How Police Stop Abuse complaints they lie file a police complaint and get intimidated

how police stop abuse complaints they lie

This video says it all, good cops would want you to file a complaint about abuse. Dishonest cops intimidate, lie and try and make the victim into the problem

Justice Chinese Style Bad cop Officer Hu Ping killed and was sentenced to death, Justice served

bad cop sentenced to death more justice in china than the usa

In China when you kill someone even if you’re a police officer you can be sentenced to death. America needs change, our courts stopped serving justice decades ago when dishonest lawyers took over. Dishonest, unethical, greedy lawyers who became judges who have no business being on a bench. Justice begins in our courts and when Police officers commit crimes and are not held personally accountable and punished people lose respect for law. Police and judges depend on each other thus they’re biased and lack the ability to make objective decisions when ruling over crimes by police. The same problem exists when judges commit crimes, police fail to investigate or uphold the law against a judge. Often victims are abused and terrorized to stop them from reporting dishonest police or judges in America.

officer hu ping gets death sentence of killing woman

Police officer Hu Ping was ordered to pay the victim’s family 73,324 yuan ($13,380), according to the Guigang Intermediate People’s Court in the southern region of Guangxi.

The case sparked outrage among China’s internet users after it was first reported in October. Which is what is happening in America today, people are outraged by the lack of respect Police officers have for law. The constant cowardly use of “I feared for my life” is used to cover up murder.

According to the Shanghai Daily, the pregnant woman, Wu Ying, and her husband Cai Shiyong were tending to their rice-noodle store when Police officer Hu Ping, drunk and shirtless, entered and demanded milk tea.

After the woman responded that the store did not serve milk tea, Officer Hu Ping opened fire, wounding Cai in the shoulder and killing Wu and her unborn child.

Internet users welcomed the death  sentence, with one poster on Sina Weibo, a Chinese equivalent of Twitter, saying: “Death would not be a sufficient punishment for his crime.” VIDEO FOOTAGE

Stories of abuses involving police and “chengguan”, or urban management officers, regularly trigger outcries in China.

In one of the highest-profile examples, four chengguan in the central province of Hunan were sentenced in December to between three and a half and 11 years’ jail over a dispute that left a roadside watermelon vendor dead.

Local media reported that the officers beat the vendor to death for operating without a licence, with one smashing his head with a metal measuring weight.

In 2009, a police officer in southwest China’s Yunnan province was sentenced to death for killing a man in an argument, although the sentence was later commuted.

Chengguan, who are tasked with enforcing local government regulations, have gained particular notoriety among the Chinese public for abusing their power.

China cop Hu Ping sentenced to die for killing pregnant woman
Guangxi policeman Hu Ping sentenced to die for killing pregnant woman

Justice Problem Solved Madison Alabama Police Officer Eric Parker fired

madison alabama police officer eric parker fired

Justice, Problem Solved,
Madison Alabama Police Officer Eric Parker fired.

It’s about time we stop accepting police, judges or government are above the law. Public servants must be held to even higher standards and harsher punishment than the public. We count on these people to be better, have more respect for law and to protect us.  We must demand the absolute highest morals, ethics and honesty, period.

With thousands of  cases of police brutality, murder, misconduct by judges and fraud committed by government, America is no longer the greatest country in the world. Freedom, equality, rights are just words that mean nothing until you try and use them.

An elderly man was recently visiting Alabama from India when he found himself beaten by police who left him paralyzed.

Madison, Alabama police brutalized the 57-year-old Indian citizen who had committed no crime, he was only going for a walk on the sidewalk outside of his son’s home. Now, one officer is being charged for leaving Sureshbhai Patel temporarily paralyzed and hospitalized with fused vertebrae, as a result of the severe beating he received from the police.

Madison Alabama Police Officer Eric Parker made a threat:
“Do not jerk away from me again, or I will put you on the ground. Do you understand?”

Eventually, the two officers turn Patel around and have his hands behind his back. At one point, as another patrol car pulls up, Eric Parker yanks his arm and slams him into the ground. Patel can not put out his hands to break his fall. He would require cervical fusion and remains in Huntsville Hospital with limited mobility in his limbs. His son as of Tuesday said his father could not move one leg at all.

The video continues, with officers trying to get the man to stand. One officer begins picking dirt and debris off of him. The concern slowly becomes evident in their voices.

Cop Criminally Charged After Paralyzing Elderly Indian Man Who Was Visiting Family In America

Alabama police fire, arrest the officer who badly injured Indian grandfather during sidewalk stop

Had Enough is that the message people are sending police, judges, lawyers and government who are above the law

had enough beverly hills missouri police chiefs car set on fire

With more people being killed by police than war why is it no one is doing anything about the real terrorists in America? The numbers of victims is growing at an alarming rate. Innocent, unarmed people are being shot to death by police officers who never should have been given a gun. Judges  ruling against  justice and victims in favor or supporting obvious criminals and their crimes. We see it everyday, where an officer claims his life was in danger so he had no choice but to execute a life. Fact is video evidence and witnesses often tell a totally different story.

Have you or someone you know been affected by Police, local government or a dishonest judge?

Had Enough is that the message people are sending police, judges, lawyers and government who are above the law?

Just outside of the Beverly Hills Police Department in Missouri, the police chief’s cruiser was completely set on fire.

Locals say that someone is trying to send a message to the police department and to the chief specifically.

In typical government fashion, they do the crime and the tax payer is forced to pay the fine. Which means the chief will end up being rewarded with a brand new car at the expense of the tax payer. Which brings up a good question, when will we hold police, judges and local government personally accountable and responsible for their actions or lack of them?

This is not the first time such an event has happened to police

Police Chief’s Car Set On Fire Right Outside of Missouri Police Station
Police chief’s car set on fire in station parking lot

Fresno California 2014

Fresno police chief’s patrol car set on fire
Police Chief’s Car Set on Fire

Your life is not worth as much as a Police Officer

Are police lives worth more than yours

When you get down to it, this is the issue at hand. Find your way into a uniform or civil servant job and instantly your life is worth more than another. It’s the sad truth today in America and goes totally against our constitution and what we’re sold by government. Yet the fact is and the 1000’s of deaths every year expose what’s really going on. They even lie about how many people are killed.

You kill someone and claim you feared for your life, you’re still investigated, locked in jail, suffer loss of job, reputation destroyed , end up paying huge legal bills which alone can destroy your life. Yet if a public servant who is hired to “Serve and Protect” kills that same person and claims the same excuses. They’re not locked in jail, lose any pay  and are investigated by friends and family. Who naturally can’t be objective in any way. Yet because they are in fact acting ABOVE THE LAW they have the last word. Plus they’re put on paid leave, they’re rewarded via your tax dollars to kill you. So lying, killing and bad behavior is rewarded and actually promoted. Oh they’ll blame it on policy, protecting rights and the famous “what if’s”. The fact is these are criminals who are getting away with murder and all involved are acces

This is America and how it’s functioned for decades. Judges, lawyers and government folk are no different. They MUST BE held to higher standards because they represent our justice system. Yet judges are often found to be nothing more than criminals whose crimes are hushed up, hidden from the public, sealed while they get to keep their benefits and go on working somewhere else. See the Aviva K. Bobb story. Judge Aviva K. Bobb worked with outside businesses to steal the homes of seniors in her own private world “Los Angeles Superior Court Probate Department”. She would often liquidate seniors homes and lives just like the Nazi’s did with the Jews. Stripping them of everything from their dignity, family contact and personal property. Yet because the American bar and Judicial Council do nothing, well sometimes they pretend to act, there is no justice for these white collar criminals. Dressed in black robes of shame they’re huge egos often get the best of them. They allow dirty lawyers like Philip Barbaro Jr., Christopher Overgaard to help criminals who are great liars and con-artists to steal and abuse seniors and the totally defenseless like Gertrude Gettinger .

Its all about money and greed. Don’t take our word for it, look into judges like Socrates Peter Manoukian who for decades has been involved in abusing seniors in Santa Clara County California. Even after dozens of victims came forward with evidence and crimes by Judge Manoukian nothing is done. The fact is Judge Manoukian then abuses his power and attacks the very victims and whistle blowers. Police are then used via lies from the judge to go after the victims and those who report the crimes.

Police are in fact out of control in America, even the good officers don’t come forward because they’re often put at risk. With department heads like Sheriff Lee Baca Los Angeles California Sheriff who resigned to avoid prosecution and keep his huge million dollar benefits. When the top cop is a fraud, liar and con-artist what choice do those in lower ranks have? See this story

The fact is that every American is at risk, we hire the worst people, often because their family member who is also a bad cop puts in the good word. Fact is most cops suffer from huge ego issues, mental insecurity, bully and thug history  and only seek control and a false sense of power. What is worse is we’re giving these people guns and authority and sending them out into the public.

Ever wonder where we get our judges? Judges are often nothing more than a bad lawyer who could not make it in the legal field. They often buy their seats on the bench and when its proven they accept bribes what do they do?

Same thing that happens with dirty cops who kill.  Nothing, paid vacations, promotions, investigations by friends and huge benefits. Judges and lawyers
being involved with cops get the same benefits and are held “ABOVE THE LAW”. Yes America their are two classes and you’re mots likely not in the one where your life counts…

Is America the Greatest Country in the World

is america the greatest country in the world videoIs America the greatest country in the world? I used to think so, over the last decade my own experiences have proven to me its not. Money and greed have wiped out morals, ethics, justice and right over wrong. When money can buy justice for criminals who are obviously guilty. When money rules congress and a trillion dollar war machine influences our spending. When “kids for cash” judges expose just the tip of the iceberg how our prison system is nothing more than big business. We put small time criminals in prison for life while million dollar white collar criminals rob us blind go free. We’re divided by parties which really mean nothing and influenced by media which is controlled by big business. BE SURE TO VIEW THIS VIDEO

Don’t believe it, open your eyes before you or a loved one becomes a victim of this once greatest country in the world

Is America the Greatest Country in the World

Our justice system has become a huge corrupt business
Jailing Americans for Profit: The Rise of the Prison Industrial Complex
Shocking Facts About America’s For-Profit Prison Industry
With 2.3 Million People Incarcerated in the US, Prisons Are Big Business
The Prison Industry in the United States: Big Business or a New Form of Slavery?

The Best Lawyers Money Can Buy

As Court Fees Rise, The Poor Are Paying The Price
Why You’re in Deep Trouble If You Can’t Afford a Lawyer

Costs of War: Economic Costs Summary: $4.4 Trillion and Counting

Is America the Greatest Country in the World? No

Why Police must all wear Body Cams which can’t be turned off

Oklahoma Cop Records Himself Shooting and Killing Fleeing Man

All over America the wrong people are given guns, badges and authority. Like ticking time bombs just waiting to go off, the right incident, stressful day or just a day they snap. Someone is killed and its not just one accidental shot. Police are now issued high powered semi-automatic weapons which fire multiple times. Trigger happy, gung ho, call it what you want the fact is they prefer to shoot to kill instead of saving a life. Then the lies begin, “he’s got a gun” or I feared for my life. Our justice system will investigate their own which means cover up, lies, twisting facts and destroying the victims character with false reports released to the media.

Oklahoma Cop Records Himself Shooting and Killing Fleeing Man
Cop Records Himself Shooting Man For Running Away
Muskogee police release video of officer fatally shooting armed man

We don’t buy the “Don’t break the law” excuse used by police and police supporters. The role of police is not to kill or render punishment, that is for the courts to decide. No one guilty until proven guilty, remember that.

The Masses getting Angry is How you Stop Police From Killing, Marches by the masses against police killings

the masses getting angry is how you stop police from killing

Marches by the masses against police killings

The problem is simple but often manipulated by government and media. They want the public to think its people being anti-police, its not. Its about problem cops who kill and commit crime. Who then hide behind the badge and a word “law”. Who are then protected by the very system which we pay for to render justice. Its been exposed even with absolute evidence such as the smoking gun audio and video from the the Kelly Thomas killing in Orange County California that guilty cops go free. The problem is simple, when cops kill its approved, rationalized, excused and even brushed under the carpet. Yet if we were to shoot that killer cop to stop them from taking a life we’d be arrested, beat, investigated and prosecuted to the full extend of the law and more.

Its this rationalizing and ignoring crime and murder that angers the public. They want us to think its a race issue, its not. The fact is the numbers are even being hidden and not reported. Over 1000 people have been killed by police in 2014 alone. Don’t take our word for it, check out “Killed by Police” on facebook or visit their stat page at

2014 1103 People Killed by Police

Thousands rally across US over police killings

Thousands of Protesters March in Washington, NYC Over Police Killings

Thousands of protesters march through D.C., New York, Chicago, Boston

Marches are taking place all over the world, its not just a few deaths its more than the last war. The killings are exploding all over the nation and while evidence is being produced to show there never was a threat, a crime or any violence our government does nothing to bring justice to the people.

The resent manipulations came with the disgusting disrespect by foolish police officers who dawned shirts depicting “Breath Easy Shirts” and claim its about not breaking the law. Fact is no one is guilty until proven by a court of law and police are not hired to render death or punishment. Police good and bad will pay in the end as the public has lost faith and trust in law enforcement.  You just don’t make fun of people who lose their lives, the shirts are evidence of the poor mentality and judgement by many police today. People who never should have been given guns, badges or any authority.

1068 Americans killed by police in 2014 why do 2 deaths get more attention than 1068 are we all created equal

getting back to the point 1068 americans killed by police

Are we all created equal in America? Is this the land of the free? Even if you’re a police officer you need to ask yourself this question as the day will come when that same system could turn on you.

Recently the number of people killed by police has risen to 1068. That number is constantly rising and rarely do any of those deaths get the publicity and acknowledgement by President Obama. Yet every one of those victims has family, pain and loss. So why is it that some deaths are made more important than others?

It’s interesting that police are in fact to blame for the 1068 deaths. Police can commit crimes of murder and they do yet rarely are they prosecuted or held personally liable for their actions. Whether you agree or not these are 1068 deaths that happened via Police interaction.

The numbers and crimes by police are staggering, yet often ignored and forgotten, covered up by a false image, badge and uniform which mean absolutely nothing when worn by the wrong person.

Fact is in America almost anyone can get a gun, badge and uniform and start committing fraud, crime and murder without the fear of prosecution or punishment. Do the research, anyone else commits the same crime and you’re locked away, fired from your job and lose all your money. Police even when guilty are protected, rewarded with pensions, huge salaries and paid vacations.
You the tax payer are then extorted into paying their legal fees, over time, pensions and losses.

We’re rewarding bad behavior and giving guns, badges and authority to the wrong people, in fact the worst kind. This never was about all police being bad or guilty. Its about the bad ones and the fact that why aren’t the good police doing anything about it?

Join Killed by Police on Facebook to see the real numbers

It’s been proven time and time again that a police officer does not have the most dangerous job as claimed. Fact is the numbers don’t lie.

Officers killed in 2014

Do Black Lives Matter, question should be “Why are our laws protecting killer cops and rewarding them?”

richmond california police chief chris magnus union attacks his actions police are above the law

Police Unions are about using OUR LAWS against us. When they help their cause they use them, when they cause death to the public it’ a different story. Are police here to “protect and serve” or to “get away with murder”. If this is the law then change it.
What good police are suppose to do
This is what happens when good cops do the right thing

If it’s all about LAW then LAW needs to be changed to protect and serve the people, not the Unions and criminals who have infected our police departments