying and giving false statements to doctors. Think about it, a fake “so called caring daughter” goes to doctors and blatantly lies and manipulates the system. With the help of a husband who is a CPA, X health industry CEO and taught senior consultants how to develop and deliver presentations to an executive audience. Read it yourself

My full story can be found HERE

This is going on all over America, the common scam is a judge who rubber stamps everything the criminals and dishonest lawyers do and ignores or questions everything good family members and people who bring evidence to the courts attention.

Want to see 100% proof of other victims visit this victims page HERE

Caregivers from Oxnard accused of financial elder abuse

Do police kill their own to cover up corruption or crimes by their own

Do police kill their own to cover up corruption or crimes by their own

Do police kill their own to cover up corruption or crimes by their own?

Why is it so hard for people to accept a Police Chief may be a criminal? With thousands of documented cases of bad cops, killer cops, corruption and scandal, bad people commonly get past a poor hiring system and become bad cops who victimize us all.

“Sometimes bad things happen to good people” Is very true and accurate when describing the American legal system today. Even Police officers who do the right thing are often ignored and victimized to hide the even bigger picture.

What’s hard for Americans to accept is an image or title being dishonest or evil. The fact that if the word Police, Judge, Doctor, parent, child or government official is used in conjunction with a named suspect, they make excuses that they can’t possibly be guilty. No one wants to believe a child could want their parent dead, drugged or eliminated to get at their inheritance. But I’m here to tell you as a victim and accuser that this goes on everyday in America. Good, honest people come forward to expose a crime, however when those criminals are not what the public or system want’s to accept they don’t prosecute or investigate them.

Police are a perfect example of a position which allows criminals (without records), mentally unstable, bullies, sociopaths and psychopaths the ability to gain authority over us and possess deadly force. When such monsters are hired its almost impossible to expose them or remove them. Further we reward them with paid leave, promotions, paid protection and tax paid benefits and legal help. The tax payer is victimized by these monsters let loose upon the public and then the tax payer is forced to pay huge legal fees and settlements. It’s not changed because its a win-win for those involved in government legal actions and positions.

We need to demand protection and reward for anyone, especially police who come forward with information regarding wrongs, corruption or crime among police and our courts.

It’s not the first time a good cop was terminated for exposing corruption or crime

There is new information out of Fox Lake, where it has been six weeks since the death of Lt. Joe Gliniewicz.

WGN Investigates has learned that the village sought approval to pay more than $25,000 to a private detective agency to investigate its former chief of police.

The chief was placed on paid administrative leave after a village administrator started questioning what she called lax discipline of another officer.

That officer was accused of verbally and physically abusing a man in custody. The incident happened in December, but the village review didn’t begin until eight months later.

The chief resigned after being put on leave. Two days later Gliniewicz was asked by that administrator to help with an internal police review.

The next day, Gliniewicz died after being shot twice with his own weapon. Investigators have not ruled out suicide. The village says its investigation is ongoing.

Lt. Joe Gliniewicz Fox Lake Police Officer whose Death Is Still A Mystery, Was Involved In Internal Police Review

New details emerge in Fox Lake; possible connection to fallen officer

“He was murdered:” Exclusive interview with Lt. Gliniewicz’s wife Friday on Crime Watch Daily

These are a handful of events that got publicity, I’m sure the majority never get to the news or media. But I can tell you from personal experience if you think the public can’t get justice against bad cops, judges or the system, good cops have even less success. Think about it, exposing people you may have to rely on one day can be a hazard to your health. We’re not talking about all cops being honest, trust worthy and good people. We allowed them to create a system that protects them, even if dishonest, criminal, wrong or sociopaths. Some of the worst offenders have made their way into top management and positions. They protect those who keep quiet and send hidden messages of threats to those who might expose them.

LAPD Officer Christopher Dorner was murdered by his own, no matter what you feel this officer did wrong in his fight to expose the LAPD evidence proves he was burned to death. Perhaps a way to stop the truth from being made public.

Where’s the outrage when there is 100% audio evidence that Dorner was burned alive?

Dorner wanted to get attention to the crimes against him and corruption the only way he could. What the bad cops want you to think is “He was crazy” which is a common way the guilty handle anyone who exposes them. “If you don’t like the message, kill the messenger”. This age old concept is still used today by the corrupt, criminals and dishonest. People who have never had their lives destroyed by a system that refuses to accept the truth don’t understand how Dorner could have done what he did. Yes people it gets that bad. When you go before a known corrupt court with Judge David Yaffee . While Americans want to believe we have Justice, truth and freedom, the truth is when you try and use your rights you find out its all a lie. Dorner did the right things, went to the right people. What did Dorner get for his honesty and integrity?

Why was everything Dorner exposed ignored, why was his obvious murder ignored? Because the same people who should be investigating and prosecuting are the in fact the guilty and criminals.

Now Even Christopher Dorner’s White Partner Is Calling the LAPD Racist

What would you do if you told the truth doing the right thing and instead of being honored you were fired, ignored, attacked and punished for doing the right thing?

Still don’t think this goes on? Google it for yourself, there are hundreds of cases of good cops trying to expose bad cops

Curt Stansbury

Wilmington, NC — A former Wilmington Police Department Sergeant has come forward alleging that he was fired for trying to expose the corruption within the ranks.

Curt Stansbury wrote a letter to local media outlets earlier this week explaining the hostile workplace environment in which he worked and how trying to change it, got him fired.

Ray Lewis
Retired Philadelphia police Captain Ray Lewis,arrested yesterday after joining up with the Occupy Wall Street process, has quickly become one of the more iconic figures from the movement’s two month’s anniversary.

After we noted his arrest and put up several pictures of the event, we were contacted by everyone from The Associated Press to worried parents who thought they could find their son, who had been in the same paddy-wagon as Captain Lewis.

Shanna Lopez
This is a story about how bad it gets in a city known for having the highest crime rate in the country. It’s about a scoring system put in place to lower that crime rate and a group of rogue cops who figured out how to game the system by writing phony tickets and making false arrests. In the process, they undermined the authority of the badge, trampled people’s civil rights, and made the city a worse place to live. It’s a story about the law of unintended consequences.

It’s a story about Shanna Lopez, badge No. 8695, and how stumbling into the scheme during her rookie year ruined her career and her life.

Cariole Horne
“I don’t regret it, I’d do it again”

Buffalo , NY– While killer cops get sent on paid vacations, it’s hard to imagine what one has to do to actually be fired.  It turns out, the answer is be a good cop.

Former Buffalo Police Officer, Cariol Horne is fighting for her pension since she was fired after 19 years on the force, over an incident in 2006 when she stopped a fellow officer from choking a handcuffed suspect.

Horne had received a call that Officer Gregory Kwiatkowski was at the scene of a domestic dispute and in need of assistance.  When she arrived, she witnessed Kwiatkowski violently punching the handcuffed suspect in the face.

Horne and other officers on the scene removed the suspect from the house, but once outside Kwiatkowski pounced again, this time choking the handcuffed man.  Believing Kwiatkowski to be out of out of control, Horne removed his arm from around the man’s neck.

Andrea Heath
A civil lawsuit filed against the city by former Desert Hot Springs police officer Andrea Heath — who died in October from a gunshot to her head — will move forward with her son and the father of her young daughter as plaintiffs.

Joe Crystal
A Baltimore City cop who attempted to hold his fellow officers accountable for on the job misconduct has been intimidated to the point of leaving the police force entirely.

Detective Joe Crystal became a target of intimidation for his entire department after testifying against other officers in a misconduct case.  Following his testimony, he received threats from other officers, and even found a dead rat on his car one day.

“He saw a wrong and decided he couldn’t live with himself and did the right thing and was punished, I think that’s just unbelievable,” Nicholas Panteleakis, Crystal’s lawyer said.

“They don’t care about anything but saving their money and saving their hide. It’s absolutely ridiculous with what this man has gone through. One, it lets the Baltimore City police know they were wrong, know that they’ve done numerous things against him that were wrong,” Panteleakis added.

Regina Tasca
Bogota, NJ A New Jersey police officer has won her job back after being fired from preventing her fellow cops from brutally beating an emotionally-disturbed young man.

Despite the incident being caught on dashcam, Officer Regina Tasca was fired for stopping a case of police brutality in April of 2011.

Laura Schook
“She is being disciplined for bringing those allegations to light”

Louisville, KY A New Albany police officer of 19-years is being fired after she blew the whistle on her department.

In May, Officer Laura Schook made several claims against her department including corruption, padded overtime and discrimination.

The biggest problem is how they refuse to investigate and prosecute. The same old lies “Wait for a full investigation”. Which really  means “Lets stall for months so people forget what happened” Then do nothing as we have always done.

It’s Never Been About “All Lives Matter” if it was this Killer would be in Jail

its never been about all lives matter manteca police officer john moody never spent a single day in jail
The term “All Lives Matter” only applies when everyone is treated equally and no one is “ABOVE THE LAW”. Which is really the case when someone in law enforcement is killed then all of a sudden its a major story. It’s made important and instantly they point fingers and someone is accused, jailed and prosecuted. Yet when police officers blatantly murder, abuse or commit crimes it’s rationalized. Acceptable?

Please watch the video below of Officer John Moody lying in wait, then executing unarmed Ernest Duenez Jr. in front of his wife and home. How he handcuffs a mortally wounded man and fails to render aid. Then makes claims about a weapon that never existed all while in a position of safety. There never was any danger, no fear of anyone’s life or crime. Just a trigger happy officer who unloaded his weapon and never spent one day in jail.


FULL VIDEO, note audio will begin later

Police want you to think their blood is more important than everyone else

Every Life is precious, Ernest Duenez Jr. Memorial video

Why People Don’t Trust Police

Why People Don't Trust Police

Why People Don’t Trust Police
When you view the video and story concerning what happened to Marcus Jeter of Bloomfield New Jersey you understand how out of control police are. The fact the courts defended the dishonest officers and their perjured stories exposes how bad things really are. Imagine going to prison for decades for a crime you did not commit. Getting a record and becoming a convicted felon. However because police and our courts are in bed with each other and so closely tied they won’t stop injustice.

Lets not forget when police commit crimes our courts bend over backwards to give a totally dishonest cop a way out. Police don’t get records or become convicted felons, they retire. A dishonest way to keep their benefits, a way to get re-hired by other departments and a way to escape prosecution and punishment. No accountability, no transparency, no personal responsibility and no punishment. The same goes for judges and members of the court who commit crimes, when exposed or reported police rarely treat them the same as the public.

New Jersey Police Officers
Officer Orlando Trinidad
Officer Sean Courter
Officer Albert Sutterlin

Following Marcus Jeter’s arrest, Jeter alleges township police engaged in a “cover up” by creating false reports about the incident and withholding a second police dashboard video, the lawsuit states.

After prosecutors reviewed that dashboard video, resisting arrest and other charges against Jeter were dropped, and Courter and Trinidad were indicted on charges of official misconduct, conspiracy, tampering with records, and false swearing. Trinidad also is facing an aggravated assault charge.

Courter and Trinidad have been suspended without pay

Officer Orlando Trinidad, Officer Sean Courter were arraigned Friday in Superior Court in Newark on charges of conspiracy, official misconduct, tampering with public records and false swearing, Essex County prosecutors say. Trinidad also faces an aggravated assault charge.

Both officers were indicted. They each pleaded not guilty and were released on their own recognizance after their court appearance Friday.

Prosecutors say the charges stem from the June 2012 arrest of 30-year-old Marcus Jeter, of Bloomfield, on charges of eluding, resisting arrest and assaulting an officer by punching him in the face.

Prosecutors dismissed charges against Jeter in April after an investigation, first reported by WABC-TV, turned up a dashboard video from one of two police cruisers that responded to the incident.

“The charges are linked to the fact that a second video came to light during the course of this investigation,” said Katherine Carter, a spokeswoman for the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office.

She declined to elaborate. Bloomfield police officials could not be reached for comment. Notice the officers are not in jail. Their also pleading NOT GUILTY. This scam is not over yet, the courts and police department will do all they can to all these criminals to avoid getting a record or being punished fully.

2 Bloomfield cops indicted after dashboard video shows them hitting suspect
Lawsuit moved to federal court over alleged misconduct by Bloomfield cops

Why is there no Accountability, Prosecution and Punishment of Police, Judges or government employees? Because the scam is NOT TO PUNISH them, to get the public to think they get punished. Yet bad judges keep their huge million dollar pensions and benefits which tax payers are forced to pay. Same goes for Police who keep their benefits and pensions, even if they’re guilty of crimes or murder.

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Remember this obvious bad officer below who resigned, instead of being fired. He’s is free to hide and when the heat dies down he gets hired again and keep his benefits. When non-Police folk do something wrong or commits crimes while on the job they’re fired and lose everything plus get a criminal record. In this case the tax payer pays Police a salary and when they commit crimes or do wrong.

We must stop rewarding bad behavior with “Paid Administration Leave”, allowing officers to resign and get rehired. This is like churches moving pedophiles around instead removing them from society. Demand felony prosecution because felons can’t be Peace officers. All criminal police officers must get criminal records, be finger printed and DNA indexed for any and all violations of the law. No free tickets out of jail. No one is ABOVE THE LAW

Close the police and judge prosecution loop hole